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So Many People Still Don’t Get It.
I keep hearing people say, “When we get back to normal”, or “I hope we get back to normal soon”.
So many people still don’t get it.
‘Normal’ wasn’t working.

‘Normal’ was why this virus and previous viruses erupted.
Let’s not forget it was our cruel, shameful, disrespect for animals that brought about this virus.
So don’t even think about going back to normal.

If we return to ‘Normal’, we will be attacked by more viruses, almost certainly stronger and deadlier.
Interfering with and exploiting animals for financial gain is not normal.
Exploiting and killing animals for food, fur, fun and sport is not normal.
It’s not ‘normal’ to ‘breed’ animals – to forcibly and violently extract semen from the male and forcibly and violently impregnate the female.
It’s not just ignorant and greedy.
It’s sickening, it’s unnatural, it’s immoral, evil and cruel.
It doesn’t come anywhere close to being ‘normal’.

Animals are not on Earth for us, they are on Earth with us.
Humans are responsible for these viruses.
If we don’t stop fucking with animals, all animals, then get prepared for more severe attacks from Mother Nature.
( Rose Winfold )

As long as we continue raising animals on farms, outbreaks of diseases and viruses will keep occurring.
Whether or not these diseases cross over to humans, whether or not they are reported in the media, animals are routinely being killed because of them, adding hundreds of thousands of deaths to an industry that is already the most murderous on our planet.

The farmer feeds the lamb.
And so the lamb trusts the farmer.
The lamb follows the farmer.
And the farmer slyly leads the lamb to slaughter.
The farmer gets the money.
The lamb is on a hook.
And this is why we say f**k the farmers.

( Morrissey )

Wildlife Animals Killed To Protect Meat Industry Profits.
In the U.S., around 80% of agricultural land is used for raising farm animals and feed crops.
That’s almost half the land mass of the lower 48 states dedicated to feeding the nation’s taste for beef, chicken and pork.
More than half of the grain grown in the country goes toward feeding farm animals, and nearly half of the water used goes toward meat production.
Wild animals suffer not only from meat-related deforestation, drought, pollution and climate change, but also direct targeting by the meat industry.
From grazing animals to predators, native species are frequently killed to protect meat-production profits.
Grass-eating species such as elk, deer and pronghorn have been killed in huge numbers to reserve more feed for cattle. Important habitat-creating animals such as beavers and prairie dogs have been decimated because they disrupt the landscapes desired by animal farm managers.
Predator control programs designed to protect the meat industry helped drive predators like California grizzly bears and Mexican gray wolves extinct in their ecosystems.

We shouldn’t stop eating the flesh of animals because of disease.
We should stop because it’s fucking cruel and it’s fucking disgusting.
( Rose Winfold )

The best way to help animals is to stop eating them.
It’s very simple.
It’s not rocket science.

Mutilated At Birth.
What about pigs, among the most intelligent, emotional and cognitively complex animals in the world?
Sows are kept in metal ‘gestation crates’ so small they can’t even turn around.
They are mutilated at birth, their tails cut off, their teeth pulled, their ears tagged.
In this country, we think the ‘humane’ way of killing them is to gas them.
Forced into carbon dioxide gas chambers, pigs’ bodies burn from the inside as they suffocate.
Their panicked, agonised screams can be heard far outside the chambers.
( Selene Nelson )

We can disguise what we take as sport, or food, or research, but what we take is a life.
( Anthony Douglas Williams )

Ignore them and stay away from these creatures.
What creatures do I mean?
The assholes resembling humans who deliberately mistreat and harm animals.
When I say animals, I mean all animals, not just those you have for pets.
( Rose Winfold )

