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RAF Bombers From British Base In Cyprus Attack Middle East Nations.
RAF Akrotiri, Britain’s sovereign territory in southwest Cyprus, along with GCHQ’s listening post in Dhekelia, the other sovereign base area, in eastern Cyprus, have long played key roles projecting Britain’s military and intelligence-gathering in the Middle East.
RAF bombers that have just attacked Houthi targets in Yemen, and previously in Syria and Iraq, were based in Akrotiri.
None of these attacks – launched in the British government’s increasingly broad definition of “self defence” – have achieved their stated objectives.
( Richard Norton-Taylor, 16.01.2024 )  ..

NATO, The U.S., The UK And The EU Keep Quiet About The Nazi Problem In Ukraine.
After failing to stop Russia from invading Ukraine, the western countries and their media outlets unleashed a propaganda war that involves sharing old pictures from past conflicts to demonise Russia and lavishing praises on Ukrainian leadership for standing its ground against the invasion, seemingly to paper over their own inadequacies.
Even as NATO and the U.S. mount a propaganda blitz to counter Russia’s invasion, they have turned a blind eye to a festering problem that seemed to have played a pivotal role in Putin’s calculus to wage an armed conflict in Ukraine.
And that is Ukraine’s lingering “Nazi” problem.
Over the years, neo-Nazism ideology has not only taken root in the Ukrainian conscience but has also gained the Ukrainian government’s imprimatur.
This has naturally raised concerns in Moscow that was evident in the speech made by Putin days before Russia’s military offence in Ukraine.
In his address to the Russian people on February 24, 2022, Putin justified his country’s aggression against Ukraine as a peacekeeping mission and couched the forthcoming military operation by Russian forces as “denazification” of Ukraine.
( Jinit Jain, 28.02.2022 )  ..

Israeli Forces Were Ordered To Target Vehicles That Contained Israeli Hostages.
At midday on October 7, 2023,  Israel’s supreme military command ordered all units to prevent the capture of Israeli citizens “at any cost” – even by firing on them.
The military “instructed all its fighting units to perform the Hannibal Directive in practice, although it did so without stating that name explicitly,” Israeli journalists revealed.
The revelations came in a new investigative article by Ronen Bergman and Yoav Zitun, two journalists with extensive sources inside Israel’s military and intelligence establishment.
They also revealed that “some 70 vehicles” driven by Palestinian fighters returning to Gaza were blown up by Israeli helicopter gunships, drones or tanks.
Many of these vehicles contained Israeli captives.
Initial claims stated that 1,400 Israelis were killed by Hamas in the Palestinian assault that began on 7 October.
But Israel has repeatedly revised this figure downwards, so that it now stands at “over 1,000.”
It was also clear from the outset that hundreds of the dead were in fact Israeli soldiers.
Hamas maintains that they targeted military bases and outposts, and that their aim was to capture rather than kill Israeli civilians, and to kill or capture Israeli soldiers.
( Asa Winstanley, 20.01.2024 )  ..

The Money Is All That Matters And Everything Else Is Just A Joke.
Crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, enjoyed a visit to Britain in March 2018 and a variety of right-wing politicians, arms dealers, royals and London-based property developers lined up to kiss his backside.
He and his family are very wealthy due to the abundance of fossil fuels beneath the ground in Saudi Arabia.
The Saudis ensure their unearned wealth stays in the family by governing as an extremely brutal feudal dictatorship.
• The people who do the actual work in the country are very lowly paid – some unpaid as slaves – and they work in unsafe, unregulated environments.
• The right to vote is only for a privileged few and the power resides with the unelected Saudi family.
• There is no political freedom of speech and no journalistic freedom of speech.
• Political activists are jailed, tortured and murdered by the state, brutally and publicly.
•Rights and freedom for women are severely restricted.
• Homosexuality is illegal.
• The Saudi military is destroying homes, school and hospitals in Yemen, killing thousands of innocent people and backing this slaughter by blockading vital food and medical supplies at sea, leading to the spread of fatal (but treatable) diseases in Yemen.
None of these facets of the extreme nature of the Saudi government are a problem for the Tory government.
The Tories, as always, have just one objective – How much money can be made for the financial gangsters?
Arms manufacturers and dealers, property developers and the security industry, all of whom donate generously to the Tories and who employ them during and after their tenures as MPs, are key suppliers for the Saudi family and their associates.
The Tories are delighted to act as brokers and facilitators and they couldn’t care less about thousands of slaughtered Yemeni civilians (killed by British-made armaments) or brutal assaults on Saudi civilians (by British-trained police) or thousands of empty apartments in London (“owned” by absentee Saudi investors) while homeless Londoners die in the streets.
For the Tories, the money is all that matters and everything else is just a joke.
( Ducksoap, 07.03.2018 )  ..

