A Life Of Good Sport

Sir Alex Ferguson Behaved Quite Outrageously ..
It was a depressing tantrum.. a foot-stamping, arm-waving, finger-jabbing eruption of self-indulgence, with more than a hint of the bully about it.

Sir Alex Ferguson behaved quite outrageously at Old Trafford on Boxing Day.
He may be incomparably accomplished but for a man on the eve of his 71st birthday he can sometimes seem distressingly immature.
( Patrick Collins, The Mail on Sunday, 30.12.2012 )

Our Philosophy Won’t Change ..
Football is more than just splashing out.

It’s much deeper, much bigger than that.
It’s about sweat, thinking, working hard.
You have a big tradition of that in England.
I believe the pride of this country, historically, is built on that.
It’s what makes this football strong and interesting.
I am scared all these qualities today have less importance in the game.
Our philosophy won’t change.
It doesn’t mean we will not spend money.
I am always painted like a guy who refuses to spend money, like a greedy guy.
We want to be the best, but the best is not only about buying players.
We need to continue with what has made us strong until now.
Look, I don’t say that money doesn’t play a part, but it’s not only about that.
We have to continue to believe that it’s not only about that.
Football has to be even, interesting, unpredictable.
( Arsene Wenger, December 2012 )

I look forward to hearing from the silent majority.
( Alex McLeish )

I want a life of good sport, good people and the competition that goes with it.
I’m here to try to get something accomplished.
( Randy Lerner, Owner of Aston Villa )

People in this game don’t realise how lucky they are.
You drive to the ground, play a few five-a-sides, then have lunch.
It’s wonderful, enjoyable fun.
( Ron Atkinson, 1993 )

You can have the best tactics in the world but, if your players can’t play, it won’t make a difference.
( Brian Clough )

We were not good enough today, particularly in the fringe department.
( Sam Allardyce )

Today was about our lack of ability to not produce the ability that we’ve got.
( Sam Allardyce )

It’s so daft it’s almost stupid.
( Chris Kamara )

The Merseyside derby games are unique in the city.
( Brendan Rodgers )

I was in hospital with instructions not to have any visitors for 24 hours.
I awoke to find Ron Atkinson at the end of my bed saying, “Sorry, I’m late, but I had to walk round the hospital three times before anybody recognised me”.
( Gary Newbon )

There is no policy that more defies common sense than the sale of school playing fields.
( Jojo Moyes )

Everyone should strive to win every single day of their life.. At whatever they do.
( Piers Morgan )

A silver medal is not success, it’s a consolation at best.
Without wishing to belittle a silver medal, I can only truly be satisfied with gold.
( Jessica Ennis )

British Tennis Is A Question Of Class ..
British tennis is as middle class as Pony Clubs and using a Porsche Cayenne to ferry a toddler to a playdate.. From Andy Murray down, British tennis players are middle class.
There is nothing wrong with coming from a comfortable home and having a good education, but middle class domination of our tennis is why it has no fire in its belly.
Playing tennis is not like kicking a ball.
You need kit, a court and, if you are any good, years of private lessons.
If you had given Wayne Rooney a racket when he was five, he would have won Wimbledon a few times by now.
To be any good at any sport, you have to start young.
Because tennis is as middle class as skiing, many people do not get anywhere near it until they are adults.. The sad state of British tennis is not about quality.
It is a question of class.
( Tony Parsons )

I dread to think what I would have done if I was not a footballer.
But that is the society we live in, an idealistic one, rather than a realistic one.
By the same token, in work it grows to be the same.
The guy that stays behind late, that gets in early.
I see it at training.. He is seen as ‘busy’, a term coined for people who toe the line, who do all they can to give themselves the best chance of performance.. The guy actually trying to improve himself as a player and better himself is not the guy most admired by the majority.. A minority see it.. The manager, the experienced players, they have been there, seen it, done it.. You see this most evidently with the younger pros, which is massively ironic as these are the guys who are actually trying to establish themselves and make it.
( Joey Barton, September 2012 )

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