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Licence To Murder Badgers

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, with the backing of Prime Minister David Cameron, has issued farmers with the first licence to shoot (murder) badgers.

Shooting Badgers Is Unnecessary ..
Shooting badgers is a cruel answer to a farming problem when vaccinating the creatures would be humane and protect the countryside.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson deserves both barrels from wildlife experts for culling an animal which is a quintessential part of the English landscape.
We don’t deny bovine TB is an expensive hazard for dairy and beef farmers.
But shooting Mr Brock is unnecessary and may not work.
We look forward to another Government U-turn.
( Daily Mirror )

The Decision Is Appalling For Badgers ..
The decision is not only appalling for the badgers, it is also arrogant, ignorant and insulting to the researchers and scientists that are advising against it.

But then judging from his scepticism on climate change, Owen Paterson clearly has little respect for science. Or compassion.
Apparently when he was a little boy he had two badgers as pets.
Perhaps they got more attention than he did?
Maybe the cull is some kind of vendetta?
Beware budgies, white mice, hamsters, dogs and pussy cats. You’re next.
( Bill Oddie )

If your pet cat or dog had a disease and vaccination was available, would you ask the vet to kill it?
I don’t believe these gun-toting farmers are marksmen.
Badgers only show themselves when it’s dark and many will suffer slow, painful deaths.
It’s cruel. It’s sickening. And it’s unnecessary.

Sentencing Badgers To Death ..
It is severe stress that makes cattle susceptible to bovine TB.

The dairy cow is impregnated to produce milk.
She bellows in agony every time we remove her calf and these unnatural pregnancies cause her excruciating udder infections.
Owen Paterson ordering the cull of badgers is tantamount to a judge sentencing someone to death on a suspicion they committed a crime.
Badgers being the main cause of bovine TB has always been more Chinese whispers than concrete evidence.
Scientists and researchers fail to agree that badgers are responsible.
These creatures have enough problems with morons blocking setts to stop foxes hiding from ‘hunts’, or sick creeps digging them up for badger baiting.
The last thing they need is gun-toting, trigger-happy farmers shooting at them.

Farmers Cause Pain To Cows ..
Farmers desperate to win lucrative cattle show prizes are causing severe pain to their animals – by pumping their udders full of gas.
Experts say the use of the bizarre technique – used to improve a cow’s appearance by making the udder look full – has spiralled to the point it has become a ‘serious problem’. Once the udder has been inflated, the animal’s teats are then sealed with superglue to stop milk, or the gas, leaking out.
There is ferocious competition to win agricultural prizes because champion animals are highly prized for breeding and can fetch as much as £100,000 at auction.
( Valerie Elliott )

It irks me that animal rights activists are always portrayed as violent nutters, when I think the reverse is true.
I’ve had more abuse from farmers, threats from those who like to hunt, wielding guns, than from any other sector of society.
( Liz Jones )

Seals Killed To Protect Scottish Salmon Farms ..
If you buy Scottish salmon you are essentially paying for seals to be shot.
It’s a total disgrace.
The Scottish Government, the RSPCA and the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation (SSPO) all claim seals are only shot as a last resort.
That’s not just a fishy story, it’s a great big whopper of a lie.
Unless the farms install and maintain predator exclusion nets to humanely keep seals well away from the cage nets which hold the salmon, it is totally inaccurate to describe the shooting of seals as a last resort.
( John Robins, Animal Concern )

Canada Kills The Most Seals ..
Canada culls the most seals with hunters (murderers?) killing 300,000 a year.
Most are pups, clubbed to death for their skins when they are just a few weeks old.
But the Canadian government claims they are also killed to protect cod stocks in the North Atlantic. Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Russia also cull the animals for their skins, meat and oils.
The only country in the southern hemisphere to slaughter seals on such a large scale is Namibia in southern Africa – where more than 90,000 are killed a year.
The Namibian government claims the culls are necessary because seals eat more fish than the entire fishing fleet can catch.
About 40% of the world’s population of grey seals can be found in Britain, and more than 90% of them breed in Scotland.

A Tortured Dog ..
Last year, while looking round a farm that was up for sale, I came across two collies in a cage. They had no bedding, not much space and were sitting in their own excrement. Their water was green and slimy.
When I got home, I called the RSPCA. They promised an officer would inspect the farm and call me back. No officer ever did call me.
A friend then told me how a young boy had reported a Staffie pup being kicked by a soldier, watched by his army mates.
The boy called the RSPCA, but they refused to take the puppy away.
I think the soldiers should have been court-martialled, ‘heroes’ or not.
At the end of January, I received a letter from Margaret in Hayes, Middlesex.
She said she had called the RSPCA emergency helpline on nine occasions – reporting that her neighbour was beating and torturing his dog in sessions that lasted for between 30 and 40 minutes.
Another neighbour also called the RSPCA four times.
Margaret said this man beat his small dog with a stick and a metal rod, then held him down by his neck and repeatedly punched him.
‘I could hear him grunting with the effort he was putting into each punch’ she later wrote in a letter of complaint to RSPCA customer services.
She told me that, despite her calls, nothing happened. Finally, she rang the police.
She said their attitude was very different, showing compassion and a willingness to help. They listened, but said the only people empowered to deal with the complaint were… officers from the RSPCA.
The police called the RSPCA on her behalf and received the same daft questions: ‘where were the punches landing?’ and ‘were bruises visible?’
The RSPCA took three-and-a-half months to finally respond to the call for help and unfortunately, by then, the dog had disappeared and another met a similar fate.
Which makes me wonder how the charity is spending its money: £115,288,000 was donated in 2010, the latest figure available.
In the South East region there are only six officers in total.
While much is made of the salaries of our top bankers, I wonder what salary the new chief executive, Gavin Grant, is on (the chief press officer wouldn’t tell me).
( Liz Jones )

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