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Conflict-Related Deaths In Ukraine Before Russia’s Military Intervention.
We are told by our respective Leaders and Media that “This is Putin’s Unprovoked War on Ukraine.”
This narrative simplifies and projects the blame away from the actual root cause of the current conflict.
We are also told that this was a “Full-scale Invasion,” by Western Media while Russia called it a “Special Military Operation.”
Depending on which flavour of State and Media Propaganda you prefer to believe, will set you on a journey of confirmation bias, often leading you to a complete misunderstanding of the facts.
In this time of voluminous quantities of fast-moving and instant information, we tend to eat with our eyes by simply reading the headlines.
Our capacities for self-analysis and critical thinking are often diluted by the snappy one-liners and compressed Twitter Posts, so we don’t delve any deeper and we are left none the wiser.
But perhaps we should delve deeper and read a report published by the UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS MONITORING MISSION IN UKRAINE.
This report spans from 2014 until 2021, and it covers in accurate detail, the loss of human life and casualties from this period.
You then have to put yourself in the shoes of Vladimir Putin, whose job it is to protect Russian Citizens and to respond to calls for assistance in times of emergency.
This is no different to the responsibilities borne by any other Leader, so why should it be different for him, and more importantly, what would you do in his situation?
The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) estimates the total number of conflict-related casualties in Ukraine from 14 April 2014 to 31 December 2021 to be between 51,000 and 54,000.
Between 14,200 and 14,400 are estimated to have been killed, which included at least 3,400 civilians.
This is prior to Russia’s Military Intervention of February 24th 2022.
( Iain Muir, 20.02.2023 )  ..

Netanyahu’s Government Has Made Illegal Settlement Expansion A Top Priority.
Thousands of Israelis led by at least seven cabinet ministers marched to Evyatar, an illegal settlement outpost in the northern Israeli-occupied West Bank that was evacuated by the previous Israeli government in 2021.
The march, which was led by hardline ultranationalist Jewish settlers, was seen by some as an indication that Israel’s most right-wing government in history is determined to accelerate settlement building on occupied lands despite international opposition.
Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir – both settlers in the occupied West Bank – and at least 20 members of the Knesset were taking part in the march.
A 15-year-old Palestinian boy was killed by Israeli troops on the same day during an arrest raid near Jericho, about an hour south in the occupied West Bank.
The march threatened to further raise tensions heightened by days of unrest during which Israeli police attacked worshippers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem, and repeated violence by Israeli forces in recent months.
Speaking at the march, Ben-Gvir said, “We are here to say that the Israeli nation is strong, we are here and will remain here.”
Daniella Weiss, a settler leader, told Kan public radio that the ministers’ participation in the march could be a “therapy for the government to free yourselves from the dictates of the U.S. and Europe” concerning illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank.
Netanyahu’s government has made settlement expansion a top priority and already has advanced plans to build thousands of additional homes.
( Aljazeera, 11.04.2023 )  ..

Are Children Being Kidnapped And Tortured To Provide A “Fountain Of Youth” Drug For The Wealthy Elite?
It is time the world learned about the drug of choice for the elites and its disturbing and devious methods of production.
Adrenochrome, a chemical known to “modern science” since at least the 1930s, is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C 9 H 9 NO 3.
In the Q movement it is spoken of “Follow the white rabbit” because by turning the chemical compound around it creates a resemblance to a rabbit.
To put this in simple terms, adrenochrome is the adrenalised blood that is collected when a human being is abused and tortured (sometimes to death).
That rare substance is called adrenochrome.
And in addition to having scientifically proven near-miraculous regenerative abilities in rejuvenating human tissue, restoring nerve responsiveness and cognitive function, adrenochrome has near-mythical status as the “fountain of youth” substance of immortality.
In a prominent Belgian study published in 1946, clinicians were able to use an aqueous adrenochrome infusion to bring an intentionally frozen rabbit ear back to life with just a few exposures, allowing clinicians to restore vascularity and stimulus nerve response to previously necrotic tissue.
After intentionally damaging and damping the nerves in the rabbit’s ears four weeks prior to experimentation, the doctors tested the hypothesis that the application of oxidized adrenaline or adrenochrome had the ability to restore the nerve response to the stimulus in the rabbit’s damaged skin.
In a 1939 study, infusion of adrenochrome was found to regenerate and restart a frog’s heart, bringing the animal back to life and making the application of adrenaline/epinephrine in heart attack patients the standard of care in this very moment.
News of the regenerative powers of adrenochrome spread rapidly among the global scientific community and the global elite, prompting a massive demand for recreational use of the substance, regardless of the form of extraction, by the wealthy, powerful and outrageously wealthy who remain perpetually obsessed with finding ways to extend life and prolong their mastery of earthly influence and pleasure.
The use of extreme sexual torture, satanically ritualised sodomy and violent rape of children in nightmarish demon god sexual rituals designed specifically for maximum terror on a child’s body, to overload their blood with adrenochrome prior to extraction.
I have a video of a young Syrian kidnapped by traffickers panicking, her adrenaline pumping, just before she is placed on a table with a tray under her, to remove her adrenochrome and/or organs.
In the video you will also notice young children covered up on harvest tables and lying on the ground like bagged trash.
For reasons of avoiding censorship on Twitter, I have published it on Google Drive.
These global elites and celebrities take adrenochrome for its psychoactive effects that include euphoria, better health, increased vivacity, change in train of thought, and poor judgment.
Just as there are benefits to any drug, there are also recalls.
We are witnessing many of these elites undergoing adrenochrome withdrawal during the COVID-19-AI-NWO-plandemic-scamdemic.
Today there are what are called DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), and no, it is not a conspiracy, they exist.
There are internal CYM Caring Corp documents that have surfaced online on multiple occasions and the online presence of the companies appears to have dissipated in light of what the documents imply.
The corporation boasts of having the purest natural adrenochrome and refers to its children bought and enslaved in its “detention centers” as “articles”.
The CYM Caring Group documents, I have them.
An extract from a Twitter thread by  @Xar_Crystal
Thread Reader Link  ..

