Life Behind Bars

The New, Purpose-Built House Of Correction ..
Bodmin Jail was built by prisoners of war and remains notorious for the many tales of woe and dramatic executions both inside and beyond its imposing granite walls.. Despite the dreadful conditions, the purpose-built house of correction, completed in the Cornish town of Bodmin in 1779, was a state of the art prison and was designed on principles propagated by the great prison reformer John Howard.. In keeping with his views, it housed 100 inmates in individual, light and airy cells.. Males and females were segregated, different areas were established for felons, misdemeanants and debtors, and the building boasted a chapel, an infirmary and even hot water.. In subsequent decades it required rebuilding and expansion to cope with peaks in demand, such as the increased level of committals after the end of the Napoleonic Wars.. Work began on a new 220-cell jail in 1856 after the original building, struggling to meet the demands for confinement set out by new prison legislation, was inspected and declared unfit for purpose.
When the Debtor’s Act of 1869 abolished imprisonment for debt, the buildings housing the Debtor’s Prison and the under-populated Women’s Prison were given to the Admiralty and in 1887 an HM Naval Prison was established.
Before the doors of Bodmin’s civil and naval prisons were closed for the last time and the jail’s buildings were sold off in 1929, one of Britain’s finest treasures was temporarily housed within its walls.. The Domesday Book was among more than 19,000 items relocated from the Public Record Office to Bodmin Jail for safekeeping during the First World War.
Some areas of the former prison would eventually enjoy new leases of life after the closure of the prison, including the former Administration block which witnessed happier times as a club and casino in later decades.. In 2004 the building was bought for development and is now managed as a tourist attraction.
( Extract from an article by Claire Saul, October 2015 )

Life Behind Bars Inside Bodmin Jail ..
Early prisoners worked inside Bodmin Jail, men occupied with activities such as shoemaking or cutting and polishing stone and slate, while women would knit, weave and spin, all producing goods that would be sold for profit.. The early 19th century philosophy that unproductive labour would be more of a deterrent against reoffending, saw the arrival of two treadwheel and other hard-labour machines at Bodmin.. In later decades picking oakum was also introduced, requiring prisoners to spend hours unraveling the strands of old pieces of rope down to their individual fibres, which would then be sold to ship builders for use in the caulking of wooden craft.. A return to earlier prison labour philosophy came in 1898 when the Prisons Act decreed that work should have a constructive purpose.
Daily rations of bread were handed out to Bodmin’s early inmates, with those attending divine service on a Saturday being allocated an additional half pound of meat made into broth for their Sunday dinner.. The Gaol Act of 1823 aimed to improve prison diets with the addition of items such as cheese and suet although this initiative was ignored for most of the next decade, as it was in many prisons.
From the mid 1870s, food was allocated according to the length of sentence.
Those incarcerated for less than two weeks had a daily ration of bread and gruel while men and women committed to hard labour for over six months were given additional portions of meat, soup and potatoes.. More variety would not be added to the diet for almost another 40 years.
( Claire Saul, October 2015 )

Lowry, The Matchstick Man ..
Lowry was a highly trained artist, and well-informed about art and artists.
Born in 1887, he was a goose at school but by the age of 15 he was at art school, and by 18 he took evening classes. He studied in the Manchester Academy of Fine Art and at Salford Royal Technical College right through until 1925. Lowry worked hard at Life Drawing classes well in to the 1920s. “Long years of drawing the figure is the only thing that matters’ he said. While studying at night he was influenced by many painters but he wanted to develop his own style and work in his own settings – paintings places like Station Road in Pendlebury where he was brought up after leaving the plusher Manchester suburbs.
He saw the beauty in the mills and chimneys.
From 1910 he worked as a rent collector for the Pall Mall Property Company (he stayed there until he was 65 in 1952) walking all over Manchester and always observing (and often sketching) the everyday scenes that adorn his paintings.
Lowry’s first exhibition was in 1919 when he had two paintings at the Annual Manchester Academy of Fine Arts exhibition. In 1934 he was elected as a member of the Academy (he became a Royal Academician in 1962). After that he exhibited regularly despite poor critical acclaim and after two years sold his first artwork, a pastel called The Lodging House. When people think of Lowry they often have his Coming From the Mill in mind. He painted this in the early 1930s.
During the war he was a fire-watcher and official war artist. Afterwards he moved to Mottram in Cheshire and he began to paint land and seascapes. He painted some of these at Berwick on Tweed, others at Seaburn near Sunderland. By the 1960s Lowry’s time had come. He was an acknowledged and successful artist.
Lowry died of pneumonia in 1976. He’s buried in Manchester, next to his parents.
( An extract from an article by Steve Windsor, February 2016 )

Was Holodomor Genocide ?

