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Can Dogs Detect Cancer?
Man’s best friend may also be a lifesaver – as a weapon in detecting cancer.

Odours given off by bowel cancer have been sniffed out by a specially trained dog with a 98% accuracy.
One Labrador in a Japanese study identified the disease in 33 out of 36 breath samples and 37 out of 38 stool tests.
And it was most successful when the disease was in the early stages – a crucial time for treatment.
Dogs are able to detect volatile organic compounds which flag up the presence of cancer.
Using dogs would be impractical and costly but a sensor could be developed.

We can breathe.
We can walk.
We can hear.
We can see.
We can smell.
We can eat.
We can taste.
We can feel.
We can love.
And yes, we can suffer.

The Colours Dogs Can See.
Dogs can see more than just black, white and grey but their colour range is limited compared to humans.
A dog’s colour palette consists mostly of yellows, blues and violets, so colours such as red, green and orange are not distinguishable to them.
Dogs do have superior night vision and are better at tracking movement than we are.

If we all choose to travel the road of love and peace, and not the road of violence and fear, the world will be a better place for all creatures that live here.

A Plea From A Dog.
I don’t judge.
I don’t hate.
I don’t discriminate.

I don’t hold grudges.
I don’t care about money.

I do know how to love unconditionally.
And that’s all I want in return.

There are no bad days when you come home to the love from your dog.
( Florence Emily Hookins, 1896-1962 )

Yes, my dog is on the sofa.
No, I don’t care what you think.
My dog lives here.
You don’t.

Huskies Slaughtered At Ski Resort.
A hundred huskies were slaughtered because a tour company specialising in sled rides failed to secure enough bookings.
Some of the dogs were shot while others had their throats cut in the Canadian ski resort Whistler.
Outdoor Adventures policy now states dogs have to be put down humanely by a vet.
Well, that’s ok then.
What a nasty, bloody lot!

If I could make just one wish that would definitely come true.
It would be for all you animals to be free and safe from harm,
In a world where all people would love and respect you.

Horses Don’t Like Jumping.
In the wild, horses don’t jump.
They will always choose to go around, not over, an obstacle – unless they are provoked by tremendous fear.
Because their legs are not built to take the shock of impact.
For a human being to force them to jump is therefore an act of absolute and irrefutable cruelty.

Look at animals kindly, and they will see.
Talk to animals gently, and they will listen.
( Anthony Douglas Williams )

There is something very wrong, twisted, evil, perverted, satanic, in the way we abuse and torture animals, who have never done us harm, who are utterly in our power, and who cannot defend themselves.

Animals live their short lives in a hell created by humans.

Sit with a dog quietly and they will show you their heart.
Sit with them kindly and they will help you locate yours.
( Rose Winfold )

All the creatures we share this earth with have their own history, their own hopes and dreams, and their own future.
We should let them be.

We destroy their habitat and litter our streets with the remains of burgers, kebabs and other take-away food, and then we wonder why foxes wander into our towns and cities, treat them like one big restaurant, and set up home in our parks and back gardens.

If they breathe, they live.
If they live, they think.
If they think, they feel.
Just like you and me.
( Anthony Douglas Williams )

Don’t believe animal farmers when they say they care.
They only care about making money.

Animal Abusers Always Describe Animals As Stupid.
Sheep, for example, are frequently described as stupid but they are, in reality, extremely bright but very sensitive and nervous.
Animals are certainly much brighter than most of the farmers and hunters who abuse them.
These people pretend animals are stupid because it makes it easier for them to live with themselves.

If we need to slaughter and maim innocent creatures then we should at least show them some compassion and respect.

We may think we are smarter than all other animals, but our destructive acts to nature and other animals do not validate this.
( Anthony Douglas Williams )

Do you hate people that don’t consume animal products?
Or do you just hate being reminded that you are paying for animals to be imprisoned, abused and murdered?

When you stop consuming animal products, you are giving nothing up.
You just stop taking what was never yours to take.

Exactly what, or who, gives us the right or the authority to deprive other living beings of their freedom to live?
( Eileen Hutchison, 1926-2008 )

Inbreeding Causes Diseases.
Inbreeding and rigid adherence to artificial rules about the perfect physical dimensions of show-winning dogs have seriously depleted the gene pools of many breeds and left the animals prey to truly horrible diseases.
Some bulldogs and pugs have been bred to have such big heads that their mothers’ pelvises can no longer accommodate them and they can only be delivered by caesarean section.

It’s better to have loved and lost an old dog than to let one die alone in a shelter.

Dogs Respond To Reward Not Punishment.
Modern scientific research has proved conclusively that wolf packs in the wild are not governed by dominance and aggression.
In fact, they are family units presided over by a mother and a father figure, and far from wanting to fight each other to win status, wolves prefer co-operation to conflict.
There are modern dog trainers who have taken on board the latest evidence and modified their approach accordingly.
They use dog-training methods based on the idea of reward, not punishment, and there is no evidence that animals schooled in this way are any less obedient than those subjected to military discipline.

