I was born in England in 1948, the year the Labour Government
started the wonderful 
National Health Service.

I married in 1968.
My wife was also born in 1948.
My father was born in 1922 and died in 2006.
My mother was born in 1926 and died in 2008.
I have 3 brothers, 3 sons and 5 grandsons.

 .. Words For Thought, Wise Words, Words Of Wisdom and Just Words ..
On all subjects and aspects relating to life (and death), both animal and human..
Plus poems and poetry and topics of general interest.

Most articles will be serious, many inspirational..
Some controversial, and some amusing.

The suggestions and references made are not intended to offend anyone,
and are not directed at any particular individual,
unless of course they 
have been identified as such.
All statistics mentioned have been taken from reliable sources
although I cannot 
guarantee their accuracy.

New posts will appear at regular intervals.

Your own opinions, thoughts and comments will be welcome and appreciated.

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