Armenia, 1915 ..
 The Young Turks, part of the Dönmeh, a group of crypto-Jews that ‘converted’ to Islam, were responsible for the genocide of 1.5 million Christians.. The majority of those killed were Armenian, but the death toll also included Assyrians and Greeks.. These Christians were starved to death, grotesquely tortured and murdered.. Crucifixion was just one method of torture and death.

Russia, 1921-22 ..
The first of three Holodomors perpetrated by the Bolsheviks, the vast majority of whom were Jewish, including Trotsky and Lenin..  Angered by the resistance to collectivisation, Lenin ordered grain seizures to be increased.. While stealing the only food people had, the Jewish Cheka, an acronym for ‘Special Commission for Fighting Counter-Revolution’, as well as a Yiddish expression for ani­mal slaughter, also committed unspeakable atrocities.. Children were shot if they were found eating, some people were crucified or scalped, and others had their stomach cut open and part of their intestine pulled out and nailed to a tree or telegraph pole, around which the victim was forced to run until the entire intestine had come out.. The death toll for this first Holodomor, death by starvation, was up to five million ethnic Europeans, the majority of whom were Christians.. When asked to help with the famine, Trotsky responded, “You are starving ?.. This is not famine yet.. When your women start eating their children then you may come and say we are starving.”

Ukraine, 1932-33 ..
The second, most widely known Holodomor resulted in death by starvation of 7.5-10 million Ukrainians.. Again, mainly Christians.. The Jews at the helm of implementing Stalin’s first Five-Year-Plan were Lazar Kaganovich, Genrikh Yagoda and Nikolai Yezhov.. This Holodomor was also accompanied by similarly horrific atrocities, tortures and murders.. And, as Trotsky predicted, parents did eat their children.. Despite the unspeakable horrors and high death toll in this relatively short period of time, Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi, Yakov Dov Bleich, was quoted in the Baltimore Jewish Times on November 14, 2007 as saying, “We can’t equate the Holocaust of the Jews in Germany with the Holodomor in Ukraine.. Ukrainian Jewish leaders do not support recognising the Holodomor as genocide.”

Ukraine, 1946-47 ..
The third Holodomor resulted in, approximately, one million deaths by starvation.. Thus, 13.5-16 million ethnic Europeans, mainly Christians, died in these three genocides, combined.

Soviet Union, 1917-57 ..
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn stated that 66 million people, most of whom were Christian, were killed by the Bolsheviks and Stalin combined.. This figure includes the three Holodomors, above.. In ‘Two Hundred Years Together’, Solzhenitsyn’s last book, he writes, “Without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism.. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth.. The bloodthirsty Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.”

The following Trotsky quote from 1917 clearly shows that the driving motivation of the Jewish Bolsheviks had nothing to do with liberating the workers and peasants, but everything to do with imposing tyrannical rule upon the Russian people :
“We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of.. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny.. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one.. We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars pale by comparison.. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us.. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall became a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees.. We shall show what real power is.. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence.. At the moment, our young men in their leather jackets, who are the sons of watchmakers from Odessa, Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa, know how to hate everything Russian.. What pleasure they take in physically destroying the Russian intelligentsia, officers, academics and writers.”

The above is from the ‘Memoirs’ of Aron Simanovich, quoted in ‘The Nature of Zionism’ by Vladimir Stepin, Moscow, 1993, and translated from Russian into English by Clive Lindhurst.