The New York Times Is Accused Of Manipulating Israeli Family Members.
The New York Times is facing scrutiny over claims that its reporters “manipulated” family members linked to the victims of the October 7, 2023 Hamas-led attack on Israel.
In an investigative report, “How Hamas Weaponised Sexual Violence on Oct. 7,” published on Dec. 28, 2023, the newspaper alleged that Palestinian militants engaged in a pattern of gender-based violence against Israeli women during the surprise Al-Aqsa Flood operation.
But the family at the centre of the report has since challenged claims made by the newspaper.
( Arab News, 04.01.2024 )  ..

A Surgeon Is Arrested For Defending Palestine.
Ranjeet Brar, a cardiovascular surgeon, was arrested for speaking out about Israel’s crimes in Gaza.
“The whole of Gaza can be described as a ghetto of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their land,” Brar said.
He was arrested in London during a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people.
Brar supported the Palestinian resistance groups saying this is the only way Palestinians can claim back their rights.
“The West behaves as if history started on October 7, 2023, and before the Hamas ‘unjustified’ attack on Israel everything was peaceful and everything comes down to Hamas fighters, but when you put it in context, it is very clear to see that Israel, the U.S. and UK are the aggressors,” he said.
He called Zionism “a racist entity implanted by the British as a settler colonial force.”
Brar also lashed out at the Western leaders for justifying Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians in order to use Israel as a tool to dominate the oil-rich region.
He said Israel is a “puppet” to the United States and the UK and pointed to the other interventions and actions of the two countries such as “hostility towards Iran, occupation of Iraq, occupation of Afghanistan, war in Yemen, occupation of Syria, war to displace the government of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, and other relentless wars” as plans to interfere and to steal their resources.
( Press TV, 29.11.2023 )  ..

UK-Made Fighter Jets, Bombs And Missiles Have All Played A Central Role In The Attack On Yemen.
The most recent government statistics show that the UK has licensed at least £6.5billion worth of arms to the Saudi-led Coalition since the start of its ongoing bombing campaign in Yemen.
The figure covers the period from March 26, 2015, when the bombing began, until March 26, 2020.
According to the United Nations, the bombing has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.
UK-made fighter jets, bombs and missiles have all played a central role in the bombing.
Since the bombing of Yemen began in March 2015, the UK has licensed the following to military forces currently engaged in the war:
• £5.4billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia.
• £715million worth of arms to United Arab Emirates.
• £91million worth of arms to Egypt.
• £74million worth of arms to Bahrain.
• £49million worth of arms to Jordan.
• £46million worth of arms to Kuwait.
The total also includes £142million worth of arms licensed to Qatar prior to it pulling out of the Saudi-led Coalition in June 2017, and £7million to Morocco prior to it leaving the coalition in February 2019.
In reality the real figures will be a great deal higher, with many of the bombs, missiles and aircraft components being licensed via the opaque and secretive Open Licence system.
In June 2019, the Court of Appeal ruled that the government acted unlawfully when it licensed the sale of UK-made arms to Saudi-led forces for use in Yemen without making an assessment as to whether or not past incidents amounted to breaches of International Humanitarian Law.
The government was ordered not to approve any new licences and to retake the decisions on extant licences in a lawful manner.
In July 2020 the government announced that it was resuming arms sales.
( Campaign Against Arms Trade, 24.09.2020 )  ..

This Behaviour By The Tory Government Is Extreme Cowardice.
The Tories are kissing the backside of Turkey’s president Erdogan.
His government has jailed thousands of opposition politicians, activists, journalists and teachers and ordered an invasion into Kurdish regions of Syria to annihilate the Kurdish people living there.
The Tories are steadfastly refusing to offer any criticism of the Israeli military’s slaughter of protesters in Gaza during which over fifty people were killed and over a thousand injured by (illegal) explosive bullets.
The Tory reaction to the slaughter in Gaza is to parrot the lines of the Israeli government.
This behaviour by the Tory government is extreme cowardice.
The Tories fear vicious, murderous, fascist brutes and they are unable to criticise them or to do anything other than fart out fawning obsequiousness.
They fear the international arms manufacturers and they will do everything they can to aid the profits of the arms industry regardless of consequences.
The Tories would broker arms sales to ISIS if they could. It could be argued that they already have, via Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
There have been many British governments (not exclusively Tory) that have served a small elite and who have fornicated themselves for the benefit of the arms industry but there has never been a British government that is as cowardly as Theresa May’s gang of lickspittles.
They never answer questions, they lie relentlessly and they kowtow to whichever dictator has ordered them to.
( Ducksoap, 15.05.2018 )  ..
( Update: On May 18, 2018, the UN Human Rights Council voted to hold a commission of inquiry to look into the assault on protesters in Gaza by Israeli forces. The Tory government abstained on this vote.)

The U.S. And The UK Are Using Britain’s RAF Base In Cyprus To Deliver Military Aid To Israel.
Respected Israeli newspaper Haaretz has reported that over 40 U.S. transport aircraft, 20 British transport aircraft and seven heavy transport helicopters have flown to RAF Akrotiri, Britain’s vast base on Cyprus, carrying equipment, arms and forces.
RAF Akrotiri has long been the staging post for British military operations and bombing campaigns in the Middle East.
It sits 180 miles from Tel Aviv with a flight time of 40 minutes.
The planes have been loaded with cargo from strategic depots belonging to the U.S. and NATO in Europe.
Around half the U.S. flights are said to be delivering military aid.
( Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis, 17.11.2023 )  ..

