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My mother said to me that there’s a point as a young woman when you don’t realise that men are looking at you – but you certainly realise when they’re no longer looking at you.
( Rosamund Pike )

It’s very easy to blame another person in a relationship.
I’ve done it myself. All you need to do really is grow up a bit.
( Ayah Marar )

My mum is always around and it’s important to have a guardian there, caring.
She helps me pick the right path, to deal with issues like alcohol.
Mum drinks with me, a little wine cooler maybe, and it helps me get by.
But I slowed down a lot because I was becoming impotent and couldn’t get my thing on. It was worrying. Damn, I’m a stallion, not a pony.
( David Jude Jolicoeur )

Before you were conceived I wanted you.
Before you were born I loved you.
Before you were here I knew I would do anything for you.

I’ve only just recently started working again, because I’ve been wrapped up in looking after my three children. It was an incredible experience, but children grow up and leave, you must have your own life – it’s important for me, spiritually.
After motherhood, I feel I am more qualified to understand characters’ lives than I did.
( Geraldine Somerville )

I think the best thing your parents can do for you is to let you be yourself.
( Jaime Winstone )

If I could go back I’d try to spend more time with my Dad.
I did spend a decent amount of time with him but he was out at work a lot.
( Barry McGuigan )

Being a parent isn’t easy.
Especially when you want to be a really good parent and let your caring and concern and pride show. It’s hard to know how to help without interfering, protect without stifling, and guide without preaching.

She Always Listens ..
She doesn’t care how much money I make, what car I drive or what job I have, as long as I’m happy. She is my best friend and my soul mate.
I share every worry with her and every happiness with her.
She always listens to what I have to say and will try and help.
She sees the best in me and her pride in me never fades.
She is my mother, God bless her, I love her.

A ‘Natural And Ordinary’ Deed By A Special Mum ..
Julie Jones, from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, won the Compassionate Mum prize for adopting five of her best friend’s orphaned children.
Since her friend Caroline Atkin died of a brain tumour two years ago, Ms Jones, a single mother, has raised the children – she is now their legal guardian – as well as caring for her own three sons and working a 40-hour week for the RAF.
She said her good deed was “natural and ordinary”.

A mother is someone who can take the place of all others.
But whose place no one else can take.

I wouldn’t change my children for the world.
But I wish I could change the world for my children.

We talk so much about leaving a better world to our children.
Yet we don’t think about leaving better children to this world.

When you are young, your grandparents, and even your parents, try to tell you about their life and their history. But at the time, probably because you were young, it didn’t interest you. When you get older, you wish you had written down what they told you.

A fury of tests, targets, exams, and pressure on primary school kids.
Depriving them of carefree childhood years.
Schools are now graveyards for lost childhoods.

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