British-Jewish History ..
The Jewish people have been an integral part of British history ever since the day William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066, his conquest directly financed by Jews who had been expelled from Spain.
The 2,600 Jews who followed in the wake of the invasion grew to 16,000 by the year 1290, at which point Edward I expelled them, primarily due to their usurious practices.. Two hundred and fifty-seven years later, in 1647, Oliver Cromwell accepted Jewish money to further his Roundhead fight against the Cavaliers.
In return, Cromwell agreed to allow the expelled Jews back into England.
In 1689, William of Orange ascended to the throne as King William III, his invasion fully financed by Jewish money.. He continued to take yet more Jewish money to finance his costly wars with France, resulting in the Jews being given a charter to establish the Bank of England in 1694.. This led to the creation of the national debt, with the resulting interest being paid through the raising of taxes.
The next major step in the illustrious British-Jewish history was when, through deception, following the Battle of Waterloo of 1815, the Rothschilds gained control of the British economy and, ultimately, the Bank of England.. Which, of course, led to their owning or controlling all of the world’s central banks.

The Beginning Of Education

When Children Never Went To School ..
It is hard to imagine a Britain where children never went to school, but until the 1790s the opportunity of learning to read and write was rare for most of the country’s youth.. Learning was mainly the privilege of the aristocracy.. The army, the church, the law or taking over the family estate was the burden of the upper classes and they prepared their offspring accordingly.. Rich fathers hired tutors to ready their sons for running the country before packing them off to Oxford or Cambridge.
North of the border, the Scots were ahead of the times with five universities.
Wealthy wives oversaw the appointment of a governess capable of teaching their daughters how to look pretty, laugh in the right places and bully the servants.
Some elementary knowledge of reading and counting was an advantage but on no account must your daughters appear to be clever.
Wealthy men endowed colleges for the good of their souls, but benefactors apart, it was the Sunday school that introduced the mystery of reading to a wider audience.. Its purpose was to enable the flock simply to read the Bible.. Writing came a poor second and arithmetic was irrelevant.
In 1807, Mr Samuel Whitbread voiced the revolutionary idea that local parishes should be responsible for providing two years’ teaching for children between seven and 14 years of age.. Objections were vociferous.. It would be too expensive, children needed to work on the land and in factories, and anyway they would ‘get ideas above their station’.
Education, of course, was really meant for boys.. The Victorian writer and educator Elizabeth Missing Sewell, a supporter of girls schooling, still reflected the ethos of the time in that ‘boys are sent into the world to govern and direct, girls are to dwell in quiet homes to exercise a noiseless influence’.. Just to make her point clear, she added ‘a woman who is not feminine is a monster in creation’.
In the 19th century, British people were growing restless.. In farming communities new machinery threatened the already pathetic wages and saw agricultural workers turn to violence.. Families moved to the new industrial towns in search of work.. There, in the mills, appalling conditions finally alerted the humanitarians to the need for reform.. If people could read and write and add up, all kinds of new opportunities awaited them.. Many remained unconvinced.
In 1833, the Factory Act included the proposal that children between nine and 13 should have two hours education a day and those under seven should not be employed in the mills.. In that year Mr Roebuck expressed his hope in the Commons that with the ‘slow operation of time, patience and industry’, those in parliament would be won round to seeing that education was a good thing.
It took until 1870, when for the price of 2d a week, all children between five and 13 should go to school.. Poor children’s fees would be paid.
Even then the churches weren’t entirely happy that their sphere of influence was being taken over by the State.
Finally, in 1944, what was known as the Butler Education Act (after Richard ‘Rab’ Butler, the Education Secretary) came into force.. It swept away all previous legislation and guaranteed free non-denominational education for all five to 13-year-olds.. It was intended to promote the spiritual, mental and physical well-being.
( Extract from an article by Janet Toms, September 2015 )

Vivien Leigh ..
When the three year-old Vivian Mary Hartley recited Little Bo Peep to the delight of her mother’s amateur theatre group, it marked the start of a lifelong performing career that would embrace two Academy Awards and a distinguished, 30-year stage career.. As Vivien Leigh she would become one of Britain’s most iconic actresses, the raven-haired beauty who beat hundreds of actresses, including Hollywood heavyweights such as Paulette Goddard and Katherine Hepburn, to the role of Scarlett O’Hara in the 1939 cinematic blockbuster Gone With the Wind.
( Extract from an article by Claire Saul, September 2015 )

