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His Beloved Creation.
On July 4, 1948, the day before the dawn of the NHS, Aneurin Bevan said : “No amount of cajolery can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.”
What would he say today, if he could see what they’re doing to his beloved creation, the pride of our country?
Our National Health Service.

( Fiona Phillips, 05.04.2014 )

There Is No Such Thing As ADHD.
Do you have a disruptive child who doesn’t sleep at night and is irritable and tired during the day?
If you take them to see your GP the chances are your child will be labelled ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and even given Ritalin, an addictive stimulant.
I believe this is wrong on both counts and so would your doctor if they’d read a book by neurologist Dr Richard Saul, who, after 50 years of seeing such children, has come to the conclusion that there’s no such thing as ADHD.
I agree with Dr Saul.
In fact, I’ve been saying for years that the label ADHD is at best meaningless and at worst dangerous.
It is a meaningless label because it covers a ragbag of common childhood symptoms that need not be, and probably should not be, lumped together.
It’s a dangerous label because parents tend to look no further, when they should because many childhood conditions hide behind this false diagnosis – anaemia, poor vision, hearing problems.
But even worse is when it’s used as a sticking plaster for true learning difficulties or serious mental problems, such as schizophrenia.
In these situations, giving Ritalin is horribly wrong.

( Dr Miriam Stoppard, 07.04.2014 )

Thousands Dying Of Kidney Failure.
At least 1,000 hospital patients are dying of kidney failure every month due to dehydration and poor care, a survey reveals.
But it could be avoided if nurses simply gave them enough to drink and doctors reviewed their drugs.
Researchers found acute kidney injury causes between 15,000 and 40,000 deaths in England each year.
The study, commissioned by NHS Improving Quality, found kidney failure is five times more common than thought, costing the NHS £1billion a year.

( Piers Eady, 22.04.2014 )

ADHD Does Not Exist.
For years I’ve been pointing out that there is no objective, testable evidence at all for the existence of the fake ailment ‘ADHD’.
Now here comes Dr Richard Saul, one of the U.S’s leading neurologists (that’s a real qualification based on hard science), with a new book called ADHD Does Not Exist.
Of course it doesn’t, but it soothes a lot of bad consciences, triggers a lot of welfare payments and makes a lot of money for the pill manufacturers.
So you get into trouble for saying so.
Will ‘dyslexia’, that other great phoney excuse of our age, be next?
I do hope so.

( Peter Hitchens, 12.01.2014 )

Eating Meat Is A Health Risk.
We do not have to eat meat.
Modern farming practices, producing fatter animals for bigger profits and stuffing them full of drugs and hormones, have made meat-eating a very high-risk activity.

Humans Were Not Designed To Drink Cow’s Milk.
Cow’s milk is for baby cows.
Human milk is for baby humans.
Cow’s milk and dairy produce can cause a host of health problems.
Studies show that milk is the main cause of osteoporosis and that milk drinkers had significantly more bone loss and hip fractures than non milk drinkers.

The only regret you will have when going vegan is that you didn’t do it sooner.
( Rose Winfold )

Suicides And Antidepressants.
When will coroners notice the apparent correlation between suicide and ‘antidepressant’ drugs?
We will never know if this is significant until it is centrally recorded.
This is very difficult, partly because coroners often don’t ask about it, and also because many suicides are not recorded as such thanks to modern ‘narrative verdicts’.

Read any inquest report carefully, and almost always you will find the dead person was taking these pills, which are known, especially in the U.S., to carry this risk.
( Peter Hitchens, 09.02.2014 )

The Danger Of Energy Drinks.
Energy drinks containing high levels of caffeine and taurine such as red bull, can increase the risk of a heart attack.
Just one drink was enough to raise blood pressure and chances of a blood clot in tests of 50 healthy students, with an average age of 22.
The findings come after a 28 year-old Australian man had a heart attack after drinking seven cans in one day.
Experts at the University of Adelaide said further study was urgently needed.

Beware Of Energy Foods.
‘Energy’ seems to be the food industry’s code word for drinks and snack bars packed with caffeine and sugar, which provide an immediate rush often followed by a crash.
These so-called energy foods are actually energy substitutes.

They mimic the effects of energy, but deplete your energy supply.
If you use them as short-term fixes, make sure you also replenish essential nutrients.
For making energy, catnaps and exercise beat caffeine hands down.

Cider Vinegar May Help Arthritis.
There are 8.5 million people in the UK who suffer from arthritis.
Some people that have suffered for many years claim they have become almost pain-free by drinking cider vinegar with honey.
A mix of a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of cider vinegar with a dash of hot water, taken two or three times a day.

Cider vinegar has for centuries been prized by herbalists as a health tonic – although most doctors remain unconvinced.
Cider vinegar, which is produced by allowing the alcoholic drink to sour, contains similar nutrients to apples, including pectin, beta-carotene, potassium and magnesium.
Professor Moots, a spokesman for UK charity The Arthritis Research Campaign, says, “I can see nothing of benefit, but it’s unlikely to do harm. I wouldn’t endorse it but I wouldn’t dissuade patients from trying it. Who knows, it may just work”.

Millions Are Being Wrongly Diagnosed.
Millions of people are being wrongly diagnosed with depression when they are simply sad, according to a new report.
Anti-depressant pills are being dished out to people grieving for loved ones, suffering sexual problems or even unable to sleep.

It is thought more than 5 million people are diagnosed as suffering from mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, a figure that has doubled in little more than a decade.
But a newly published paper from Liverpool university’s professor of primary medical care Chris Dowrick claims that up to half of these patients have been misdiagnosed.
Dr Dowrick called for guidelines on diagnosing depression to be tightened and for pharmaceutical companies to be banned from marketing their drugs to GPs.
( Aidan Radnedge, 06.01.2014 )

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