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The Big Bang.
According to scientists, a ‘big bang’ occurred about 13.7 billion years ago which started the formation of the Universe.

And then, 9.2 billion years later (4.5 billion years ago) they claim our solar system was formed, the Sun, planet Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars etc.
Scientists disagree on what caused the ‘big bang’ and don’t have a clue what was there before the ‘big bang’.
Scientists then claim that ‘life’ began on planet Earth.
Does God or a Creator exist?
Or was the universe, planet Earth and life, created entirely by chance from the chaos of a huge explosion?

The Milky Way Galaxy.
Our solar system is centred on a star, the Sun.
That star is one of an estimated 200 to 400 billion in the Milky Way Galaxy.
Our Milky Way is just one of about 100 billion galaxies in the universe.
Some of the others have many more stars than ours.

A rough calculation reveals there may be more stars in all the galaxies than the total number of grains of sand on Earth. Many of those stars have planets orbiting them.
Even in a spacecraft capable of the speed of light, it would take 100,000 years to cross our galaxy, let alone reach another one.

The Earth.
Earth is the third planet from the Sun, after Venus and Mercury, and it’s the only known home to life in the universe and indeed the only place known so far where complex life could exist.

Earth has a protective ozone layer to shield us from harmful UV radiation, and a magnetic field that deflects lethal cosmic radiation.
A stroke of luck?

The Sun.
The Sun, a huge ball of flaming hydrogen and helium gas, 800,000 miles across and about 93 million miles from the Earth.

It takes 8 minutes 20 seconds for the light and heat to reach the Earth.
If the Earth was any closer or further away from the Sun, then it would be either too hot or too cold for any form of life as we know it, to exist.

The Moon.
The Moon. If it wasn’t in the exact position it is, or if it was destroyed, there would be no tides and increased risk of meteorites colliding with Earth.
There would be orbital instability because the Earth’s axis would tilt.

It would be the end of planet Earth.

Jupiter And Saturn.
Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

Jupiter plays the role of protective big brother that protects us from the hostile environment that exists beyond its orbit.
There are lots of comets that could hit Earth that Jupiter deflects away, throwing them out of the solar system.
Saturn is not that much smaller than Jupiter.
We are lucky it never got any bigger.

If you have two planets the size of Jupiter in one solar system, they will eventually knock out the other planets.
If Saturn had been a little bigger, Earth would not exist.

Nature Is Exquisitely Tuned For Life On Earth.
What scientists do agree on is that nature is exquisitely tuned for life on planet Earth.
Nature provides food, water, medicine and all the nourishment that life needs.
Adjust the laws of gravity up or down by just 1%, and the universe would not form.
A tiny change in electromagnetic force, and organic molecules will not adhere.
It appears that the universe knew we were coming.
The universe does not seem like a random happening.
It seems downright purposeful – but what purpose, and whose?

Evolution Did Not Create Life.
Scientists are forced to believe in Charles Darwin’s theory, which is only a theory, as to the beginning of life.
Charles Darwin was born in 1809 and died in 1882.
Darwin was a flunked parson and failed doctor (Though he was a reasonable taxidermist).
We are led to believe, by those who don’t believe in God or a creator, that life started as a ‘dot’ in a pond, from lifeless chemicals, with no sense or intelligence, mixing together.
Then over the next few billion years the ‘dots’ grew into insects, birds, reptiles and mammals (and don’t forget the dinosaurs!).
Some of the ‘dots’ decided to stay in the water and become fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, etc.

Evolution started after life was created.
Evolution did not create life.

Over a period of time, humans, animals, birds and sea creatures adapt to their surroundings, climate change and food supply.
This is basic instinct, human nature and natural self-preservation.

Even Darwin left his options open that God or a creator may exist by stating in his book, “Life was then breathed into the chemicals”.

Where Did DNA Come From?
The working of the human body is a masterpiece of design and function.

