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Small Ponies Shivering In Fields.
Princess Anne thinks horses would be better off if they were farmed for meat.

She is patron of World Horse Welfare, which says it’s full to the brim.
I went to its centre in the West Country, and it seemed virtually empty.
They refused free help from a qualified volunteer due to ‘health and safety’.
The RSPCA, too, when I visited its centre in Chobham, Surrey, to meet six equines rescued from Spindles Farm, seemed over staffed and almost empty.
I suggest these rich charities open up their resources to the stretched small ones, and a law is introduced to enforce gelding of stallions.
Only then will the sight of small grey ponies shivering in barren fields by the side of the motorway become a thing of the past.
( Liz Jones, 17.11.2013 )

It’s beyond understanding why so many people are quite happy for animals, including baby animals, to be abused, tortured and brutally killed.

The organised savagery with which kangaroos are being hunted today is equalled in our history only by the appalling massacre of koalas in 1927.
( Alan John Marshall, 1966 )

Cruelty and greed are enemies of both animals and good people.
We must keep fighting them until our last breath.

Animals are not here with us, we are here with them.
Humans are incompatible with this world of animals.
( Rose Winfold )

If you eat meat, just remember.
Your ‘food’ had a face.
Please leave animals off your plate.

Our love of birds and four-legged animals instinctively warns that we must not harm these fellow creatures, and never kill them for our food.
Mother Nature has abundantly supplied us with quantities of delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables on which we thrive.
With a clean bloodstream coursing through our bodies, any thought of cannibalism becomes obnoxious. 
( Arnold Ehret )

Those bloody vegans.
Trying to stop animal abuse and saving the environment so our children and grandchildren have a healthy life and a clean planet to live on.

Do The Royal Family Care About Horses?
Princess Anne suggests that we eat horsemeat to improve animal welfare.

What makes her think that animals reared for meat are treated more humanely?
The majority are factory-farmed in appalling conditions.
If the Royal Family really cared about horses, they would not be racing them.
( Barbara Garwood, November 2013 )

Wild animals are not our competitors nor our enemies.
They are fellow creatures we share this earth with.
They are caught up in the complex web of time and life, just like us.
We should leave them alone.

Dartmoor Ponies Fed To Lions And Tigers.
First there was uproar over news that unwanted Dartmoor ponies were being slaughtered and fed to lions and tigers in zoos.
Now, the hides of culled ponies are being crafted into ‘wild pony’ pagan drums – used in Druid-style retreats and musical performances to capture the rhythms of ‘life and the moon’.
Dartmoor ponies are a distinctive, hardy breed, essential to the maintenance of unique moorland landscapes and the rare insects they support.
Where once 30,000 ponies roamed the moors, there are now believed to be fewer than 1,000 breeding mares.
Conservationists argue it would be more effective to reduce the number of stallions to stifle reproduction, rather than to slaughter so many animals.
But the controversial zoo programme, set up by Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Ponies, claims that selling the meat is a way to raise funds to conserve future herds.
Now, in addition to the zoo programme, the hides of culled ponies are being used to create hand-crafted drums.
A spokesman for PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, said culling was “a cruel and ineffective way to manage pony numbers when chemical sterilisers are available. That slaughtered carcasses of these much loved animals are being turned into musical instruments or slabs of meat for depressed tigers in Devon’s zoos is the final indignity.”
( Jo Knowsley, 22.09.2013 )

The only enemy that wild animals have are the ugly-looking cowards on the end of guns.

We abuse and kill them because we regard them as a commodity belonging to us.
When we see all animals as a community to which we belong, we may begin to love and respect them.
( Rose Winfold )

If animals could talk, I would have no need for people.

Some people have so little feelings themselves, they believe that other species don’t have any.

Butchers Slice Up Foals For Zoos.
In the 1950s up to 30,000 ponies thrived living wild on Dartmoor.

Native Dartmoors once fetched good prices as riding or driving ponies.
But with demand and prices at an all-time low, many of the 3,000 that are left, end up staring down the barrel of a stun gun.
Healthy mares and stallions are released back into the wild and the foals are sent to market.
Traditionally they are snapped up by dealers or private buyers.
But many go to specialist butchers who slice them up for zoos.
One pony keeps three big cats fed for a week.
The Dartmoor Pony Training Centre are able to rescue and save only 200 of the 700 or so killed each year.
( December 2011 )

The macho humans who call themselves natural meat-eaters, with their blunt canine teeth, a knife in one hand, a fork in the other, as they chew on cooked flesh.
What pathetic, sad people they are.