The World’s First High Definition Television Service ..
Today there are more than 200 digital channels to choose from.. So it’s hard to recall that there was once a time in Britain when you only had one TV channel to watch.. The grandly-titled BBC Television Service was the world’s first high definition television service.. It launched on the 2nd November 1936 from converted rooms in London’s Alexandra Palace.. From Ally Pally, a diet of quite slow programmes was broadcast to the metropolitan middle-class, and for a long time an exclusively London and south-east audience.. Because of the cost of new transmitters, not to mention television’s suspension during the Second World War, it wasn’t until 1952 that the BBC Television Service was available to around 81% of the population.
( Extract from an article by Andrew White, September 2015 )

Plastic Fantastic ..
During the Second World War, many of Britain’s toy factories were requisitioned for munitions work, and although toy making ceased, this war work indirectly led to a new product which would revolutionise the industry – plastic.. Although plastic was known before the war, various techniques were developed and refined in the factories, where it was used for numerous things including aircraft fittings.
When toy making recommenced, plastic was the obvious choice of material to develop, especially for dolls.. Plastic was light, robust, cheap and easy to mould, and it quickly replaced the traditional composition (plaster mix) or porcelain that was the norm before the war.
( Extract from an article by Susan Brewer, November 2015 )

Greedy Ticket Touts ..
Going to a live music event is one of the great pleasures in life.
It was never cheap but ordinary fans could manage to see their great heroes as a treat.. Not any more.. At least not for most of them.
Ticket prices have gone through the roof, costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds.. It isn’t the artists who are getting that money though.
It is today’s breed of hyper-greedy touts.
They grab huge numbers of tickets off the internet within seconds of them going on sale, then re-sell them at a massive mark-up.. It has become such a big and lucrative business that it makes the ruthless people who run it £1billion a year.
The Government knows what is going on but is doing nothing effective to stop it.
( Sunday Mirror, 29.05.2016 )

The Blond Ambition Chickened Out ..
Boris Johnson waited years for the ball to come loose from the Tory scrum then was too cowardly to pick it up.. The burly loudmouth bottled the biggest game of his life after a tackle by Gove the geek.. In-Justice Secretary traitorous Michael Gove played dirty and kicked his chum hard in the ballots in the hope of winning this leadership match for himself.. But the truth is when push came to shove, the blond ambition chickened out, fearing defeat.. Winning in Europe then losing an election isn’t how he intended to emulate his hero Winston Churchill.. Let us bid good riddance after Johnson’s despicable lies and deceit.. Don’t feel a scintilla of sympathy for a bumbler who isn’t half as clever as he thinks.
( Kevin Maguire, 01.07.2016 )

Isn’t it funny how right-wing papers have stopped printing photos of hordes of migrants trying to get into Britain now we’ve voted to leave Europe ?
( Brian Reade, 09.07.2016 )

Saving The Children

Operation Thursday ..
The aim of Operation Thursday on 5 March, 1944 was to fly a force of 10,000 men, 1,000 mules, equipment and supplies into the heart of Burma.. All sorties were to be flown at night to avoid Japanese aircraft, and gliders would land troops to secure the site.. A second wave would land more troops and American engineers with their equipment to construct an airstrip so that C47 Dakotas could bring in the remaining forces.. Prior to the fly-in, the Japanese air force had been much weakened by raids on their airfields by 1st Air Commando USAAF and the RAF.. Some 78 Japanese aircrafts were destroyed and more damaged.. Brigadier Michael Calvert, commander of 77th Brigade led the first wave of 52 gliders.. Another 28 gliders were in the second wave.. Initial glider landings did not go well.. Aerial photographs failed to show ditches and trees on a landing area and these caused several of the gliders to crash on landing and 30 men were killed, and 28 wounded.
Planes en-route were ordered to return to prevent further casualties.. On the first night 35 gliders managed to land and by dawn 400 men were ready for action.
A runway was cleared and a total of 55 Dakotas flew in, followed by 579 Dakota sorties bringing in 77th Brigade and two battalions from 111th Brigade.
A second airstrip was constructed and by 8 March a force of 1,200 men, 200 mules and their equipment had been flown in.. This was the largest Allied airborne operation ever conducted until the forces under Eisenhower landed in France.
( Best of British magazine, August 2015 )