Around One Million Pigs Die Each Year From The Horrors Of Transport.
When allowed to live out their natural lives, pigs live for an average of 10-15 years, but factory farmed pigs are sent to slaughter after just six months of life.
In order to get the terrified pigs onto the trucks bound for the slaughterhouse, workers may beat them on their sensitive noses and backs or stick electric prods into their rectums.
Crammed into 18-wheelers, pigs struggle to get air and are usually given no food or water for the entire journey (often hundreds of miles).
They suffer from temperature extremes and are forced to inhale ammonia fumes and diesel exhaust.
A former pig transporter told PETA that pigs are “packed in so tight, their guts actually pop out their butts—a little softball of guts actually comes out.”
According to a 2006 industry report, more than 1 million pigs die each year from the horrors of transport alone.
Another industry report notes that, in some transport loads, as many as 10% of pigs are “downers,” animals who are so ill or injured that they are unable to stand and walk on their own.
These sick and injured pigs will be kicked, struck with electric prods, and finally dragged off the trucks to their deaths.
In winter, some pigs die frozen to the sides of the trucks. In summer, some die from heat exhaustion.
Some fall and suffocate when additional animals are forced to pile in on top of them.
All are in a panic—screaming and desperately trying to get away—and some die of heart attacks.
One worker reports, “In the wintertime there are always pigs stuck to the sides and floors of the trucks.
Slaughterhouse workers go in there with wires or knives and just cut or pry the pigs loose.
The skin pulls right off. These pigs were alive when we did this.”
( PETA )

The despicable meat and dairy industries where animals are bred and raised to be used for food, and where animal pain and suffering is viewed simply as the cost of doing business.
( Rose Winfold )

Bear Bile Farms In China And Vietnam.
The despicable practice has been in decline but still around 10,000 bears are kept captive.
The victims, Asiatic black bears, are endangered in the wild and known as ‘moon bears’.
They are trapped in the wild, imprisoned, and the bile stored in their gall bladders is harvested and used as ‘medicine’.
The usual practice is to jam a catheter through their skin and into the gall bladder, where the bile is stored.
It causes infections and other life-threatening conditions.
The bears endure unimaginable pain.
Some bears are fitted with ‘metal jackets’ designed to keep bile-draining catheters in place.
Other bears don’t get away unscathed.
There are eight species of bears in the world, and every one of them is at risk from this vile trade, since their gall bladders and bile are indistinguishable.
Wildlife traffickers are known to take gall bladders from American black bears, grizzly bears, polar bears, or other bear species.

Most people stand against oppression and injustice.
But only for themselves, not for the other animals we share this planet with.

The Slaughter Of Billions Of Newly-Hatched Chicks.
The public aren’t told about the practice of ‘chick culling’, the slaughter of billions of newly-hatched chicks every year.
Male chicks are by-products of the egg industry, worthless because they don’t lay eggs, so they are macerated alive in high-speed grinders, asphyxiated by carbon dioxide, or suffocated in plastic bins.
( Selene Nelson )

We will soon be able to carry on as “normal”.
No thanks.
I’m going to continue raising hell and trying to make our world a better place for both people and animals, all animals.
( Rose Winfold )

The Meat Industry Are Creating Health Risks To Humans And Wildlife.
Grazing cattle destroy native vegetation, damage soils and stream banks, and contaminate waterways with fecal waste.
After decades of grazing, once-lush streams and green forests have been reduced to flat, dry wastelands.
Once-rich topsoil has been turned to dust, causing soil erosion, stream sedimentation and wholesale elimination of many aquatic habitats.

Thousands of farm animals are kept closely confined in pens and fed a diet of grain, antibiotics and other ingredients to prepare them for slaughter.
In addition to inhumane conditions for the farm animals (cattle, pigs and chickens), they generate massive amounts of waste, which causes air and water pollution.

Farm animals in the U.S. produce around 500million tons of manure per year.
Agricultural pollution is a leading source of water-quality problems, with factory farms polluting 35,000 miles of rivers in 22 states and contaminating groundwater in 17 states, in addition to impairing wetlands, lakes and estuaries.
Meat production is also responsible for around 80% of antibiotic use and 37% of pesticide use, creating health risks to humans and wildlife.

The people that eat meat and think nothing of ending the life of other animals just to satisfy their taste buds are not only selfish, they are paying for, and supporting, animals to be killed and butchered, and are therefore complicit in the suffering and the blood-soaked violence and murder.
( Rose Winfold )

Many Pigs Are Alive When They Reach The Scalding Tank.
The unloading at the slaughterhouses is as ugly as the loading.
After being kept in an immobile state all their lives, their legs and lungs are so weak that the pigs can barely walk.
But when they see space ahead of them, some of them begin running for the first time in their lives.

Like fillies, they jump and buck, overjoyed with their first feel of freedom.
Then, suddenly, they collapse and cannot get up.
They can only lie there, trying to breathe, their bodies racked with pain from abuse and neglect on the factory farms.