The DNA molecule inside each cell contains a 3.4 billion genetic code capable of overseeing and regulating all the anatomy on display in body worlds.
DNA has the ability to store and carry information.
The information inside DNA is a precise set of instructions which specify the exact order to join up amino acids to make the proteins in our cells.
Each cell needs to build thousands of proteins every minute to stay alive.
How did something as complex as DNA come into existence?
Where did it come from?
Who designed and created the DNA genetic code?

Scientists don’t know.
Some scientists now claim that components of our genetic code (DNA molecules) were present in meteorites that collided with Earth several billion years ago.
The DNA molecules then joined forces with a mixture of lifeless chemicals, and with the aid of electric storms, formed a living cell.

Scientists then claim that all living things from insects to elephants, from flowers to people, have evolved from that one single organism.
Scientists, Chemists and Astrobiologists, have been unable to mimic or recreate the chemical and atmospheric conditions which they claim created the first living organisms.

The Human Brain.
Look at your hand in front of you.
It is an unimaginably complex structure, made of bone, skin, blood and nerves.
These in turn are made of billions of living cells, each of which is made of billions of molecules.

There are 300 million tiny air sacs inside the lungs which, if opened out, would cover the area of a tennis court.
The brain coordinates and controls the central nervous system.
It controls respiration, heartbeat rate, blood pressure and hormones.
It coordinates all muscular processes and moving limbs.
It sorts our memory and enables us to think, make decisions, and make choices regarding our activities and behaviour.
It is responsible for all our senses, hearing, sight, smell and taste.
The human brain weighs about the same as a laptop, but has a storage capacity of about 4.2 million megabytes.

A Miracle Of Creation.
Just because we understand most of the mechanics and workings of the human body, it still remains a miracle of creation.

Just one drop of our blood contains hundreds of millions of ‘red blood cells’, which are manufactured in our bone marrow.
Each cell is packed with hundreds of millions of haemoglobin molecules.
Each haemoglobin molecule is made up of about ten thousand hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulphur atoms, plus four heavier atoms of iron, which gives blood its oxygen-carrying ability.

A Child Is Created.
At three months pregnant a child is created.

It has wrists and ankles, minute fingers and toes, a working jaw and eyes as dark as damsons.
At this age he can already swallow and kick and has reflexes on the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet.
Inside him is a brain with synapses, those neural pathways that make us what and who we are, under construction.
He is a two-inch wonder, a miracle of creation.

All Living Creatures On Earth Have A Purpose.
If Dung Beetles disappeared on the plains of Africa, it would be waist deep in shit within a month.
Despite being the most despised creatures on this earth, wasps are incredibly important to its biodiversity and survival.
Wasps prey on insects, caterpillars and bugs and are the super pest control to our food crops around the world.

Water Is Vital To Life.
Water covers nearly three quarters of the surface of the Earth.
About 65% of the human body is made up of water.
Water is vital to life, participating in virtually every process that occurs in plants and animals.

Thanks to an efficient recycling system, Earth’s supply of water never needs replenishing.
Almost every drop of water we use finds its way to the oceans.
There, it is evaporated by the Sun.
It then falls back to the Earth as rain.
Water is used and reused over and over again.

Clouds are formed from billions of minute water droplets and tiny ice crystals that float together in the air.

Dark Matter And Dark Energy.
Scientists estimate that nearly 96% of energy density in the universe is composed of ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Dark Energy’.

Scientists call it ‘Dark’ because they cannot see it and disagree on what substances it is made of and what purpose it serves.
It doesn’t follow our laws of physics.
Nor does it have an electromagnetic field, which means it is almost impossible to detect by any conventional scientific measuring device.
A million dark matter particles are passing every second through your little finger as you read this sentence.
If you were able to hold dark matter particles in your hand, you would feel its heavy weight, but it would be invisible, and then it would pass straight through your hand.
Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is believed to have roughly ten times as much dark matter as ordinary matter.
Dark Matter appears to hold the galaxies together.
Dark Matter makes up about 22% of the universe’s mass.
Normal matter, the stuff of stars, planets and people, contribute just 4%.