Saving The Children ..
On 2 December 1938, as the clouds of war gathered over Europe, a ship docked at Harwich bringing 200 Jewish children – immigrants seeking sanctuary, facing an uncertain future.. They would be the first of thousands, brought here by the Kindertransport to save their lives.. These children had been saved by British men and women who cared – men like the late Sir Nicholas Winton and his friends.
They came to Britain on the trains, planes and ships organised by British organisations dedicated to rescuing Jewish children from the Nazis.
They arrived without their parents, coming to a country that would be at war within the year, but at least they would not know the horrors of Auschwitz and the death camps that took their families.
The trigger that sparked the Kindertransport was the night of 9/10 November 1938, when Jewish businesses in Germany were attacked by Nazi mobs – their windows smashed and their businesses vandalised.. It became known as Kristallnacht (the Night of the Broken Glass) and began to confirm to a horrified world just what Hitler’s regime was capable of.. It spurred on organisations like the British Committee for the Jews of Germany and the British based Movement for the Care of Children from Germany.
( Extract from an article by Brian Lynch, August 2015 )

German Missiles Fired At London ..
Towards the end of the Second World War, thousands of V1 and V2 missiles were fired at London and South East England.. The V1 pilotless planes announced their arrival with an ominous drone, followed by silence as their motors stopped and they and their payload of explosives glided downwards along a chillingly unpredictable path.. The V2 rockets delivered instant destruction with a ‘double crack’ – the breaking of the sound barrier, then the explosion.
The most destructive V2 impact was on Woolworth’s in New Cross, South East London.. The store was filled with housewives attracted by rumours of saucepans for sale.. 168 were killed.. The public outcry led the RAF to bomb suspected launch sites in The Hague, but the German crews were long gone.. Instead, 500 Dutch civilians were incinerated, an even greater horror than the New Cross explosion.
Perhaps the most remarkable fact is that more people died making the V-weapons than in the explosions they caused.. Thousands of slave labourers perished underground, working in horrific conditions.. Those who survived to the end were shot, hanged, burned alive or sent to a concentration camp by the Nazis.
In contrast, the German’s top rocket scientist, Werner von Braun, was able to arrange for himself and his team to be captured by friendly Americans.
He swiftly transferred his loyalty from the Third Reich to the US space programme, and in due course was celebrated in a movie called ‘I Aim At The Stars’.
Cynics called it ‘I Aim At The Stars, But Sometimes I Hit London’.
( Originally posted on May 2, 2012 )

Liberating Brussels ..
On 3 September 1944, British Second Army units were on the move.
A long column of vehicles was making its way through the quiet Belgian countryside. German resistance to the Allied forces was weakening.
I was in a Royal Signals truck as part of 30 Corps HQ Signals unit and, as far as we were concerned, it was just another move. But soon rumours were spreading – we were on the way to Brussels. We really began to believe it as people appeared in the outskirts, waving and cheering. It was the prelude to the most exciting and memorable day of my army service. In the city centre, people were lining the streets – laughing, crying and some waving makeshift Union Flags. Women climbed into the slow-moving vehicles, hugging and kissing the overwhelmed soldiery. Trucks were festooned with flowers, and food and drink were thrust into our hands.
Completely surrounded, the convoy halted amid the riotous carnival atmosphere. For the rest of the day, we were on leave, and told to report to camp in the Royal Palace grounds by dusk. With my mates Jack and Percy, I went into a small bar.
The place was crowded, and we were feted and given more food and drink by men who told us how the Germans had scuttled away overnight.
I had my cap snatched as a souvenir and recovered it with some difficulty.
Finally, despite the protestations of the occupants of the bar, we were able to make our unsteady ways back to the truck.
( An extract from an article by Eric Savage, February 2016 )

