Someday They Won’t Be Laughing

As Earth warriors, we choose to be participants in the ancient battle between good and evil.. On our side stand the waters and wind, and all things wild and of the Earth.. On the other side, consumed with greed and in pursuit of power, control and money, stand all the dark forces that lay waste to Her.
( Rodney Adam Coronado )

Cruel Parade Of Mutants At Crufts…
Flat faced pugs and bulldogs (French or otherwise) a snorting and a snoring, apparently smiling you could surmise but, infact, are gasping not grinning.. Their airways compressed and a life expectancy of barely five years, the owner faces huge vet bills to keep them alive.. We breed them too short faced, too heavy, too small, too long faced, too wrinkly, too bald, too tall.. Sixty percent of dobermans die of genetic heart disease while pugs can’t reach round to clean themselves.. This year’s Crufts winner, an American cocker spaniel, named Afterglow Miami Ink, open to ridicule I think after coming first in ‘Best gundog’ with his long trailing coat, couldn’t retrieve a downed bird from a wide water filled moat.
( Ken Johnson, Sunderland Echo, 20.03.2017 )

All great movements, it is written, go through three stages..
Ridicule, discussion, adoption.
It is the realisation of this third stage, adoption, that requires our passion and our discipline, our hearts and our heads.. The fate of animals is in our hands.
( Tom Regan )

Increase In Number Of Otters…
By the late 1970s, British otters were mainly confined to north-west Scotland – Shetland still has 12% of the UK breeding population.. But now otters are no longer hunted (since the ban in 1978) and a reduction in the use of insecticides that accumulated in its food has greatly increased its numbers.. Less water is abstracted from rivers, which also helps and there is little or no use of their pelts.. There has also been habitat improvement work (even building artificial holts and ledges under bridges) and in some places otter tunnels under roads have greatly reduced road kills.. Otters are highly territorial animals with large home ranges.. Depending on the quality of the habitat and availability of food, males can range along rivers for 35km.. Sadly, otters will continue to try and use routes across busy roads if alternatives are not included in a mitigation strategy.. One authority recently stated that there were at least 8,000 otters in Scotland.. Otters have been spotted on the river Medway and the Eden in Kent and in Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester, on the Thames and the Lea in north London and in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, though we must remember that some conservationists see these sightings as evidence of otters roaming further afield into cities due to food shortages rather than a big increase in numbers.. It’s not all good news for humans either.. There has been a growth in heavily stocked fisheries (mainly carp), which has seen otters invading in search of easy feeding.. Even the owners of back garden Koi ponds have had expensive nocturnal or early morning visits from otters.. Like the reintroduced Red Kite and Buzzard the boom in populations is not without its side effects.. Non-native Mink, which feed on similar prey to the otters, are also impacting on fish and small mammal stocks.
( An extract from an article by Steve Windsor, October 2015 )

150 years ago, they would have thought you were absurd if you advocated for the end of slavery.. They laugh at us now for suggesting that animal slavery be ended.. Someday they won’t be laughing.
( Gary Smith )

Just Off To Feed The Halals…
A friend and neighbour here in North Yorkshire turned up at her office, not far from the now notorious slaughter-house in Thirsk, to find a few old Swalesdale ewes and lambs having their bellies clipped (which is what abattoirs now require) in a field next door.. ‘Are they going for halal slaughter ?’ my friend asked the farmer.. ‘Yes, I’ve seen it – it’s unbelievable what they do to them,’ he said.. He reckoned he would be paid £73 for each lamb, £40 for each ewe.. My friend said she would buy them.. He replied she could – at the escalated price of £100 for each animal.. They are now in a paddock next to her house.. She keeps sending me emails, saying, “Just off to feed the halals”.. Why isn’t there a Ministry of Animals to protect them ?.. And why aren’t farmers protesting about the way they are killed ?
(Liz Jones, 08.02.2015)