The rest of the universe is driven by the mysterious Dark Energy (74%).

What Is A ‘Worm Hole’?
In physics, a worm hole is a hypothetical topological feature of space-time that is essentially a ‘shortcut’ through space and time.
Most known solutions of general relativity which allow for worm holes require the existence of exotic matter, a theoretical substance which has negative energy density.
Although scientists claim there are worm holes, they are unable to prove that exotic matter exists.

What Is A ‘Black Hole’?
A Black Hole is a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, including light can escape its pull.
The Black Hole has a one-way surface, into which objects can fall, but out of which nothing can come.
It is called ‘Black’ because it absorbs all the light that hits it, reflecting nothing.
It is impossible to directly observe a Black Hole, but it is possible to infer its presence by its gravitational action on the surrounding environment.
Our Milky Way Galaxy is thought to have several Black Holes.

The Bible.
The bible is full of historical facts and events that can be verified from other historical sources.
It is not just a book of great literature, yet it does contain wonderful poetry and gripping stories.

Scientists tell us it took billions of years for our Earth to be as it is today.
The Bible (Genesis) tells us that the world was created in six days.
The Hebrew word for day (Yom) can mean an age or period of time.

The Planet Venus.
A day on Venus, the time the planet takes to make one full rotation, is the equivalent of 243 days on Earth.

A year on Venus, the time it takes to make one revolution of the sun, is 225 days on Earth.
On Venus a day is longer than a year.

When the universe and planet Earth was created, time as we measure it did not exist.

Scientific Facts In The Bible.
Scientific facts were touched on in the bible long before humans came to understand or discover them.

Long before Colombus and Magellan discovered the earth was spherical and not flat, it was written in the bible, “He (God) sits enthroned above the circle of the earth”. ( Isaiah 40:22 )
Long before astronauts had a glimpse of the earth hanging in empty space, it was written in the bible, “He (God) suspends the earth over nothing”. ( Job 26:7 )
The bible described in simple terms the earth’s water cycle. “All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again”.
( Ecclesiastes 1:7 )

Did All This Happen By Chance.
It’s very unlikely that everything happened by chance, a massive stroke of luck.
The Sun, the Moon, and planet Earth ending up in the perfect positions they are.
With a book, the words do not fly through the air and happen to land in the right order.
Someone has to put it all together to make sense.
So a book must have an author, someone to write it.

A painting must have an artist, someone to paint it.
A building must have an architect, someone to design and plan it.
Motor vehicles, aircraft, ships and all types of machinery are designed and built by engineers and craftsmen.
The complex human body, the beautiful and wonderful living creatures that live on planet Earth, the plants, the trees, the beauty of flowers, the exquisite, intricate workings of nature.
Did all this happen by chance?

We Cannot Prove Or Disprove That God Exists.
Faith is the belief in something that cannot be proven.

Those who believe in God cannot prove he exists.
Those who do not believe in God cannot prove he doesn’t exist.
Scientists rely on facts and theories.
Some of the facts have later been proven to be incorrect.
And theories are just theories.

Scientists cannot prove that God or a creator do not exist.

If There Is No God, What Then?
If there is no God or creator, what then?

We would have to view the world with all its suffering as well as its beauty as a random product of a meaningless universe.
All human plans and efforts for improvement and progress would be in vain, and humanity would be without hope.
If we do not believe in eternity then all we do here is irrelevant.
If nothing matters then there are no ultimate consequences.

It is quite improbable that such order came from chaos, with no sense or intelligence, and then create such astonishing, complex beings as man and woman, with a conscience and free will, and with the ability to love, to dream, and to express such fine emotions.

“Where were you when I laid the Earth’s foundation?
Have you comprehended the vast expanses of Earth?
Do you know the laws of Heaven?
Who is it that darkens my council with words without knowledge?”
( God speaking to Job )

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