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Drinking Too Much Water Can Be Dangerous.
For years medical experts have been telling us that drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for us.
But a new report says the claim is a myth and that there is no evidence to support it.
The benefits of drinking water were often exaggerated by organisations with vested interests, such as bottled water manufacturers.
And far from being helpful, drinking too much water can be dangerous.
Drinking water is just one of a long line of scare stories about everyday foods.

Four Out Of 10 People In The UK Will Get Cancer.
40% of people in the UK will get cancer at some point and it will kill two-thirds of sufferers, statistics reveal.
The number living with the disease has increased in the UK by 35% in the past 10 years, and if it continues at this rate four million people could have it by 2030.
Patients are living longer due to improved treatments, but their quality of life is often compromised.
Only 36% of cancer patients who are still alive after seven years will not suffer any other health problem related to their treatment.

Cannabis May Cause Mental Illness.
In Britain and America there are countless parents of teenagers who have good reason to suspect that this supposedly harmless, allegedly soft drug did dreadful damage to their sons and daughters.
More and more research suggests a link between cannabis and mental illness.
( Peter Hitchens )

Stem Cells May Cure Serious Illness.
Adult stem cells exist in all our organs but can only replicate the tissue area they come from.
They can be taken from a healthy person, cultured in a laboratory and implanted into someone else’s damaged organ, as long as there is a tissue match of at least 83%.
They have been used successfully to create tissue-engineered skin (for grafts, to heal ulcers), replace muscle (around the heart after heart failure) and prevent blindness by repairing damaged corneas.

Stem cells in placenta and umbilical cord blood taken immediately after birth have cured lymphoma and leukaemia.
This blood is invaluable because a 66% match is enough.
In the UK, 95% of cords are destroyed, as only eight NHS hospitals offer the facility for parents to donate.
Freezing your baby’s cord blood, which is becoming common practice in America, would provide a 100% match for use in treating future serious illness.

Big Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Heart Attack And Strokes.
An injection could save thousands of heart attack and stroke victims, British scientists have discovered.
A new antibody cuts by 60% the damage to the heart and brain after an attack.
At least 200,000 a year die from cardiovascular disease in Britain and the discovery could be the biggest breakthrough ever.
Heart attacks and strokes are caused by blocked blood flow, but most damage occurs later when the body’s defences attack oxygen-starved cells, often nine to 12 hours after the attack.
The new injection stops the body attacking the cells.

New Drug To Help MS Sufferers.
The first tablet to combat the effects of multiple sclerosis is transforming the lives of patients.
Sufferers take the pill once a day and it is estimated to halve the chances of them having a relapse.

The drug, which is called Fingolimod and has been given official approval by British regulators, means sufferers will no longer have to control MS with daily injections.
Multiple sclerosis is an incurable disease that destroys myelin, the protective sheath that surrounds nerve fibres.
Symptoms range from mild tingling to paralysis.

Some scientists believe that two causes of the condition are glandular fever and a lack of vitamin D due to insufficient exposure to sunlight.

National Health Service.
National Health Service doctors and nurses have saved millions of lives since Aneurin Bevan created the NHS in 1948.
He must be spinning in his grave as the Conservative Government try to make the NHS a giant marketplace.

Bevan said the NHS would “last as long as there are folk with the faith to fight for it”.
Thank heavens plenty of people still keep that faith.

Back-Door Privatisation In The NHS.
In 2000 – 2001 only eleven NHS operations were carried out by private health companies, making a profit from procedures paid for by taxpayers.
But last year (2010), that figure had jumped to 208,693, official Government figures show.
The revelation exposes the shocking scale of back-door privatisation within the NHS.
This Government now want all procedures in the NHS to be open to the private sector.
More cash for their rich mates.

The Shameful Treatment Of Our Nurses.
Exhausted nurses are keeping the NHS going by working far longer than they should.
A shocking 95% of them do more than their contracted hours.
And one in five has to work overtime every shift, says the Royal College of Nursing.

Four out of ten nurses have to skip meals at least three times a week.
And a third say they do not even have time to pause for a drink.
The situation is likely to get worse as tens of thousands of nurses are axed in Government spending cuts.

A Recipe For Obesity.
Obesity rates increased tenfold between 1972 and 2000 because diet advice changed.
Obesity is about fat stored, not about excess calories.
Fat can only be stored in the presence of glucose and insulin, which occur through eating carbs.

Calorie counting leads us to eat a higher proportion of carbs because they are lower in calories (four calories per gram) than fat (nine per gram).
Dieters may choose six pieces of fruit instead of one salmon steak, but while the fish has no carbs the fruit usually has at least 100g, thus facilitating fat storage.
The body won’t burn fat (ie, lose weight) if you keep eating carb fuel (glucose).
It needs the chance to utilise its own fat reserves.
Fruit contains glucose and fruit sugar (fructose).
Apples and pears, for example, contain twice as much fructose as glucose.
Fructose is stored in the liver, where it is turned into fat.
Glucose goes into the bloodstream where at least it has a chance of being used for fuel.

The best diet foods are nuts, seeds and any vegetation (including fruit).
This is what nature intended us to eat, which happens to be zero carb.
These foods are also the most nutritious.
Government advice is making us fat.
The Food Standards Agency’s ‘Eatwell’ plate, displayed on posters in GP surgeries and schools, shows a diet based on carbs.
It depicts sugary cereals, white bread, fruit in syrup, cakes, biscuits, sweets, even cola.
It’s a recipe for obesity.

Exercise is good but won’t solve your weight problem.

Antidepressants May Cause Heart Disease.
Antidepressants could raise the risk of stroke and heart disease by thickening patients’ arteries.
Depression sufferers already have a higher risk of heart disease, making the treatment doubly dangerous, scientists claim.

Age is one of the factors that thickens arteries, at around 10 microns per year.
Antidepressant users see a 40 micron increase, making arteries four years ‘older’ every year.
Researchers at Emory University in Georgia, U.S., said the drugs cause changing levels of a chemical called serotonin, which can cause blood vessels to constrict.

Stress Is A Double Edged Sword.
Stress has a positive role to play in our lives.
It makes us motivated.
It gets us pumped up and ready for action,
But it’s a double edged sword.
The trick is to use your daily stress handout constructively,
So it works for you, rather than you being controlled by it.

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