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Boris Johnson’s Brexit Party Drink’s Bill Cost Taxpayers £7,897.
After a two-year legal battle, government officials were finally forced by a court to reveal that the drinks bill for Boris Johnson’s Brexit party in No10 was £7,897, paid for by taxpayers.
Civil servants had blocked a Freedom of Information request about drinks served at then-PM Boris Johnson’s bash to mark the moment the UK finally left the EU at 11pm, on January 31, 2020.
The documents released show guests at No10 consumed 117 bottles of Gusbourne Blanc de Blancs 2014, sold for around £65 per bottle, 10 bottles of white wine from the Chapel Down vineyard, in Kent, which typically sell for around £16 each, and 11 bottles of Italian Valpolicella 2017, at around £12 each.
( Matthew Davis, 29.01.2024 )  ..

Zionism will fail, the experiment to which the noble Earl referred will fail, the harm done by dumping down an alien population upon an Arab country – Arab all around in the hinterland – may never be remedied.
What we have done is, by concessions, not to the Jewish people but to a Zionist extreme section, to start a running sore in the East, and no one can tell how far that sore will extend.”
( British Government, Hansard, House of Lords, 21. 06. 1922 )  .. 

Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart.
Whoever wants it back has no brain.
( Vladimir Putin )

Israel is openly carrying out ethnic cleansing inside Gaza, driving Palestinians outside their homeland as happened in 1948. And yet, just as during the first “Nakba”, Israel’s lies and deceptions dominate the West’s media and political narrative.
( Jonathan Cook, 21.11.2023 )  ..

It is my considered opinion that the State of Israel is a racist state in the full meaning of this term.
In this state people are discriminated against, in the most permanent and legal way and in the most important areas of life, only because of their origin.
This racist discrimination began in Zionism and is carried out today mainly in co-operation with the institutions of the Zionist movement.
( Dr. Israel Shahak, Holocaust survivor, 29.04.1933 – 02.07.2001 )

Rent at a plush flat owned by UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt soared by 18%, as the senior Tory was urging pay restraint for everyone else.
Tenants who moved into the ­millionaire Chancellor’s ­apartment last summer were charged £300 more a month than previous ones.
High demand for homes due to the Tory housing crisis and soaring ­inflation had sparked a bidding war and sent the rental price soaring.
( Nick Sommerlad & Antony Barnett, 20.11.2023 )  ..

It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.
There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy.
Their policies differ, too.
We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.
( Vladimir Putin )

More than sixty years after the death of Hitler, the defeat of Nazism, and the horrors of the Holocaust, the concept of a Jewish race is still alive and well in the minds of too many.
To be a race, Jews would have to have been isolated from other populations.
However, they never avoided cross-breeding and converted many non-Jews.
In other words, from Day One Jews have married non-Jews, and therefore there is no way to genetically characterise them as a race.
Nevertheless, many people find it difficult to accept the ideas that Judaism is not hereditary, but a religion, and that Jews who abandon the Jewish faith, whether they adopt another religion or none at all, are no longer Jews.
( Alain F. Corcos )  ..  Lehigh University

Palestine is not the ultimate goal of the Jews, the world is.
Palestine is just the place for the world state headquarters.
( Israel Shamir )

Poverty could push the UK back to Victorian era of social divides, warns Centre for Social Justice.
The report found that just 40% of deprived households said they had a good quality of life, while the disadvantaged are no better off than they were 15 years ago, with their average wages stagnant since 2008.
( Sky News, 10.12.2023 )  ..

I have always reacted negatively to those who with their snotty noses and erotic fantasies prowl into others’ lives.
( Vladimir Putin )

Rishi Sunak’s government has shown extraordinary levels of backing for Israeli military operations in Gaza.
As the Palestinian death toll has mounted, neither Sunak nor any other minister has condemned Israel for any of its policies.
( Mark Curtis, 21.11.2023 )  ..

There are no important media outlets in the U.S. that are not owned or controlled by Jews.
( Israel Shamir )

Charities have expressed their anger after the UK Government downgraded its disability minister role during Disability History Month.
The position, left vacant when Tom Pursglove was made legal migration minister last week, will now be held by Mims Davies.
However, she confirmed she will have a “continued focus on social mobility”, after she was appointed minister for social mobility, youth and progression last year.
Criticism from prominent disability charities and campaigners had been growing after the ministerial role was left vacant following Rishi Sunak’s mini re-shuffle, which disability charity Scope said was the “longest gap without a minister in post in the last 30 years”.
The government denied the move to make two ministers responsible for migration but no-one solely for disabilities amounted to a “downgrading” of the role.
( ITV News, 14.12.2023 )  ..