Why do Israel, who have one of the strongest military forces in the world, need help from the U.S. and several European countries to fight a few thousand Palestinian resistance fighters who have no airforce, no navy, no tanks or military vehicles, and no anti-aircraft or anti-missile defences?
( Rose Winfold )

Israel’s Lies And Deceptions Dominate The West’s Media And Political Narrative.
Israel is openly carrying out ethnic cleansing inside Gaza, driving Palestinians outside their homeland as happened in 1948.
And yet, just as during the first “Nakba”, Israel’s lies and deceptions dominate the West’s media and political narrative.
History is repeating itself, and every politician and establishment journalist is pretending they cannot see what is staring them in the face.
There is a collective and wilful refusal to join the dots in Gaza, even when they point in one direction only.
There has been a consistent pattern to Israel’s behaviour since its creation 75 years ago, just as there has been a consistent pattern to the “see no evil, hear no evil” response of western powers.
In 1948, in events the Palestinians call their “Nakba”, or Catastrophe, 80% of Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their lands in what became the self-declared Jewish state of Israel.
( Jonathan Cook, 21.11.2023 )  ..

The Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen Is The Worst In The World.
There is no doubt that Yemen needs aid.
The humanitarian crisis is the worst in the world and is getting even worse.
Unfortunately, the sums which have been given are a fraction of the value of the weapons that have been sold to the regimes who are responsible for the bombardment.
There cannot be peace in Yemen as long as Saudi-led forces are using UK-made fighter jets to drop UK-made bombs and fire UK-made missiles.
The longer the bombing goes on, the worse the crisis will get.
There must be a ceasefire and an end to the arms sales that have fuelled the war.
The fixation on arms company profits ahead of human lives exposes the dangerous and immoral priorities of Boris Johnson and his colleagues when it comes to Yemen.
( Andrew Smith, Campaign Against Arms Trade, September 2020 )

Any Peace Deal Anywhere In The World Is Bad News For Them.
Forty-eight more Typhoon jets will be sold by BAE Systems to the Saudi Arabian government.
The jets will be used predominantly to drop ordinance on Yemeni civilians and civilian infrastructure including homes, hospitals and schools.
The brutality of the Saudi family and their associates is extreme and unbound, both within the country and outside.
The carpet-bombing of Yemen is designed as a demonstration of ruthless unfettered power and is a message to other countries that might irk Saudi Arabia’s ire such as Qatar or Iran.
It is also a message to the people who do the work in Saudi Arabia without adequate pay – often as slaves – and in hazardous working conditions.
BAE Systems couldn’t give a damn who buys their weaponry.
They would sell to ISIS or Kim Jung-Un if they could get away with it.
BAE Systems relies on death and destruction for profit.
Any peace deal anywhere in the world is bad news for them.
The soulless Tories have no interest in whether or not Yemeni civilians are being blown up and they couldn’t care less about the feudal antiquated brutality of the Saudi government.
Every piece of fawning by Tories (and by the royals) toward bin Salman was work on behalf of BAE Systems.
Of course, the individual MPs are well paid by both the arms manufacturers and by the Saudi government.
Given how the Tories are happy to broker huge arms deals with such a despicable government just to help the profits of arms manufacturers, it is inconceivable to think they give a damn at all about people in Britain.
They care as little about the people of Britain as they do about the people of Yemen.
( Ducksoap, 09.03.2018 )  ..

Jewish Human Rights Activist Arrested By Anti-Terror Police.
Jewish human rights – and therefore pro-Palestinian – activist Tony Greenstein has been arrested by police – for a single tweet supporting Palestinians against genocide and oppression.
Police arrived at Greenstein’s home at around 7am in the morning, seized his phone and laptop and held him for around nine hours.
His electronics were not returned on his release.
He was one of several Palestine Action supporters convicted of criminal damage against one of Israeli weapons-maker Elbit’s UK factories, despite no damage being done – and who received a suspended sentence at Wolverhampton Crown Court.
It seems the UK Establishment considers Greenstein to be supporting the wrong ‘terrorists’ against the ones who are actually perpetrating mass murder, including against their own Israeli citizens.
( SKWAWKBOX(SW), 20.12.2023 )  ..

They Gaslight Us By Flaunting The Pretence That They Crave To Make The World A Better Place.
How do politicians, diplomats, the media and even the human rights community keep us politically ignorant, docile and passive – a collective mindset that prevents us from challenging their power as well as the status quo they benefit from?
The answer: By constantly misrepresenting reality to us and their own role in shaping it.
And they do it so successfully because, at the same time, they gaslight us by flaunting the pretence that they crave to make the world a better place – a better place where, in truth, the unspoken danger is that, were it to be realised, their own power would be severely diminished.
( Jonathan Cook, 11.12.2023 )  .. 

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