The Bone-Heads Bloodlust To Restore Fox ‘Hunting’…
Their bloodlust to restore fox hunting symbolises the backwardness of a Conservative Party stuck in the past.. The bone-heads who like to whip hounds into a frenzy to rip apart hares, deer and foxes scream that it’s a tradition and a part of British life.
Really ?.. Other traditions once part of British life include bear-baiting, burning witches and hanging poachers.. All consigned to history.. David Cameron, who enjoys riding with the snooty Heythrop Hunt in Oxfordshire, is doubly out of touch because most country folk as well as city dwellers view bloodsports as barbaric.
(Daily Mirror, 15.04.2015)

Beating Donkeys Is The Will Of Allah…
In Ethiopia, I was shocked the people didn’t give water or shade to their donkeys.
The woman from the charity I was travelling with, trying to stop me wrestling a whip from a man to use it on him instead, said, ‘Give these people time.. They have to learn compassion’… ‘But they have had enough time !’ I shouted.. ‘They were the first humans on Earth !’
In Somalia, in a refugee camp, I snatched a whip off a young boy who was beating his donkey, and lectured him furiously.. The aid workers from Save The Children couldn’t believe their eyes at my behaviour.. But surely, if you are hungry, thirsty and exhausted, you should have empathy with another creature in exactly the same boat ?
On a dusty road in Ethiopia we stopped a group of boys beating a donkey that could go no further.. ‘Why are you doing this ?’ I asked them.. ‘It is the will of Allah’, they said, thinking I was the insane person for crying over an animal’s wounds.
In Romania, I saw cars swerve to run over dogs and puppies..
(Liz Jones, 01.06.2014)

The only way we can guarantee our continued survival on earth is to recognise the importance of other non human life forms and stop pretending we’re on top of some pyramid of domination over other beings.
( Rodney Adam Coronado )

I was vegan for a while up until recently.. Then I started eating people.. Only free-range, of course, which is humane.. I gave them a little space, didn’t terrorise them (too much), then slit their throats.
( Chris Hannah, Lead Singer and Guitarist, Propagandhi rock band )

Ancient Humans Were Vegetarian

When Humans Were Pure Vegetarians…
It must have felt unnatural at first, to eat animal flesh.. After all, we’re not so far removed from animals ourselves.. Perhaps it even felt cannibalistic.. There might not have been that much intellectual distinction between humans and other animals.. When humans were pure vegetarians, they were living in harmony with the earth and with the other creatures co-habiting the planet with them.. Their closest animal relatives, apes, were vegetarians.. Eating the products of the earth, like plants, grains and fruits that they could gather and eat would have seemed the natural order of things.. But necessity is the mother of invention.. Prehistoric men who lived in frozen geographies, or who lived in an area that became devastated by fire, would have eaten anything to survive.. Just like the soccer players whose plane crashed in the mountains of Chile, and were forced to eat the flesh of other players who died in the crash, earliest man at some point had to make the choice for survival, and that could have been consuming meat for the first time and changing human history – and health – forever.. Imagine having eaten raw foods and vegetables for eons, and all of a sudden, incorporating meat products into your system.. You may have heard friends who were vegetarians tell stories of trying to eat meat and becoming violently ill afterwards.. Biologists will tell you we’re really not designed to eat meat, but we adapted to it.. However, in the timeline of human history, eating meat is a relatively recent evolutionary development.

I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.. They will be yours for food.. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground – everything that has the breath of life in it – I give every green plant for food.
( Genesis 1:29-30 )

Genesis 1:29 .. In this verse God gives food to mankind consisting of the seed-bearing herbs and the fruit of trees.. By comparison with Genesis 9:3, the writer believed that, until after the Flood, mankind subsisted upon a purely vegetable diet.. It may be asked how, if this were the case, man had the opportunity of exercising his dominion over fish, birds, and beasts.. If he did not wish to eat them, neither would he wish to kill them.. The truth seems to be that, according to the P version of Hebrew tradition, the first generations of mankind were intended to live without bloodshed or violence in an ideal condition, like that predicted by Isaiah (Genesis 11:6-9), “they shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain”.. The prophet’s words, “a little child shall lead them”, imply a dominion over the animal world which does not rest upon force.
( Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges )

Every herb bearing seed and tree bearing fruit is granted to man for his sustenance.. With our habits it may seem a matter of course that each should at once appropriate what he needs of things at his hand.. But in the beginning of existence it could not be so.. Of two things proceeding from the same creative hand neither has any original or inherent right to interfere in any way whatever with the other.. The absolute right to each lies in the Creator alone.. The one, it is true, may need the other to support its life, as fruit is needful to man.. And therefore the just Creator cannot make one creature dependent for subsistence on another without granting to it the use of that other.. But this is a matter between Creator and creature, not by any means between creature and creature.. Hence, it was necessary to the rightful adjustment of things, whenever a rational creature was ushered into the world, that the Creator should give an express permission to that creature to partake of the fruits of the earth.
( Albert Barnes, 1798-1870, American theologian )

Genesis 1:29 .. It is evident from this grant of food to man, in the present verse, and from that to the brute animals in the next, that the use of flesh in the beginning was allowed to neither, and, consequently, that the now carnivorous animals then fed upon grass, etc., as the tame ones amongst us do at present.. The ancients mention this as one characteristic of the golden age:  “Not so the golden age, who fed on fruit, nor durst with bloody meals their hands pollute.”
( Thomas Coke, 1747-1814, Methodist Bishop )

‘I have given you every herb for food’ – It seems from this, says Dr Priestley, an eminent philosopher, that man was originally intended to live upon vegetables only, and as no change was made in the structure of men’s bodies after the flood, it is not probable that any change was made in the articles of their food.. It may also be inferred from this passage that no animal whatever was originally designed to prey on others, for nothing is here said to be given to any beast of the earth besides green herbs.. Before sin entered into the world, there could be, at least, no violent deaths, if any death at all.
( Adam Clarke, 1760-1832, British Methodist theologian and biblical scholar )

In the golden age, spontaneous fruits were the food of happy mortals.
( Antoine Augustin Calmet, 1672-1757, French Benedictine monk )

The Hebrew meaning of the word ‘meat’ is bread or food.
The word ‘meat’ comes from the Old English word mete, which referred to food in general.

Humans aren’t physiologically designed to eat meat.. I think the evidence is pretty clear.. If you look at various characteristics of carnivores versus herbivores, it doesn’t take a genius to see where humans line up.. A herbivore’s intestines are 12 times its body length, and humans are closer to herbivores.. Both get vitamin C from their diets (carnivores make it internally).. Both sip water, not lap it up with their tongues.. Both cool their bodies by perspiring (carnivores pant).
(William C. Roberts, Cardiologist)

Scientists have been warning of the health risks of eating red and processed meat for some years with evidence pointing to them containing chemicals that can cause cancer.
(Ruki Sayid, Daily Mirror, 24.10.2015)