A typical slaughterhouse kills up to 1,100 pigs every hour.
The sheer number of animals killed makes it impossible for them to be given humane, painless deaths.
Because of improper stunning, many pigs are alive when they reach the scalding tank, which is intended to soften their skin and remove their hair.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) documented 14 humane-slaughter violations at one processing plant, where inspectors found pigs who “were walking and squealing after being stunned with a stun gun as many as four times.”
According to one slaughterhouse worker, “There’s no way these animals can bleed out in the few minutes it takes to get up the ramp.
By the time they hit the scalding tank, they’re still fully conscious and squealing.
Happens all the time.”

( PETA )

The Earth gives abundant riches and peaceful food.
It offers us meals that are not stained with blood or murder.
( Pythagoras )

The Industrialisation Of Living Creatures.
Unfortunately, animals have been victimised to the point where they’re not even considered victims anymore. In the UK, we’re appalled by the Yulin dog meat festival in China, dismayed by the Faroe Islands’ pilot whale hunt, but cows, pigs, chickens?
They don’t count.
The animals themselves disappear, they’re no longer living, breathing, feeling individuals, they’re commodities, walking hunks of flesh waiting to be killed.
This isn’t even about meat anymore, it’s about the industrialisation of living creatures.
Do these animals feel fear, as they’re lead into the slaughterhouse over ground coated in blood?
Do they feel pain, as they’re hung upside down and a knife is thrust into their throat?
We know, from the abattoir footage no-one wants to watch, that the answers to these questions is ‘yes’.

If we could live in a world where we could not only survive but thrive without eating animal products.
If there was an abundance of plant-based food at our disposal.
If eating this way was infinitely less harmful to the environment.
Should we still choose to kill animals?
If these three hypotheses are true, can there ever be a moral justification for doing what we do to animals?

Vegans are called ‘extremists’, but what really is more extreme?
Gratuitously exploiting and killing living beings for their milk, eggs and meat, or trying to encourage people not to kill unnecessarily?

( Selene Nelson )

We need to strive for a life free from viruses and vaccinations.
And we should start by creating a world that doesn’t exploit animals.
( Wilfred Soon )

Cows don’t produce milk because they are cows.
They produce milk because they are mothers.
The babies miss their mothers more than you would miss milk or cheese.

The Kangaroo Killing Industry.
Welcome to the world of the Kangaroo Killing Industry.
It’s what the Kangaroo Killing Industry and their affiliates don’t tell you that is of greatest concern.

As an Indigenous woman, I’ve been exposing the Kangaroo Killing Industry for decades and I’m always amazed at the spin people blindly believe about kangaroos including that “Indigenous people ate them for thousands of years”.
No, actually many of us didn’t and indeed don’t.
You see, Kangaroo are a Sacred Totem Animal to many of we Indigenous people.
They are a Creator Spirit and The Dreaming of Country and holding Kangaroo as Totem means for many Indigenous people we never ate it, or eat it, ever.

Generalised ignorance is what the Kangaroo Killing Industry thrives on and they run a mile when asked why they don’t have warnings on their packages regarding very real and justified concerns about kangaroo meat.
They think ongoing international trade or supermarket bans against the Industry based on inherent cruelty, unsustainable slaughter and ongoing meat contamination issues is nothing to worry about.
Oh really?

