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A Contagious Sickness Called ‘Greed’.

A small number of major corporations owning and controlling large parts of what we see, hear and buy, poses a real threat to the kind of democracy we want to be.
( Bernie Sanders )

I think that we’re all mentally ill. Those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better, and maybe not all that much better after all.
( Stephen King )

The Hostile Environment For Disabled People ..
More than 17,000 people have died while waiting to hear whether their claim for disability benefit had been successful. Ministers have been accused of “failing people at the most vulnerable point in their lives” after figures revealed 17,070 disability claimants have died while waiting for decisions on their personal independence payment (PIP) claims since 2013. One in four (4,330) of those who died were suffering from a form of cancer, while 270 had anxiety or depressive disorders. In more than half of cases (9,020), the main disability was not recorded. Waiting times for PIP claims have risen over the last year, with the latest figures published by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) showing that the average waiting time for new claims is 14 weeks – a rise of a month since March 2018. Shadow disabilities Marsha de Cordova accused the government of allowing a “cruel and callous” PIP assessment process to create a “hostile environment for disabled people”. “Disabled people are being forced to wait months for vital social security and all too often face a lengthy and traumatic appeals process, resulting in a system in which thousands of people die before their PIP decision is reached,” she added. Philip Connolly, policy and development manager at Disability Rights UK said the figures were further evidence that the government was struggling to deliver a benefits system which is fit for purpose. “Disabled people shouldn’t have to wait for so long for assessments for PIP,” he said. “How vulnerable do you have to be before the government will change how things are done and ensure people get their assessments in a timely manner? “Tax payers have a right to expect a decent service funded by their money. And disabled people have a right to an accurate and timely assessment so they get the benefits they qualify for promptly.”
(May Bulman, Independent, 14.01.2019 )

Some family members will travel miles for your funeral, but couldn’t be bothered to call you on the telephone and ask you how you are when you was alive.
( Rose Winfold )

A dog gets more factual information from sniffing another dog’s backside than people do from reading the Sun newspaper.

Tory Party vice chairman Ben Bradley apologised for a libellous tweet about Jeremy Corbyn. He also agreed to make a donation to charities of his choice. He deleted the tweet claiming the Labour leader sold British secrets to communist spies almost immediately.
( Keir Mudie, 25.02.2018 )

If the Conservative Government is serious about tracking down tax evaders, they just need to hold more fundraising events – most of them will probably be there.
( Len Firswood )

In 2016, the European Commission produced its first draft of the EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive, and within a month, then UK PM David Cameron announced the date for the EU referendum.

They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator.
( Romans 1:25 )

Days after MPs questioned cyclist Bradley Wiggins on his ethics, the Prime Minister, The Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury rolled out the red carpet for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. That’s the man in charge of a country which brings in itinerant labour to build its skyscrapers treating them as virtual slaves, has one of the worst records in the world for torture, hangs gays, lashes rape victims for allowing adultery to happen, finances Islamist extremists and is guilty of horrific war crimes in Yemen. Still, at least Parliament has stood up to that man on the bike who allegedly did something that broke no rules. It’s good to have our ethical priorities in order, eh?
( Brian Reade, 10.03.2018 )

So, after all the agony and vitriol over our parting of the ways with the EU, our new, blue, post-Brexit, British passports are to be made in France.. Tu ne pouvais pas le faire ! In other words: you couldn’t bloody make it up. Well, you couldn’t, could you?
( Fiona Phillips, 24.03.2018 )

In 2013, then UK PM David Cameron, personally wrote to the then president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, to prevent off-shore trusts from being included into an EU-wide crackdown on tax avoidance.

A firm that employs Tory former Chancellor George Osborne, and pays him £650,000 a year as an advisor, partly owns the French company that won a controversial contract to make blue British passports.
( Andrew Gregory, 24.03.2018 )

Brexit And UK Fishing Rights ..
The biggest lie perpetrated by Brexiteers like Michael Gove, Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg is that we would instantly take back control of our fishing industry.
It’s not EU quotas that have led to the collapse of the fishing industry. It’s the fact that for years we have over-fished. EU quotas on fishing were a way of controlling over-fishing to allow fish stocks to increase so we could have a sustainable industry. And the UK had the second-largest allocation. But it is clear countries like France and Spain didn’t even inform the EU how much fish they were landing, so over-fishing continued. Also, technology led to smaller vessels being replaced by huge trawlers over-fishing on an industrial scale. It was the greed and profit maximisation of the industry that has affected our coastal communities, not the EU. Ironically, the UK fishing industry is in much better shape than any of our EU partners. Profits are continuing to grow and are the highest across the EU. And the Government actually decides how its EU fishing quota is distributed. If it really cared about the fishing industry, it would ensure these coastal communities with smaller vessels were allowed to fish more. Instead, we have larger foreign vessels being registered in the UK but landing their fish overseas. Brexit won’t change that. The Government can, but it has done nothing.
( John Prescott, 25.03.2018 )

What Darwin was too polite to say, my friends, is that we came to rule the earth not because we were the smartest, or even the meanest, but because we have always been the craziest, most murderous motherfuckers in the jungle.
( Stephen King )

In 2015, Conservative, UKIP and DUP MEPs voted against the EU’s plans to crack down on corporate tax dodging by making companies report where they make their profits and pay taxes.