The Beginning Of Education

When Children Never Went To School…
It is hard to imagine a Britain where children never went to school, but until the 1790s the opportunity of learning to read and write was rare for most of the country’s youth.. Learning was mainly the privilege of the aristocracy.. The army, the church, the law or taking over the family estate was the burden of the upper classes and they prepared their offspring accordingly.. Rich fathers hired tutors to ready their sons for running the country before packing them off to Oxford or Cambridge.. North of the border, the Scots were ahead of the times with five universities.. Wealthy wives oversaw the appointment of a governess capable of teaching their daughters how to look pretty, laugh in the right places and bully the servants.. Some elementary knowledge of reading and counting was an advantage but on no account must your daughters appear to be clever.
Wealthy men endowed colleges for the good of their souls, but benefactors apart, it was the Sunday school that introduced the mystery of reading to a wider audience.. Its purpose was to enable the flock simply to read the Bible.. Writing came a poor second and arithmetic was irrelevant.
In 1807, Mr Samuel Whitbread voiced the revolutionary idea that local parishes should be responsible for providing two years’ teaching for children between seven and 14 years of age.. Objections were vociferous.. It would be too expensive, children needed to work on the land and in factories, and anyway they would ‘get ideas above their station’.
Education, of course, was really meant for boys.. The Victorian writer and educator Elizabeth Missing Sewell, a supporter of girls schooling, still reflected the ethos of the time in that ‘boys are sent into the world to govern and direct, girls are to dwell in quiet homes to exercise a noiseless influence’.. Just to make her point clear, she added ‘a woman who is not feminine is a monster in creation’.
In the 19th century, British people were growing restless.. In farming communities new machinery threatened the already pathetic wages and saw agricultural workers turn to violence.. Families moved to the new industrial towns in search of work.. There, in the mills, appalling conditions finally alerted the humanitarians to the need for reform.. If people could read and write and add up, all kinds of new opportunities awaited them.. Many remained unconvinced.
In 1833, the Factory Act included the proposal that children between nine and 13 should have two hours education a day and those under seven should not be employed in the mills.. In that year Mr Roebuck expressed his hope in the Commons that with the ‘slow operation of time, patience and industry’, those in parliament would be won round to seeing that education was a good thing.
It took until 1870, when for the price of 2d a week, all children between five and 13 should go to school.. Poor children’s fees would be paid.. Even then the churches weren’t entirely happy that their sphere of influence was being taken over by the State.
Finally, in 1944, what was known as the Butler Education Act (after Richard ‘Rab’ Butler, the Education Secretary) came into force.. It swept away all previous legislation and guaranteed free non-denominational education for all five to 13-year-olds.. It was intended to promote the spiritual, mental and physical well-being.
( Extract from an article by Janet Toms, September 2015 )

Vivien Leigh…
When the three year-old Vivian Mary Hartley recited Little Bo Peep to the delight of her mother’s amateur theatre group, it marked the start of a lifelong performing career that would embrace two Academy Awards and a distinguished, 30-year stage career.. As Vivien Leigh she would become one of Britain’s most iconic actresses, the raven-haired beauty who beat hundreds of actresses, including Hollywood heavyweights such as Paulette Goddard and Katherine Hepburn, to the role of Scarlett O’Hara in the 1939 cinematic blockbuster Gone With the Wind.
( Extract from an article by Claire Saul, September 2015 )

The World’s First High Definition Television Service…
Today there are more than 200 digital channels to choose from.. So it’s hard to recall that there was once a time in Britain when you only had one TV channel to watch.. The grandly-titled BBC Television Service was the world’s first high definition television service.. It launched on the 2nd November 1936 from converted rooms in London’s Alexandra Palace.. From Ally Pally, a diet of quite slow programmes was broadcast to the metropolitan middle-class, and for a long time an exclusively London and south-east audience.. Because of the cost of new transmitters, not to mention television’s suspension during the Second World War, it wasn’t until 1952 that the BBC Television Service was available to around 81% of the population.
( Extract from an article by Andrew White, September 2015 )

Saving The Children

Operation Thursday…
The aim of Operation Thursday on 5 March, 1944 was to fly a force of 10,000 men, 1,000 mules, equipment and supplies into the heart of Burma.. All sorties were to be flown at night to avoid Japanese aircraft, and gliders would land troops to secure the site.. A second wave would land more troops and American engineers with their equipment to construct an airstrip so that C47 Dakotas could bring in the remaining forces.
Prior to the fly-in, the Japanese air force had been much weakened by raids on their airfields by 1st Air Commando USAAF and the RAF.. Some 78 Japanese aircrafts were destroyed and more damaged.. Brigadier Michael Calvert, commander of 77th Brigade led the first wave of 52 gliders.. Another 28 gliders were in the second wave.. Initial glider landings did not go well.. Aerial photographs failed to show ditches and trees on a landing area and these caused several of the gliders to crash on landing and 30 men were killed, and 28 wounded.
Planes en-route were ordered to return to prevent further casualties.. On the first night 35 gliders managed to land and by dawn 400 men were ready for action.. A runway was cleared and a total of 55 Dakotas flew in, followed by 579 Dakota sorties bringing in 77th Brigade and two battalions from 111th Brigade.
A second airstrip was constructed and by 8 March a force of 1,200 men, 200 mules and their equipment had been flown in.. This was the largest Allied airborne operation ever conducted until the forces under Eisenhower landed in France.
( Best of British magazine, August 2015 )

