Animals Deserve Respect And Compassion

We’re Talking About The Fight Against Injustice ..
I’ve been thinking about some of the distressing issues that we’ve been facing collectively. I think at times we feel or are made to feel that we champion different causes. But for me, I see commonality. I think, whether we’re talking about gender inequality or racism or queer rights or indigenous rights or animal rights, we’re talking about the fight against injustice. We’re talking about the fight against the belief that one nation, one people, one race, one gender, one species, has the right to dominate, use and control another with impunity. I think we’ve become very disconnected from the natural world. Many of us are guilty of an egocentric world view, and we believe that we’re the centre of the universe. We go into the natural world and we plunder it for its resources. We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow and steal her baby, even though her cries of anguish are unmistakeable. Then we take her milk that’s intended for her calf and we put it in our coffee and our cereal. We fear the idea of personal change, because we think we need to sacrifice something, to give something up. But human beings at our best are so creative and inventive, and we can create, develop and implement systems of change that are beneficial to all sentient beings and the environment.
( Joaquin Phoenix, 10.02.2020 )

I’m vegan because I love animals, and I can’t in good conscience be involved in anything that causes or contributes to the suffering of animals. Animal agriculture is a huge contributor to climate change, to deforestation, to water use, and to human chronic diseases, so although I’m vegan for the animals, it’s just a really nice by-product of veganism that it’s also a way to save humanity and our planet as well.
( Moby )

A dead cow or sheep lying in a pasture is recognized as carrion. The same sort of a carcass dressed and hung up in a butcher’s stall passes as food.
( John Harvey Kellogg )

What do they know, all these scholars, all these philosophers, all the leaders of the world, about such as you? They have convinced themselves that man, the worst transgressor of all the species, is the crown of creation. All other creatures were created merely to provide him with food, pelts, to be tormented, exterminated. In relation to them, all people are Nazis. For the animals it is an eternal Treblinka.
( Isaac Bashevis Singer )

Stolen babies and grieving mothers are behind every glass of milk and very piece of cheese.
( Rose Winfold )

When I first made the transition to eating plant-based, I foolishly thought veganism was just about diet. But the more I learned, the more it was obviously so much more than that. Veganism changed me. It taught me to look past myself – to consider how my choices affect others – the animals, the people around me, and the planet we live on. To me, veganism is consciousness.
( Katherine Von Drachenberg, known as Kat Von D )

Do not unjustly eat fish the water has given up, and do not desire as food the flesh of slaughtered animals, or the white milk of mothers who intended its pure draught for their young, not noble ladies. And do not grieve the unsuspecting birds by taking eggs, for injustice is the worst of crimes. And spare the honey which the bees get industriously from the flowers of fragrant plants – for they did not store it that it might belong to others, nor did they gather it for bounty and gifts. I washed my hands of all this, and wish that I perceived my way before my hair went grey.
( Abū al-ʿAlāʾ al-Maʿarrī, 973 – 1057 )

We Are The Awakened ..
We are few, but we are the awakened.
We were all born into a beautiful, loving world.
We were then brainwashed by our cruel, greedy ‘masters’ into believing that exploiting and killing non-human animals was normal, that it was necessary for our survival. We now understand the truth – that all living beings have the same right to be here as we have, the same right to a life of safety and freedom. We have the vision that one day this will be. We will continue in trying to awaken the brainwashed masses until there is freedom for all those we share this wonderful world with.

We all have a voice. I have this platform and so, not to use it correctly would be wrong of me. Nobody is perfect, I’m certainly not, but this is happening every day to so many animals worldwide. This is why I have decided to go to a vegan diet. It has been over a year now. Yes, it’s hard, nothing’s ever easy, but I’ve felt the best I’ve ever felt.
( Lewis Hamilton )

In their behaviour toward creatures, all men are Nazis. Human beings see oppression vividly when they’re the victims. Otherwise they victimise blindly and without a thought.
( Isaac Bashevis Singer )

We don’t need to eat animals to survive and thrive. You can live a full, happy, healthier and abundant life as a vegan. The animals deserve respect and compassion, I think we all know this in our hearts, and we just have to make compassionate choices. And in terms of choice, there truly is no better time in history to go vegan than today.
( Evanna Lynch )

Look into the eyes of animals and you will see the same innocence and bewilderment in the eyes of young children.

Some people will pray for mercy, but are unwilling to extend it to animals. Why should they then expect mercy from God?
( Rose Winfold )

We are all animals of this planet. We are all creatures. And non-human animals experience pain sensations just like we do. They too are strong, intelligent, industrious, mobile, and evolutional. They too are capable of growth and adaptation. Like us, firsthand foremost, they are earthlings. And like us, they are surviving. Like us, they also seek their own comfort rather than discomfort. And like us, they express degrees of emotion. In short like us, they are alive.
( Joaquin Phoenix )

The smugness with which man could do with other species as he pleased exemplified the most extreme racist theories, the principle that might is right.
( Isaac Bashevis Singer )

Who Would Have Thought ..
Something that can’t be bought.
Something that can’t be bribed.
Something that’s not interested in money or material things.
Something that can’t be persuaded, even by torture.
Something that doesn’t discriminate against race or gender.
Something that all the nuclear weapons in the world can’t defend us from.
Something that all the military personnel in the world can’t defend us from.
And guess what? It was created by the greedy, ignorant behaviour of humans.
The result of abusing and exploiting animals and interfering with natural order.
The result of cutting down rainforests and destroying animal habitats.
A deadly virus that kills the aggressors but not the victims.
Just another warning from Mother Nature :

Some animals are no longer on Earth’s endangered species list because they are no longer on Earth.
( Anthony Douglas Williams )

To be a vegetarian is to disagree — to disagree with the course of things today. Starvation, world hunger, cruelty, waste, wars — we must make a statement against these things. Vegetarianism is my statement. And I think it’s a strong one.
( Isaac Bashevis Singer )

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