To forgive the terrorists is up to God, but to send them to Him is up to me.
( Vladimir Putin )

Israel’s military received orders to shell Israeli homes and even their own bases as they were overwhelmed by Hamas militants on October 7, 2023.
Several new testimonies by Israeli witnesses to the October 7 Hamas surprise attack on southern Israel adds to growing evidence that the Israeli military killed its own citizens as they fought to neutralise Palestinian gunmen.
( Max Blumenthal, 27.10.2023 )  ..

Without the support of American Jews, Israel would shrink to its normal size.
( Israel Shamir )

Elite British special forces were operating on the ground in Ukraine weeks after Russia invaded.
That is the allegation contained in a new book, Poland at War, by Polish journalist Zbigniew Parafianowicz.
The author is Ukraine correspondent for a daily newspaper in Warsaw and had access to political insiders and senior officials.
He quotes an unnamed Polish government minister who claims to have run into British commandos in mid-March 2022 as he was travelling between Kyiv and the city of Zhytomyr.
( Phil Miller, 06.12.2023 )  .. 

Maybe they have nothing else to do in America but to talk about me.
( Vladimir Putin )

Israeli settler Yasmin Porat has claimed that Israeli civilians were killed by Israeli forces and not by Hamas.
This came in an interview by Porat with an Israeli radio station on October 15, 2023, where she said: “They eliminated everyone, including the hostages. There was very, very heavy crossfire and even tank shelling.”
The 44-year-old mother of three stated that she and other civilians were held by the Palestinians for several hours and were treated “humanely”.
A recording of her interview with Haboker Hazeh (This Morning) radio programme on state broadcaster Kan was circulated on social media.
It is worth noting that the interview was not included in the online edition of the Haboker Hazeh programme on October 15 and may have been censored.
( Middle East Monitor, 21.10.2023 )  ..

War and military conflict is unnecessary pain, misery, suffering, destruction, and loss of innocent life, and is the heinous consequences of the greed, corruption, ignorance, and utter failure of our world leaders.
( Rose Winfold )

The BBC’s coverage of Palestine is regularly marked by an absence of history and context and a tendency to reproduce official Israeli government and military sources.
( Des Freedman, 27.11.2023 )  ..

You cannot have humane Zionism, it is a contradiction in terms.
( Dr. Israel Shahak )

Rumours have been abounding that the invasion of Gaza has been in preparation mode for a long time and that a big enough excuse was needed.
Then the rumours were expanded following the attack on October 7, 2023 that Netanyahu and his American allies had tricked Hamas by enabling them to enter the concert area.
Then the rumours went even further as evidence became available that the Israeli secret services were also involved in massacring their own people to make the incident favourable for their sinister plan.
( Dorset Eye, 04.01.2024 )  ..

The Nazis made me afraid to be a Jew and the Israelis made me ashamed to be a Jew.
( Dr. Israel Shahak )

Leaked top secret documents reveal spying assets on British Cyprus are integrated with “military planning and operations”, and intelligence is likely being passed to Israel to help it bomb Gaza, further implicating Britain in war crimes.
U.S. spies have widespread access to Britain’s bases on Cyprus and share information ‘daily’ with their Israeli counterparts.
A leaked secret document reveals:  “Cyprus hosts a wide range of UK and U.S. intelligence facilities”.
The main U.S. spy agency working on the British territory in Cyprus is the National Security Agency (NSA).
The document adds: “Cyprus collection facilities are acknowledged by NSA as important assets”.
( Matt Kennard, 01.12.2023 )  ..

If every single Jew born anywhere in the world has the right to become an Israeli citizen, then all the Palestinians who were chucked out of Palestine by the Zionist Government should have the same right, very simple.
( Tariq Ali )

All of our missiles, the ammunition, the precision-guided bombs, all the airplanes and bombs, it’s all from the U.S.
The minute they turn off the tap, you can’t keep fighting.
You have no capability.
Everyone understands that we can’t fight this war without the United States.
( Yitzhak Brick, retired Israeli Major General )  ..   Caitlin’s Newsletter

You can’t have occupation and human rights.
( Christopher Hitchens )

The Attack By Israel On Gaza Has Led To Restrictions Of Freedom Of Expression.
Jazmine Hughes, a staff writer for the New York Times Magazine, resigned after violating the company’s policy by signing an open letter accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians.
The letter, titled “Writers Against the War on Gaza,” blamed Israel for deaths in a terrorist attack by Hamas.
The conflict between Israel and Gaza has led to restrictions on freedom of expression, with many institutions dealing with
members who feel strongly about the conflict.
( The Times of India, 05.11.2023 )  ..