Saving The Children…
On 2 December 1938, as the clouds of war gathered over Europe, a ship docked at Harwich bringing 200 Jewish children – immigrants seeking sanctuary, facing an uncertain future.. They would be the first of thousands, brought here by the Kindertransport to save their lives.. These children had been saved by British men and women who cared – men like the late Sir Nicholas Winton and his friends.. They came to Britain on the trains, planes and ships organised by British organisations dedicated to rescuing Jewish children from the Nazis.. They arrived without their parents, coming to a country that would be at war within the year, but at least they would not know the horrors of Auschwitz and the death camps that took their families.
The trigger that sparked the Kindertransport was the night of 9/10 November 1938, when Jewish businesses in Germany were attacked by Nazi mobs – their windows smashed and their businesses vandalised.. It became known as Kristallnacht (the Night of the Broken Glass) and began to confirm to a horrified world just what Hitler’s regime was capable of.. It spurred on organisations like the British Committee for the Jews of Germany and the British based Movement for the Care of Children from Germany.
( Extract from an article by Brian Lynch, August 2015 )

German Missiles Fired At London…
Towards the end of the Second World War, thousands of V1 and V2 missiles were fired at London and South East England.. The V1 pilotless planes announced their arrival with an ominous drone, followed by silence as their motors stopped and they and their payload of explosives glided downwards along a chillingly unpredictable path.
The V2 rockets delivered instant destruction with a ‘double crack’ – the breaking of the sound barrier, then the explosion.
The most destructive V2 impact was on Woolworth’s in New Cross, South East London.. The store was filled with housewives attracted by rumours of saucepans for sale.. 168 were killed.. The public outcry led the RAF to bomb suspected launch sites in The Hague, but the German crews were long gone.. Instead, 500 Dutch civilians were incinerated, an even greater horror than the New Cross explosion.
Perhaps the most remarkable fact is that more people died making the V-weapons than in the explosions they caused.. Thousands of slave labourers perished underground, working in horrific conditions.. Those who survived to the end were shot, hanged, burned alive or sent to a concentration camp by the Nazis.
In contrast, the German’s top rocket scientist, Werner von Braun, was able to arrange for himself and his team to be captured by friendly Americans.
He swiftly transferred his loyalty from the Third Reich to the US space programme, and in due course was celebrated in a movie called ‘I Aim At The Stars’.
Cynics called it ‘I Aim At The Stars, But Sometimes I Hit London’.
( Originally posted on May 2, 2012 )

Humanity’s Worst Hypocrisy

Humanity’s Worst Hypocrisy…
You don’t really know your fellow man until you’ve pondered the fact that most people say they love animals, professing admiration and sympathy, and most people eat them.. The great masses of creatures in our industrial farms today would be entitled to conclude, if they could do any pondering themselves, that our love is not worth much.. Judging by the fruits, it more resembles hatred.. They come and go knowing nothing of existence but misery.. No season of gentleness anymore before the blade.. No glimpse of earth’s comforts or of life’s goodness.. It’s all just pain, courtesy of a world filled with self-described animal lovers.. Cruelty to animals, and to farm animals in particular, may not be humanity’s worst offence.. It has no rival, however, for the title of humanity’s worst hypocrisy.
( Matthew Scully, 19.12.2016 )

A message from the animals to all vegans ..
Thank you for eating food, and not souls.