Generals And Government Officials In Ukraine Were Angry At Zelensky’s Greed.
In a post on his blog, Seymour Hersh writes that Ukrainian President Zelensky embezzled $400million from the U.S. that was allocated to Ukraine for fuel.
This isn’t the first time that we have heard about corruption in Ukraine.
In 2019, The Gateway Pundit reported on Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky, who controlled Ukraine’s largest commercial bank, Privat Bank.
This bank was said to control Burisma, the oil and gas company that gave Hunter Biden millions.
John Kerry was involved in Burisma as well.
There were reports that Kolmiosky somehow lost $1.8billion of the bank’s money.
It was suspected that this money went offshore.
The Gateway Pundit also reported on all the U.S. politicians who were involved in Ukraine and it wasn’t just for world peace.
It wasn’t to help out the people of Ukraine either.
Zelensky had connections to banker Kolomoisky and he was accused of having $41million in offshore funds.
In his blog, Seymour Hersh writes: “The Ukraine government, headed by Volodymyr Zelensky, has been using American taxpayers’ funds to pay dearly for the vitally needed diesel fuel that is keeping the Ukrainian army on the move in its war with Russia.
The issue of corruption was directly raised with Zelensky in a meeting last in Kyiv with CIA Director William Burns.
His message to the Ukrainian president, I was told by an intelligence official with direct knowledge of the meeting, was out of a 1950s mob movie.
The senior generals and government officials in Kyiv were angry at what they saw as Zelensky’s greed, so Burns told the Ukrainian president because “he was taking a larger share of the skim money than was going to the generals.”
Burns also presented Zelensky with a list of thirty-five generals and senior officials whose corruption was known to the CIA and others in the American government.”
( Joe Hoft, 13.04.2023 )  ..

The UK Government Have Prioritised Profit Over People’s Lives.
Any just peace in Yemen has to include recognition of the war crimes committed by all parties to the conflict, and it must include recognition of, and accountability for, the role the UK government has played in arming the Saudi Arabia-led Coalition.
Since the conflict began in 2015, the UK has sold over £25billion of arms to the Saudi-led Coalition.
8,983 civilians have been killed in air strikes on civilian targets by the Coalition, with bomb strikes hitting hospitals, weddings, funerals and key infrastructure.
Millions are facing famine and the situation in Yemen has been described as one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world.
Despite the UK’s role in contributing to this disaster, the UK government cut its aid budget to Yemen by almost 60% in 2021, and overall aid budget from 0.7% to 0.5% of Gross National Income.
The UK government and British arms companies have prioritised profit over people’s lives.
They have been complicit in war crimes and contributed to one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters.
The role of the UK government in this conflict must not be forgotten and it would be unjust for the Yemeni people if this is not acknowledged in any peace settlement.
( Dorset Eye, 12.04.2023 )  ..