But the old myths persist, reinforced by TV shows in which so-called problem dogs are ruthlessly put in their place by no-nonsense trainers.

Cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and other animals that are brutally killed and butchered to feed humans have the same emotions as your cat or your dog.
They all feel pain like your cat and your dog.
They all feel pain like you.

We can all save lives by not buying animal products.
( Rose Winfold )

Farm animals are imprisoned on Death Row.
No crime.
No trial.
No justice.

Fear, pain and misery is all farm animals know.
And then they are brutally slaughtered.

The cow, pig, or lamb you ate is emotionally the same as the dog you love.

We are unable to stop much pain and suffering in the world, but we can all do something to help stop the unnecessary pain and suffering of animals.

What Happens If You Shoot A Bird?
In 2008, The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) performed secret field trials in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire at a cost to the taxpayer of £37,000.
This involved shooting seven birds and destroying three nests to ‘observe’ what would happen.
I think everyone knows what happens if you shoot a bird – it dies.
What right do the Government have to come into our towns and kill birds which are part of the community?

We interfere in Nature and attempt to control the life and the growth of every other species on the planet except our own.
( Rose Winfold )

Each day, 25,000 people, including more than 10,000 children, die from hunger and related causes.
Around 850 million people worldwide are estimated to be undernourished.
Tonight, a child will go hungry while cattle will eat 16 pounds of grain just to make one pound of beef.

They Laugh In Our Face.
Perhaps the greatest animal that’s ever lived.
Cockroaches are built for survival.
They can go for three months without food and a month without water, and taste their food before they eat it, so it’s hard to poison them.
They produce their eggs in cocoon-like sacs called oothecae, and if you boil one, the eggs still hatch.
They’re also very compressible, so they can squeeze into the tiniest cracks.
We see them as pests and have waged constant war on them, but they laugh in our face.

The majority of people in the world can barely believe, nor understand, the disrespect and bloodshed meted out to Australia’s best-recognised native icon, the kangaroo.

Keeping silent about animal cruelty is betrayal.

I’m a vegan, one of those crazy people who believe that animals shouldn’t be made to suffer.
( Rose Winfold )

Every life, although different, remains equal.

Battery Beagle Farm Is Barbaric.
Hundreds of dogs at Harlan Laboratories in Wyton, Cambridgeshire, Britain’s biggest beagle ‘farm’, spend just 20 minutes a week outside their small cages.
The dogs are kept in pens with little daylight before being sold for experiments for around £2000 each, after which most are killed.
Some cages measure two by three metres and are used to house two large dogs or eight puppies.
The few animals not sold are used as breeders or donors and have their blood drained for medical use.

Harlan Laboratories is exempt from animal welfare law as it complies with a Government Home Office code of practise.

All humans do is take, take, take, from the Earth, from Nature, and from the animals.
And what do they give back?

We live in a world that promotes animal abuse and attacks those who speak out against it.

I’m one of those crazy people who believe that being vegan is a powerful step we can take in making this world a more peaceful place.
( Rose Winfold )

The most evil creatures on our planet are the human animals who lack compassion.

Medicines That Pass Animal Tests Are Unsafe For Humans.
Animal testing became mandatory following the thalidomide tragedy in the 1960s – despite failing to prevent that disaster.
It is a cruel irony that side effects of prescription medicines designed to help us are now one of our leading causes of death.
Nine out of ten medicines that pass animal tests are unsafe or ineffective in humans (US FDA, the world’s largest medicines regulator).
Evidence shows that new tests based on human biology are more reliable, as well as faster and cheaper.

Yet animal tests have never been compared with the latest human biology-based methods.
Many MPs agree that it is time they were and have launched the Safety of Medicines Bill to do so.
Green MP Dr Caroline Lucas says: “More reliable methods will benefit everyone. A national strategy to replace outdated animal tests is urgently needed to improve the safety of medicines”.

All animals deserve to be free.
Free from pain and suffering.
And free from exploitation.

Imagine being so fragile, you get offended by people who choose not to hurt, kill and eat animals.
( Rose Winfold )

We don’t need your sympathy or your words.
We need you to stop eating animals.

All they have is their life.
And we don’t even allow them to have that.

Another Case Of Our Society Adapting Itself To Migrants.
Our government have shown tolerance in permitting Halal butchers to slaughter animals using the methods required by their faith.
But the introduction of ritually slaughtered meat into British daily life goes far beyond tolerance.
Under British Law (2009), animals must be stunned before slaughter, and not killed in full view of other animals, but the spineless UK Government still allow ‘religious’ slaughter.
It is yet another case of our society adapting itself to migrants, rather than asking migrants to adapt to our ways.
The vast majority of people in this country would not want meat of this origin.
The outlets have a duty to let their customers know because some will object very strongly, not least because of the animal welfare implications.
( Wilfred Soon )

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