Peace and the survival of life on earth as we know it are threatened by human activities which lack a commitment to humanitarian values.. Destruction of nature and nature’s resources result from ignorance, greed and lack of respect for the earth’s living things.
( Dalai Lama )

Humans would be extinct within a few days if humans killed each other at the same rate they kill animals.

Twenty years ago I thought.. What’s the difference between eating a bloody steak and killing my dog, slitting him open and roasting him ?
( Joan Jett )

When our leaders and our governments do nothing to protect animals, all animals, then it tells us all we need to know about them.

The only way we can guarantee our continued survival on earth is to recognise the importance of other non-human life forms and stop pretending we are on top of some pyramid of domination over other beings.
( Rod Coronado )

Whenever an animal escapes the slaughter-house, everyone wants to save his life.. Why don’t they care about the ones who couldn’t escape ?

Almost a third of vets treating pets have seen puppies they believe have been imported illegally in the past year, a study reveals.. Of those with concerns, half were about flat-faced French bulldogs, while pugs and chihuahuas also raised suspicions.. ‘Illegal importers only care about profit, not puppy welfare,’ said Gudrun Ravetz, president of the British Veterinary Association, which asked 1,000 vets.
( Tom Bevan, 08.12.2016 )

Under US President Donald Trump’s administration, the public will no longer have access to reports on mistreatment of animals on farms, zoos, laboratories, circuses, and dog-breeding facilities.

I’ve noticed so many benefits since becoming a vegan.
First, I no longer eat the suffering and pain of defenceless animals.
Secondly, my body has become lighter, so to say ‘clearer’.
Thirdly, in my profession, flexibility and elasticity are incredibly important, and I increased both of these.. And fourthly, now I almost never suffer from a cold or flu.
( Alexey Voevoda )

Low-Life Heartless Scum Infest Our Planet…
A gang set their dogs onto wild animals to satisfy their ‘blood lust’ and filmed the results, a court heard.. Ringleader Graham Coombes had 30,000 ‘trophy images’ of deer, foxes, rabbits, and even a llama on his phone which he shared with others.. The eleven men used powerful lights at night to stun creatures before encouraging their dogs, usually lurchers, to savage them, a technique known as lamping.. RSPCA prosecutor Jeremy Cave said the main motive seemed to be gratuitous pleasure.. The aim was ‘to kill as much wildlife as possible’, he added.. A search of Coombes’ land found a pile of at least 20 animal carcasses, and it was revealed he enlisted the help of a friend to shoot his badly-injured dog after a four-hour fight with a badger.. District judge Diane Baker called hunting with dogs ‘abhorrent’ and said, ‘This was not an economic crime.. It’s an animal cruelty crime.. It’s blood lust.’.. Coombes, 41, of Bovey Tracey, Devon, was jailed for 20 weeks after admitting six counts relating to killing animals and causing unnecessary suffering to a dog.. He was told to pay £3,000 costs and banned from keeping dogs for life.. Ten men from Devon, Dorset, Somerset and South Wales were also sentenced.. Gethyn Durham, 27, of Cymbran was jailed for six weeks and Philip Cross, 36, of Tonypandy for eight weeks.. Plymouth magistrates gave eight others suspended sentences or community orders.
( Tom Bevan, 08.12.2016 )

Despite all the bad days and mean people, I still believe in good days and kind people.. Plus, there are always dogs.

The only thing you can honestly say about fox hunting is that people enjoy it, people have a sadistic pleasure in seeing an animal ripped apart, it’s sadism.. To be honest, it’s psychopathic behaviour to enjoy the suffering of another creature.. People who have no compassion for animals tend not to have compassion for humans either.
( Brian May )

To see that connection between a person and an animal, that love and generosity, it’s something not many of us grasp.
( Ruta Gedmintas )

The Earth, and its animals, are being destroyed by psychopaths.

For what are we born if not to aid one another ?
( Ernest Hemingway )

The changes to our lifestyles that veganism necessitates do not demand much of us..
Yet these small changes grant something of monumental significance to other animals.. Their right to liberty from our oppression.
( Sandra Higgins )