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In The First Year ..
In the first year of his life a baby will probably triple his weight, increase his length by half, double the size of his brain and create every nerve cell he will ever have.

No Need To Wash Your Baby ..
Newborn babies do not have any established colonies of bacteria living on their skin.

These begin to grow within the first few hours.
As they have contact with other family members, good bacteria are transferred to their skin.
For this reason, it’s important that babies aren’t washed too often.
Exposing babies to bacteria early helps their immune system develop and reduces the risk of asthma, eczema and allergies.
Parents are advised not to wash their newborns with soap or use medicated wipes or lotions for the first six weeks.
Gentle bathing in plain water is fine.
But there is no need to wash your baby.

Are Children Faking Mental Illness?..
Mental illness is the latest fashion accessory for teenagers.
Youngsters are faking serious conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression and self-harming in an attempt to look cool and copy celebrity sufferers.
An alarming 34% admitted lying about having a mental illness, according to online therapy service
Almost half of those who thought mental illness fashionable claimed it made people “unique” while 24% said it was “cool”.
The website’s founder Jesper Buch said: “Many young people are too quick to say ‘I’m depressed’ or try to gain attention by pretending to have some kind of personal issue”.

The Old Out-Door Children’s Games Have Been Killed Off ..
Nothing has killed off the old games and songs of childhood so much as the invasion of the car into the back roads of Britain.
If you look at the old black-and-white pictures of children at play, they are usually in the street.
Slum-clearance schemes also helped break up working-class communities, exiling them to tower blocks.

And the king and queen of the killjoys, Health and Safety, have done their bit.
Children today spend their time indoors watching television and playing computer games.
The old out-door children games are gone for good.

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