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.
( Nikola Tesla )

A grasping, contagious sickness called ‘greed’ is infecting many in the world.

We live in a completely corrupted world where every government is a bunch of businessmen and none of them give a shit about the people. The sad fact is no one knows how to change it, because no one knows how to take on the corporations.
( Woody Harrelson )

We live in a world full of brain-numbing computer games for kids, and adults with not much upstairs.

Education spending for 16 to 19 year-olds has fallen by £1.2billion in real terms since 2010. Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner said, “Despite their warm words, the Tories have slashed over a billion pounds of funding that should have been spent educating young people.”
( Keir Mudie, 08.04.2018 )

When the economy is measured, it measures how those at the top are doing, not how the masses are doing. And when governments make economy their sole objective, destruction is disguised as progress.

Oil giants employ an army of ex-government employees and politicians to paint a picture of the industry in an eco-friendly shade of green, according to campaigning investigators.
( Lewis Panther, 25.02.2018 )

Angela Merkel invited Donald Trump To Hallstadt, birthplace of his grandfather Friedrich in 1885. It’s also where in 1905 Bavarians deported Friedrich as an illegal immigrant.

I don’t care that they stole my idea.
I care that they don’t have any of their own.
( Nikola Tesla )

State department records released in January showed the big four silicon valley firms spent $50million on lobbying in Donald Trump’s first year in office.
( Lewis Panther, 25.02.2018 )

Complicit in misery, suffering and death. Our governments and politicians ignore, and fail to condemn, the sickening and brutal atrocities and crimes committed by the nations they profit from. Greed has become stronger than morals and decency.

Who really wields the power in the UK?
Bureaucrats, lobbyists, mandarins and ex-spies are the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes – this is the secretive Deep State – the secret manipulation of Government by the wealthy and powerful, the ones pulling the strings on multi-million-pound government deals with multi-nationals, military contractors and pharmaceutical firms.
( Lewis Panther, 25.02.2018 )

To Cut A Service Like This Is Criminal ..
One of the proudest legacies of the last Labour Government has been Sure Start.
Set up in 1998 – by the late Tessa Jowell – it has been invaluable for many new parents. Its vital centres are in some of the country’s most vulnerable areas.
Sure Start is there to give help and advice, but that doesn’t do justice to the myriad of services it offers. Nor does it do justice to the incredible help its centres have given people over the years. They help with child and family healthcare, teach parenting skills, and advise on money, training and getting work. They offer early learning opportunities and, in some instances, full day care for youngsters. They also offer ‘soft services’ – a place for new mums to meet, share problems, pick up tips, encourage each other, make friends, have a cup of tea together, to chat.
But since the Tory Government came to power, Sure Start has been dismantled, the entire system gutted. Since 2010, the official figures show that 500 have vanished. Yet experts say the number is closer to a thousand. Brutal cuts to council budgets have forced them to close.. It’s an insult to those young mothers who turned to Sure Start in their hour of need. To cut a service like this is criminal.
( Sunday Mirror, 27.05.2018 )

We live in a time when the rich and those with power are able to suppress, or deny, the truth, and feed the many not-too-smart masses with lies and propaganda that helps their dodgy, selfish, greedy agendas.
( Rose Winfold )

The Bookies’ Puppet In Parliament ..
A Tory MP who has fought against slashing the maximum bet on high stakes gambling machines received thousands of pounds of tickets from bookies in the past year. Philip Davies got tickets to top horse racing meetings, such as the Cheltenham Festival, from the likes of Ladbrokes. Many of the freebies – worth £4,385 in total – included hospitality. Campaign for Fairer Gambling spokesman Matt Zarb-Cousin said, “Philip Davies has been the bookies’ puppet in Parliament for years, cashing in on freebies.”
( Ben Glaze, 19.05.2018 ) 

You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.
( Harry S Truman )

The simple-minded follow the loudest voice, the loudest crowd, the loudest group, and believe much of the lies and propaganda spewed in the media by those same groups, crowds and people.

I twice wrote to Richard Branson about how bad his Virgin East Coast train service from Hull was, but he never replied. So I’m glad the East Coast route is temporarily back in public hands. Virgin and Stagecoach are the third private operators in a decade to fail on it. But by allowing Branson to walk away, we’re losing £2billion.
When Labour nationalised the East Coast in 2009, it returned £1billion back to the taxpayer.
( John Prescott, 19.05.2018 )

When they have nothing intelligent to say, and when they are losing the argument, the ignorant and the witless resort to personal attacks in order to sound clever.

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.
( Malcolm X )

They didn’t bother to send me a birthday card or a Christmas card. They didn’t bother to thank me for the birthday cards and the Christmas cards I sent them. They didn’t even bother to thank me for the Christmas gifts I gave them. Those ‘relations’ of mine just better not bother coming to my funeral.
( Rose Winfold )

If we all judge our leaders and politicians by their actions, there is hope that even the ignorant and the idiots will never be fooled by their words.

The Tories have decided to pack the Lords with another nine Tory peers in a desperate bid to stop losing votes there. They’ve only got themselves to blame. In the coalition, they filled it with Lib Dems to push their austerity agenda. Now the Lib Dems are stopping them.
( John Prescott, 19.05.2018 )

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