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Bad Parenting Is To Blame.
Scientists claim to have found a genetic cause for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), which supposedly affects one in 50 UK children.

If further research provides conclusive proof of these findings, I will believe it is a brain disorder rather than a behavioural problem.
Until then, I will continue to believe that bad parenting is to blame.
Too many parents want to blame their lazy upbringing of children on this or that syndrome.
There always has to be a complex medical reason for kids behaving badly, not just a failure of their own responsibility.
Child psychiatrists totally refute the theory of genetic causation.
Clinical psychologist Oliver James makes a compelling case that high levels of cortisone, a function of parental care, are to blame.
( Paul Routledge, 01.10.2010 )

The Fanatics Who Want To Drug Normal Children.
The latest propaganda for the non-existent complaint ‘ADHD’ was torn to shreds on Radio 4’s Today programme by Oliver James, despite highly unhelpful interruptions by the presenter Justin Webb.
‘Evidence’ of a genetic link is nothing of the sort.
Even if it were, the fanatics who want to drug normal children and excuse our society’s selfish, horrible treatment of them, have to solve this problem.
How can you have a ‘genetic link’ to a complaint for which there is no objective diagnoses?
What is it linked to?
( Peter Hitchens, 03.10.2010 )

Bad Science Of Drugging Boys.
A shocking £31million is spent each year on prescriptions for powerful mind-altering drugs given to children with the fictional complaint called ADHD.
This should stop immediately, as should the large payments of disability living allowance to many of the families involved.
There is no objective diagnosis for ‘ADHD’, a complaint invented by psychiatrists and drug companies.
Its alleged ‘symptoms’ are felt not by supposed patients but by exasperated adults trying to cope with boys (it’s mainly boys) who get too little exercise, sleep and authority, watch too much TV, play too many computer games, eat and drink junk food and are then forced to endure school lessons of crushing boredom conducted by women who don’t understand small boys.
I continue to be amazed all the ‘bad science’ gurus have not turned their searchlights on this fantasy.
( Peter Hitchens, 16.05.2010 )

Babies Dumped In South Africa.
Outside the Berea Baptist Mission Church, in one of the most crime-ridden streets in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city, there’s a ‘baby bin’.
A bit like a clothing recycling bin on a UK high street, it consists of a hatch in the church wall, covered by a metal flap labelled ‘Door of Hope’, where desperate mothers can come, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to leave tiny children they haven’t the money, health or support to care for.
Sixteen babies are routinely dumped in the box behind the flap every month (about the same number that are abandoned in the UK in a whole year).
The baby bin was installed in 1999 by the church’s pastor Cheryl Allen, after she realised that newborns were being left by their mothers to die in toilets, rubbish bins, in fields and out in the bush.
It is estimated that 50 children are dumped each month in Johannesburg alone, and there are even cases of babies in refuse bags being tossed on to highways, to be run over by cars.

The Johannesburg baby bin was created as a way for women to at least abandon their children as safely as possible.
Three babies are dumped every 48 hours in KwaZulu-Natal province, where Durban is the largest city.
Shepherd’s Keep Orphanage does not have a baby bin, but its staff work closely with the Durban police, who bring them abandoned babies found in the area.
Lots of babies, found in toilets and in plastic bags, are botched abortions.

Despicable people are advertising abortions for women who are as much as seven months pregnant.
A mother takes a pill to induce early labour and thinks that she has aborted her foetus, but she hasn’t – she has given birth to a living, breathing baby, tied it up in a plastic bag and left it for dead.
Others are clearly left in the hope that someone will find and care for them – near a church or hospital, with their belongings neatly packed.

South Africa is home to the highest number of people living with HIV in the world, and half the population is below the poverty line.
The combination of these two factors makes the abandonment of newborns by their mothers a horrifying common occurrence.

Teacher Sent Home.
The only proper Conservative speech at the Tory Conference came from teacher Katherine Birbalsingh, who was sent home from her London school for speaking the truth.
I suspect that these words were the ones that caused the trouble: “I don’t think ordinary parents have any idea about what goes on in their schools. But it is totally and utterly chaotic. Teachers spend most of their time telling children to sit down or stop disrupting the class rather than teaching”.
She added that there was ‘a conspiracy of silence’ in staff rooms because teachers were too afraid of being branded as failures if they admitted how bad the true picture was.
Which I think is proved by what happened to her.
( Peter Hitchens )

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