Bad Times In Malaya, Over 2,000 Civilians Killed ..
The Malayan Emergency, a 12-year guerrilla war which saw Commonwealth forces facing a communist force, the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA), up until 1960. British taxes on rubber and tin caused resentment before the Second World War, then the Japanese ran the economy into the ground after they invaded. Unemployment and famine ensued. All this provided fertile ground for communist revolution after the war. It began with strikes, then in 1948 three European plantation managers were killed at Sungai Siput, Perak.
In response the British banned the Malayan Communist Party which began a guerrilla campaign against the tin mines and rubber plantations.
Ironically 400 of the guerrillas were British trained former resistance fighters.
It foreshadowed the Vietnam War in many ways. The rebels hid in the dense jungles of Malaya, there were several atrocities and blanket bombing and defoliation was actively used. Special Constables guarded the plantations before General Sir Harold Briggs developed the Briggs Plan which tried to cut the rebels off from the rest of the population. He would starve them out. British patrols, full of nervous conscript virgin soldiers and uncertain who was friend or foe, sometimes employed brutal and indiscriminate tactics in the isolated villages.
Inaccurate blanket bombing of dense jungle also killed civilians.
The Briggs Plan saw the forced relocation of 500,000 rural Malayans to, effectively, concentration camps, and extra British and Commonwealth troops (including reforming the wartime SAS) placing some 40,000 men under Sir Gerald Templer.
In October 1951 the MNLA killed British High Commissioner, Sir Henry Gurney.
This was a step too far for many of the Malayans but put fear into the Europeans.
An amnesty in September 1955 saw few guerrillas turn themselves in, but the communist leader Chin Peng arranged truce talks.
These led only to an intensification of the conflict (bringing New Zealand into the war) when his demands were ignored.
Malay became independent on 31 August 1957, which effectively ended the emergency by 1958. Chin Peng fled to China, then Thailand, but would return.
Some 6,710 MNLA guerrillas were killed. British and Commonwealth casualties were 519 with 1,345 Malayan troops killed. Compared to this, a staggering 2,478 civilians died.
( An extract from an article by Steve Windsor, February 2016 )

Unions Crushed With Violence

Dangerously High Pollution Levels In The UK ..
The World Health Organisation found that 80% of towns and cities in the UK have dangerously high pollution levels.. Their database shows of the 51 areas studied, 40 exceeded the limit for PM2.5, or fine particulate matter.. Port Talbot, Stanford-Le-Hope, Glasgow, London, Scunthorpe, Leeds, Eastbourne, Nottingham, Southampton and Oxford also exceeded the limit for PM10, larger particulate pollution.

Tories Taken To Court By The Election Watchdog ..
How embarrassing for David Cameron.. His party was taken to court by the election watchdog on the very day he was grandstanding at an international corruption shindig.. The failure of the Conservatives to provide details demanded by the Electoral Commission about spending in last May’s key battlegrounds was arrogant, suspicious and just plain wrong.. How can Cameron lecture other countries when the Tories faced allegations the law was broken by undeclared spending to win power ?
( Daily Mirror, 13.05.2016 )

Students In England Have More Debt Than Anywhere In The World ..
A damning report from the Sutton Trust shows students in England leave university with more debt than anywhere else in the English-speaking world.. They now owe an average of £44,000 on finishing, while Americans run up half that debt and Canadians a third of it.. And when maintenance grants are abolished this year, the poorest students will end up owing more than £50,000.. How many working-class parents will dissuade their kids from ending up in what to them is an unfathomable level of debt ?
( Brian Reade, 30.04.2016 )

Margaret Thatcher Crushed Communities And Unions With Violence ..
The 1984 Miners’ Strike, not Hillsborough five years later, destroyed my faith in the police.. Thatcher deployed a lawless, baton-waving army in blue to crush communities and their union with violence, mass arrests, trumped-up charges and the collusion of a rabid Tory press.. The strike’s bloody Battle of Orgreave outside a South Yorkshire coking plant was the Tory Government’s decisive blow.
The dots from Orgreave to Hillsborough join up to form a picture of Thatcher’s Britain in which it was natural for police chiefs to lie about Liverpool football fans.
( Kevin Maguire, 09.05.2016 )