Kangaroo meat carries a naturally heavy parasite load — a single Western or Eastern Grey Kangaroo can be infected with up to 30,000 parasitic worms from up to 20 different nematode species.
Over the years epidemics have wiped out many millions of kangaroos.
In Western NSW in 2016 millions of kangaroos died from an unknown, uncontrollable disease that is still undiagnosed, yet state and federal governments and the Kangaroo Killing Industry continue to slaughter kangaroos and sell the meat to consumers.
There is some evidence gathered by a vet and pathologist from NSW western district that goats with similar symptoms of this still un-identified disease crosses the species barrier.
If there was an epidemic in the animal agriculture industry, there would be thorough investigations, but not with the Kangaroo Killing Industry?
Wild ‘game’ kangaroos can harbour a wide range of bacterial, parasitic and fungal diseases.
The potential transfer of ‘zoonotic’ pathogens between species is possible but not well researched
Toxoplasmosis and Salmonellosis, two bacterial infections affecting kangaroos and human health, can spread to humans through the handling, processing or consumption of infected kangaroo meat.
Independent analyses from the past 20 years consistently turned up kangaroo meat that harboured the salmonella bacterium and other bacterial contaminants.
This comes from the way that shooting and transport in the wild occurs.
Slaughtered kangaroos are transported in the open air, gathering dust and flies, stored in field chillers, and may not be transported to processors for up to 14 days after being shot.
The fact that kangaroo shooters are being instructed to spray down kangaroo carcasses with acetic acid (combats pathogens) is also kept well hidden from you, the public.
The cyst-forming tapeworm, Echinococcus granulosus, entered Australia on sheep and now affects kangaroos as intermediate hosts.
For too long this brutal industry of wretched animal cruelty has crept along under the radar.
The time is long overdue for this slaughter of The Dreaming to be shown in all its reality.
For you and your pets.
Buyer beware.
( Ro Mudyin Godwin, 11.01.2019 )

Ignorance is bliss.
But for most animals it’s sheer hell.
( Len Firswood )

The Cowards Who Shoot Our Wildlife.
Research by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, an international wildfowl and wetland conservation charity in the UK, shows that between 50,000 and 100,000 wildfowl die each year after ingesting lead from spent gun pellets which they mistake for food.
The morons who shoot and kill our wildlife creatures are cowards –– they feel a sense of power when ending the life of innocent beings –– it helps them to forget for a while their own inadequacies and how worthless and useless they are.
( Rose Winfold )

Choosing not to eat animals is not about food.
It’s about love and respect for life itself.
( Wilfred Soon )

The Truths Are Kept Hidden By The Meat And Dairy Industries.
What we forget, when we pick up products from the supermarket shelves, is that the meat, dairy and egg industries are some of the most powerful in the world.
Their marketing reflects this.
People see labels like ‘humane milk’ and ‘humane meat’ and they believe them, yet these are myths, marketing ploys that exist only to make us feel better.
The word humane means compassionate and kind, and because it means this, neither meat nor dairy can ever be considered it.
Dairy cows are forcibly impregnated to produce milk.
Their calves are taken at birth.
If he’s male, he’s often shot because he won’t produce milk, or he may be dumped, still alive, in ditches like garbage.
Alternatively he’ll be locked in a pen, unable to move, touch grass, or even lie down, and when his muscles are soft enough, he’ll be killed and sold as veal.
If the calf is female, she’ll lead the same life as her mother, repeatedly impregnated, her calves taken, and when she’s too spent to produce enough milk (around six years old) she’ll be sent to the slaughterhouse.
Cows naturally live to 25 years old.
The fact that all dairy cows end up as cheap beef isn’t widely known.
Neither is the abhorrent treatment of newborn calves.
But public ignorance is what the industry wants, and so the truths are kept hidden and the myths perpetuated.
( Selene Nelson

Cruelty Is Standard Practise In The Dairy Industry.
Unfortunately, the majority of people are not aware of the many horrific standard practices in the dairy industry.
The dairy industry thrives in obfuscation.
They have an interest in omitting and obscuring the facts about dairy, and it is done through “omission and silence and in the presentation of an incomplete and idealised picture”.
We encourage all those who value truth and justice and who abhor cruelty to animals to investigate the dairy industry and to inform yourselves.
This cruelty is not an anomaly, but is standard practice inherent in the industry.
To be informed, is to be empowered.
When we are informed we can make consumer choices that are authentic and genuinely in line with our values.
( Joanne Fairbrother, 05.05.2020 ) ..

Humane treatment means more than freedom from violence, pain and disease.
It means treatment characterised by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy.
It does not include many of the practices complained of, such as the forced impregnation of cows, the forced separation of calves from their mothers immediately after birth, and the slaughter of male calves thereafter.
It follows then, that the cows cannot be described as happy, or as humanely treated.
( Joanne Fairbrother, 05.05.2020 ) ..

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  1. Never knew some of these horrific issues. I have decided not to eat anymore meat. I love Animals and nature. Thank you

  2. Just watched “Dominion” and was horrified to see the way these animals live and die at human hands. Meat is off the table for me. Working on dairy.

  3. I hope a virus comes and kills all humans. Humans are the worse thing that happened to the earth.

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