Euro-American Mainstream Media Normalise And Legitimise Israeli Violence.
After carrying out yet another bout of brutal raids on occupied Jerusalem’s holy places, the Israeli propaganda machine is attempting to shift the world’s attention to the rockets being launched from the besieged Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon.
Western journalists, academics and commentators are, of course, dutifully embracing this discourse and propagating it.
In the face of yet another attempt to cover up Israeli crimes, those of us committed to truth, justice, and decolonisation must always keep our sight fixed on the only violence that explains the reality of the situation: Israeli settler-colonial violence.
Israeli violence is first and foremost structural.
It involves the dehumanisation of the Palestinian people in Israeli culture, education, and politics; the checkpoints; the apartheid wall; the besiegement of the Gaza Strip; the home demolitions; the permits system; the economic hardships Palestinians suffer; the restrictions on Palestinian access to healthcare and social services; the imprisonment; the denial of the freedom of movement; the limited access to holy places; the stealing of Palestinian lands; the building and expansion of illegal settlements, and so on.
This structural violence concerns Israeli legal, political, cultural, and economic structures that are designed to strip Palestinians of their sovereignty and freedom, denying them basic human and political rights, exposing them to uninhibited Israeli state military violence.
Israeli violence is also carried out by identifiable agents: the military onslaughts; the raids on Palestinian cities, towns, and places of worship; torture in prisons; settler militia violence; police shootings and beatings, and so on.
Yet, despite the barbarity, cruelty, and destructiveness of the ubiquitous Israeli violence, the mainstream Euro-American public discourse spotlights defensive armed Palestinian resistance as the cause of the latest “escalation”.
Israeli structural violence is not identified as violence and is instead normalised and legitimised.
( M Muhannad Ayyash, 10.04.2023 )  ..

South Korea “Lend” The U.S. 500,000 Artillery Shells.
South Korea has reached an agreement to lend the United States 500,000 rounds of 155mm artillery shells that could give Washington greater flexibility to supply Ukraine with ammunition.
The DongA Ilbo newspaper cited unidentified government sources as saying South Korea decided to “lend” the ammunition instead of selling, to minimise the possibility of South Korean shells being used in the Ukraine conflict.
South Korea’s defence ministry said the allies have been exploring ways to support Ukraine but declined to confirm specific discussions.
The report came after leaked highly classified U.S. military documents highlighted South Korea’s difficulties dealing with pressure from Western allies to help with the supply of military aid to Ukraine.
South Korea, a key U.S. ally and a major producer of artillery ammunition, says it cannot provide lethal weapons to Ukraine, citing its own security situation.
The newspaper said the shells would be used primarily by the United States to fill its stockpile.
Having bought 100,000 rounds of such shells last year, the U.S. government had asked to buy the same amount or more in February 2023, but the South Korean government sought another way to supply the ammunition.
( Iain Muir, 13.04.2023 )  ..

Why Will Ukraine Disappear? – Because Nobody Needs It.

1. Europe doesn’t need Ukraine. The forced support of the Nazi regime, by the American mentor’s order, has put Europeans into a financial and political inferno. All for the sake of Bandera’s unterukraine, that even the snobby, insolent Polacks don’t take for a valid country, and time and again toss in the issue of its western areas Anschluss. There’s a nice perspective ahead: to permanently put the nouveau-Ukrainian blood-sucking parasites on the decrepit EU’s arthritis-crippled neck. That will be the final fall of Europe, once majestic, but robbed of degeneration.

2. The U.S. doesn’t need Ukraine. True, the military and sanction campaigns are attempted for PR by political blabbermouths, who long ago attested to their impotence and imbecility. Average Americans don’t understand what “Ukraine” is, and where “it” is. Most of them won’t show this “power” on the map on the first take. Why won’t the U.S. establishment focus on inflation and job issues, or emergencies in their home States, instead of a country 404, unbeknownst to them? Why does so much dough go across the ocean? Sooner or later, they will ask for that. Then the storming of the Capitol in January 2021 would seem like scout games.

3. Africa and Latin America don’t need Ukraine. The hundreds of millions spent by the U.S. on pointless fights in Ukraine could finance many development programmes for Latin American and African states. Latin America is gringos’ backyard – that’s what they’ve been rubbing in for decades. Africa’s had its share of suffering from the genocide, and colonial dependence, imposed by former Western slave traders. That’s why the people of African huts and Latin American favelas ask a very reasonable question: for their former suffering and present-day loyalty, why is somebody else rewarded – very, very far away?

4. Asia doesn’t need Ukraine. By Russia’s example, they see “colour” technologies at work to eradicate the largest competing powers. They understand what scenario the America-led collective West has for them if they disobey. “Help us to overcome Russia, and we’ll soon come to you”, the utterly brazen Western leaders tell them. Such gigantic countries as India, China, and other Asia-Pacific states face the big enough challenge of post-pandemic economic recovery, let aside the drugged clowns, with their whining for aid. “We are not interested in you”, Asia tells their messengers, responding to the calls to support Ukraine and confine Russia. The country, geopolitically many times closer to Asian powers, the one that historically has proven itself a reliable strategic partner. Do Asian giants need such headaches coming from former colonisers?