The Wealthy Have A Different Tax System To The Rest Of Us ..
It’s much easier to manage than the old-fashioned complicated one the rest of us use.. They just decide what they fancy paying, and that’s their tax bill.
Apparently we all benefit from this, because as one of David Cameron’s friends claimed, we should ‘thank the super-rich for their charity’.. You can see what he means, because it’s so unfair to make the richest people pay tax.
Instead we would all be better off if we let them keep all their money, and waited for them to pay into a charity if they felt like it.
We should also be grateful because they look after the world’s money, placing it in relaxing destinations like the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, where it can enjoy itself, whereas normal people make money depressed, exchanging it for toilet roll and mobile phone chargers.. Sadly, instead of thanking them, many people have been rude about the tax avoiders and the sacrifices they make.
David Cameron’s friend Charles Moore asked us to sympathise as Cameron is ‘trapped in wealth’ just as others are trapped in poverty.
( Extract from an article by Mark Steel, 16.04.2016 )

It says a lot about the priorities of this government that the Department for Work and Pensions employs 3,250 people to chase about £1.6billion in benefit fraud, yet HMRC only has 300 chasing affluent tax evaders who cost us at least £4.4billion.
( John Prescott, 17.04.2016 )

David Cameron Should Look In His Own Backyard ..
Following the Prime Minister’s latest microphone nightmare – where he called Nigeria ‘fantastically corrupt’ – the African country’s President Muhammadu Buhari is right to demand that David Cameron look in his own backyard.. The PM has called for a clampdown on British institutions laundering stolen money – including private schools.. Perhaps Eton-educated Cameron can tell us now how he plans to root out this money from these institutions ?.. He should be relieved that President Buhari politely resisted pointing out that African corruption is deeply rooted in the decades of slavery and colonialism perpetuated by the UK and other countries.. And which Cameron himself, the descendant of slave-owners, should know only too well.
( Ros Wynne-Jones, 13.05.2016 )

Scams Involving London Parking Attendants ..
In 2005, an undercover television reporter revealed a series of scams and rackets involving parking attendants in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea.
BBC journalist Nkem Ifejika worked as a probationary traffic warden for the West London local authority for four months and filmed attendants who appeared to boast openly of breaking the regulations.. Alleged criminal activity included : Issuing of illegal tickets, Credit card fraud, A plot to steal a motorbike, Backhanders to clear parking tickets and clamp release fees.. One incident showed a traffic warden called ‘Joseph’ explaining how he could cancel parking tickets and clamp charges for half the cost of the fixed penalty notices.. He was then later filmed paying off the fines with alleged fake credit cards.. The NCP warden was also filmed taking £25 from a second reporter who was posing as a private hire driver who had received a £50 parking ticket in Camden.

The BBC journalist filmed another warden showing him how he could boost his ticket-quota after he was warned by bosses that three tickets a day was not good enough.. One attendant admitted, “It’s all about money for the council and the companies involved. There is so much corruption. Management turns a blind eye.”

Conservatives Are A Bunch Of Ditherers ..
If U-turns were evidence of strength, Tories would be the world’s mightiest.. Instead, Nicky Morgan’s epic fail on schools reminds us the Conservatives are a bunch of ditherers.. Reversing on everything from disability cuts to child refugees and now classrooms is a useless mob making it up as they go along.. Inside that suit of state Cameron wears with the arrogance of a chap born to rule is a rank amateur who couldn’t find his way out of Downing Street without a chauffeur.
( Kevin Maguire, 09.05.2016 )

Money We Pay For Energy Goes To The French Government ..
Margaret Thatcher promised, when she sold off our energy companies, that with millions of people buying shares in the former state-owned industries she was giving ‘power to the people’.. I remember my mum being royally sucked in and proudly raiding meagre savings to buy shares in British Gas.. Ha, bloody ha.. We all know that, in fact, power has been taken away from the British people and handed over to other countries such as France.. For instance, if EDF is one of your suppliers you might be shocked to know that your money is funding the French state-owned – oh the irony – Electricite de France (hence EDF).. We are handing our hard-earned money over to the French government, so the French can enjoy baking baguettes at a lower cost per kilowatt of electricity than we can.. Our power companies were bought by EDF and renationalised for the French people.
( Fiona Phillips, 12.09.2015 )