Like other British imperial possessions, Palestine was acquired on the cheap and under false pretences, official corruption sealing a deal doomed to end in perpetual violence.

( Mary Serumaga, 29.11.2023 )  ..

The custom to put others in the line of fire is a recurring theme in Judaism.
It boils down to the Levite Korahites’ willingness to sacrifice their ordinary Jewish subjects in order to ensure their own survival.
This should be a historic warning to modern-day Israelites.
Their orthodox government would not hesitate to risk the lives of the many for the sake of the survival of the few in the orthodox elite.
The citizens of Israel will have to think about how to remove the systemic threat that comes from within their own ranks.
( A.J. Deus )

The UK military has told parliament there is no “formal requirement” to inform the Cypriot government of its wide ranging military and intelligence operations from the island.
The information suggests the Cypriot president Nikos Christodoulides has not been told of the key role the island is playing in supporting Israel’s criminal bombing campaign in Gaza.
This is despite the fact these operations could have serious national security implications for Cyprus.
The major UK air base on Cyprus, RAF Akrotiri, has long been the staging post for British bombing campaigns in the Middle East, and sits 180 miles from Tel Aviv.
( Matt Kennard, 08.12.2023 )  ..

We oppose the pretensions of the Zionists to create a Jewish Commonwealth in the southern part of Syria, known as Palestine, and oppose Zionist migration to any part of our country, for we do not acknowledge their title but consider them a grave peril to our people from the national, economical, and political points of view.
Our indigenous Jewish compatriots shall enjoy our common rights and assume the common responsibilities.
( The “General Syrian Congress” representing Lebanon and Palestine at the Paris Peace Conference, Washington, 1944).

Israel’s army have admitted that an “immense and complex quantity” of what it calls “friendly fire” incidents took place on October 7, 2023.
The key declaration was buried in the penultimate paragraph of an article by Yoav Zitun, the military correspondent of Israeli outlet Ynet.
It is the first known official army admission that a significant number of the hundreds of Israelis who died on October 7 were killed by Israel itself, and not by Hamas or other Palestinian resistance factions.
An Israeli police source last month appeared to admit that some of the Israelis at the Supernova rave taking place near Gaza that day were hit by Israeli helicopters.
Citing new data released by the Israeli military, Zitun wrote that: “Casualties fell as a result of friendly fire on October 7, but the IDF (Israeli military) believes that it would not be morally sound to investigate them.”
( Asa Winstanley, 12.12.2023 )  ..

To call genocide as self-defence, may be textbook diplomacy.
Killing innocents to keep control, is an act of terrorist hypocrisy.
( Abhijit Naskar )

How do politicians, diplomats, the media and even the human rights community keep us politically ignorant, docile and passive – a collective mindset that prevents us from challenging their power as well as the status quo they benefit from?
The answer: By constantly misrepresenting reality to us and their own role in shaping it.
And they do it so successfully because, at the same time, they gaslight us by flaunting the pretence that they crave to make the world a better place – a better place where, in truth, the unspoken danger is that, were it to be realised, their own power would be severely diminished.
( Jonathan Cook, 11.12.2023 )  ..

He who does not regret the break-up of the Soviet Union has no heart.
He who wants to revive it in its previous form has no head.
( Vladimir Putin )

The U.S. Has Been Flying Surveillance Drone Missions Over Gaza.
The information used to conduct airstrikes and fire long-range artillery weapons has played a central role in Israel’s siege of Gaza.
A document obtained through the Freedom of Information Act suggests that the U.S. Air Force sent officers specialising in this exact form of intelligence to Israel in late November 2023.
Experts say that a team of targeting officers like this would be used to provide satellite intelligence to the Israelis for the purpose of offensive targeting.
Since the start of Israel’s bombardment in retaliation for Hamas’s strike on October 7, 2023, Israel has dropped more than 29,000 bombs on the tiny Gaza Strip, according to a U.S. intelligence report.
And for the first time in U.S. history, the Biden administration has been flying surveillance drone missions over Gaza since at least early November 2023.
( Ken Klippenstein and Matthew Petti, 11.01.2024 )  ..

2023 has seen the Israeli government take ruthless steps to annex the illegally occupied West Bank in Palestine.
Within the first six months of the year, Israel’s government approved the construction of a record number of settler housing units.
According to the UN, around 700,000 Israeli settlers now live in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, a number which has grown by 180,000 since 2012.
Israel’s strategy coincides with an intensification of housing demolitions.
During the first quarter of 2023, Israeli authorities also demolished, forced people to demolish or seized 290 Palestinian-owned structures across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, forcing many of them to leave their communities.
This marked a 46% increase compared to the same period in 2022.
( Hamza Ali Shah, 05.12.2023 )  ..

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