5. Russia doesn’t need Ukraine. A threadbare quilt, torn, shaggy, and greasy. The new Malorossiya of 1991 is made up of artificially cut territories, many of which are indigenously Russian, separated by accident in the 20th century. Millions of our compatriots live there, harassed for years by the Nazi Kiev regime. It is them who we defend in our special military operation, relentlessly eradicating the enemy. We don’t need unterukraine. We need Big Great Russia.

6. Finally, its own citizens don’t need Nazi-headed Ukraine. That’s why out of 45 million people there are only some 20 million remaining. That’s why those who stayed want to leave for any place: the hated Poland, EU, and NATO, to be America’s 51st state. Joining the Antarctic with its Penguins will also be fine. As long as it’s quiet, and the food’s good. The ruling junta’s criminal ambitions forced Ukrainians to beg and roam around the countries and continents, searching for a better life. All that is for an obscure European perspective. Or rather, to let the harlequin in a khaki tricot and his band of thievish Nazi clowns to put the money stolen from the West into their offshore accounts. Would ordinary Ukrainians need that?
Nobody on this planet needs such an Ukraine. That’s why it will disappear.

( Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chair of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, 08.04.2023 )
Links:   ..

Over 90 People Killed In The Bombing Of A Migrant Detention Centre In Yemen.
Gross violations of international law. Missiles raining down on houses.
Kleptocrats laundering their ill-gotten gains through London and buying political influence.
Aggressive, powerful states attacking a poorer neighbour, backing separatist rebels, illegally occupying its land, dropping cluster bombs and conducting crippling cyber-attacks.
Sound familiar?
This is what Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been doing to Yemen since 2015.
It’s a conflict that has continued during Putin’s offensive in Ukraine, but with a fraction of the media scrutiny.
Unlike with Russia, there have been no recent calls for financial or even sporting sanctions on Gulf regimes from prominent British commentators or politicians.
With the war in Yemen worsening once again, the silence of Britain’s political class becomes ever louder.
The double standard has a simple explanation.
The despotic rulers of Riyadh, Dubai and Abu Dhabi (the two major emirates in the UAE) are close British allies and reliable customers of Western weaponry.
This January (2022), their jets killed over 90 people in the bombing of a migrant detention centre.
It was one of the worst atrocities of the entire Yemen war, which has been marked by countless war crimes and civilian massacres – like we are tragically now seeing in Ukraine.
Amnesty International says a missile fragment found in the detention centre wreckage showed the weapon responsible was made by Raytheon, a U.S. company with factories in Britain.
Their equipment has been repeatedly linked to atrocities in Yemen, including the bombing of a wedding.
( Phil Miller, 02.03.2022 ) ..

The Greed Of The World’s Biggest Food Corporations.
Imagine being able to provide food, shelter, medicine and clean drinking water for the 230 million most vulnerable people on Earth, and still having a cool $2billion in spare change.
That’s the equivalent of the entire economic output of Gambia rattling around in your pocket.
The reason for this unlikely thought experiment is a new analysis showing that 20 of the world’s biggest food corporations – the largest in the grain, fertiliser, meat and dairy sectors – returned a total of $53.5billion to their shareholders in the last two financial years.
To put that into perspective, the UN estimates that it needs $51.5billion to provide life-saving support to 230 million people deemed most at risk worldwide.
What’s more, the corporations ‘earned’ these profits during a period of unprecedented turmoil – a global pandemic and full-scale war in Ukraine – when global supply chains were disrupted and millions of people went hungry.
( Davi Martins, 02.03.2023 )  ..

The BBC Were Told To Be More Critical Of The Labour Party.
There have long been suspicions about the extent to which the BBC’s coverage is affected by Government pressure.
In some ways, such pressure is not surprising.
As Britain’s biggest news organisation, politicians of all parties are inevitably keen to influence its coverage.
However, what has not been confirmed until now, is the extent to which BBC executives and editors have been willing to bend to what is described as this “chilling” pressure from Government.
Leaked WhatsApp and testimony from BBC whistleblowers suggest that the corporation has been regularly pushed into altering the nature of its coverage by Downing Street.
According to one insider at the corporation, “particularly on the website, our headlines have been determined by calls from Downing Street on a very regular basis”.
A source said that “management appeared to be worried about losing access to politicians and briefings from No. 10 if they crossed the Downing Street operation”.
Reporters at the BBC were told to be more critical of the Labour Party, following intervention from Downing Street.
BBC reporters were also congratulated for ignoring a critical story about then Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
( Adam Bienkov, 15.03.2023 ) ..

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