The most cowardly thing a man can do is to teach a child to kill a defenceless animal.
( Wilfred Soon )

Fatty Liver For The Upper Classes To Gorge On.
To produce “foie gras” (which literally means “fatty liver”), workers ram pipes down male ducks’ or geese’s throats two or three times daily and pump as much as four pounds of grain and fat into the animals’ stomachs, causing their livers to bloat to up to ten times their normal size.
Many birds have difficulty standing because of their engorged livers, and they may tear out their own feathers and cannibalise each other out of stress.
The birds are kept in tiny wire cages or packed into sheds.
On some farms, a single worker may be expected to force-feed 500 birds three times each day.
Because of this rush, animals are often treated roughly and left injured and suffering.

Foie gras is revoltingly cruel.
It is unethical and uncivilised, and should be an embarrassment to all those people who are involved in its production and sale.

( Bill Oddie )

Foie gras is barbarism masquerading as a delicacy.
( Sir Roger Moore )

Ducks have been torn from the wild, and forced into cages so small they can’t even move their wings.
There is no escape for these little prisoners, forced to endure the pain and the terror of force feeding.
And for what?
An unspeakably cruel dish masquerading as a delicacy.

( Jenny Seagrove )

It really is time that this very un-British cruelty was dumped from menus once and for all.
( Justin Kerswell )

This is just an appalling act of cruelty to helpless animals and all for the sake of an obnoxious delicacy.
( Denise Thomas )

It doesn’t matter who sells it in whatever restaurant, the reality is it is reprehensibly wrong and the process should be banned under EU law.
As the dominating force on the planet, it’s incredible to consider man’s wickedness not only to other species, but also his inhumanity to his own kind.

( Derek Marks )

This dish should have been banned long ago.
There is simply no defence for it being served by exclusive restaurants, except for human greed.
How anyone can eat it is beyond me.

( Jackie Hall )

The science is so clear that countries throughout Europe, as well as in Israel – which used to be the world’s No. 4 producer – have banned force-feeding for foie gras.
( Wolfgang Puck )

We all have the power to put an end to the brutal violence and suffering inflicted on animals.

Ramsay may very well stick his head in his microwave when he hears that the money I received from Channel 4 is being donated to PETA to fight foie gras.
Foie gras is so cruelly produced that he’d be against it if he had an ethical bone in his body.
( Morrissey )

We can’t do ugly things to animals and expect to live a beautiful life.

While the gluttonous upper classes continue to gorge themselves on foie gras, the production of this horrible dish will continue, no matter how these poor birds suffer.
( E. Sharpe )

A PETA investigation at Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York (then called “Commonwealth Enterprises”) found that so many ducks died when their organs ruptured from overfeeding that workers who killed fewer than 50 birds per month were given a bonus.
Many ducks develop foot infections, kidney necrosis, spleen damage, bruised and broken bills, and tumor-like lumps in their throats.

One duck had a maggot-infested neck wound so severe that water spilled out of it when he drank.

Feeding The Wealthy With Foie Gras.
Sales of foie gras have fallen recently, due to price increases caused by the high cost of grain.
Thanks to its luxury image, it is gaining in popularity in the Middle East (a halal foie gras is being developed) and China.
Ultimately foie gras is tied into traditional French gastronomy, which in turn is one of France’s greatest cultural exports.
Chefs in the UK, the US and elsewhere who ape the French style of feeding the wealthy see it as part of the vernacular of French cuisine (though some, namely veteran British-based French chef Albert Roux, will not serve it).

( Rose Prince, April 2012 )

Piglets on farms are castrated without any anaesthetic or pain relief.
Their tails are amputated without any anaesthetic or pain relief.
Their teeth are extracted without any anaesthetic or pain relief.
The ‘farmers’ and the ‘meat’ industry would like to thank all the people who support the abuse and violence and torture we inflict on baby animals.

A Sickness That Spreads.
What arrogance we humans have.
To think we’re so above it, to think we are the only ones who can feel true pain.
Our ability to ignore the treatment of animals this way is inextricably linked to our ability to ignore the treatment of other humans this way as well.
It comes down to who we see as ‘human’.
They’re different from us, therefore their suffering is not ours.
It’s a sickness that spreads.

( Rose Winfold )

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