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A New Year Wish.
That Hermes Birkin bags, which can cost upwards of £30,000 and entail the painful slaughter of countless crocodiles, will stop being the ‘Must Have’ accessory for idiot celebs like Posh, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.
( Carole Malone, 03.01.2016 )

Why is it legal to imprison animals who have committed no crime?
What, or who, gives us the right or the authority?
( Rose Winfold )

The assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals.
The arrogant and ignorant notion that because non-human animals are not human, their interest in their lives matters less than our interest in our lives.
That humans are worthy of life and animals are not.

If you think having a bolt smashed through your skull, being strung up by your ankle and having your throat slashed so your blood can pour out is a humane way to die, be sure to let your friends and family know that’s how you would like to go.
( Animal Activism Victoria )

There’s a reason why you take your children to pick apples.
But don’t take them to a slaughter-house.

Why must a small group of people constantly have to explain to the masses why enslaving and murdering innocent beings is wrong?
( Gary Yourofsky )

If you care about animals, stop eating their murdered bodies.

We’ve lost far too much of our wild places and the job now must be to stop the decline of what is left and restore much of what has already gone.
( Tony Juniper )

King Of The Mountains.
Villagers in the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh have told for generations of the blood-soaked terror created by “Shaan – the Grey Ghost of the Mountains” who would appear as if by magic at dawn or twilight.
The mythical beast – hungry snow leopards in reality – was such an efficient killer of yaks, cows and horses that farmers were losing up to 12% of their stock annually.
Protective measures by farmers struggling to survive financially and sheer greed of poachers selling the fur, bones and body parts of this majestic predator for medicinal and alleged sex-boosting qualities to the Chinese market meant that the species was in very real danger of extinction.
So severe was the threat that the World Conservation Union placed snow leopards on their Red List as “Endangered” – the same classification as the panda and the tiger.
The biggest difference to their better-known jungle cousins is the dense and woolly fur needed to stay warm in their bitterly cold mountain habitat.

In addition, they have powerful tails, which help them balance on the rugged mountain terrain, and enormous paws.
Massive development of technology and isolated cameras has helped towards the understanding of snow leopard habits and the ultimate survival of the species.

Our grandchildren will ask us one day, ‘Where were you during the holocaust of the animals?’
This time around we won’t be able to say, ‘We didn’t know it was going on’.

( Helmut Kaplan )

Why do vegans worry so much about the things other people eat?
Because animals are not ‘things’.

If you need to eat meat, as some animals do, go kill it yourself, with your teeth and bare hands, and eat it raw.
( Rose Winfold )

Drinking Milk.
Humans claim to be the most intelligent species on Earth, yet they still haven’t figured out they are not baby cows.

I don’t like the idea of eating animals.
They show no signs of wanting to eat me.
( John Peel )

How To Have A Pig For Dinner.
1) Make dinner.
2) Invite the pig.

Judge’s Take No Action For Killing Foxes.
Imagine if you drove drunk over the holiday period and killed someone, but the police turned a blind eye to it because there was a good chance a judge would be sympathetic to your lawyer arguing that this was an activity your father used to do and his father before him, and it’s your right to carry on doing it.
Wouldn’t happen, would it?
Yet that is precisely what’s been reported to have happened at various hunts across the land over the holidays, when despite foxes being illegally killed, no action was taken.
There is indeed one rule for some and one for the rest.
( Brian Reade, 02.01.2016 )

Those who say it’s hard to stop eating meat are focused on themselves, not the victims.

When people ask me why I don’t eat meat or any other animal products, I say, “Because they are unhealthy, and they are the product of a violent and inhumane industry. Chickens, cows and pigs in factory farms spend their whole lives in filthy, cramped conditions only to die a prolonged and painful death. Their bodies are then turned into food products proven to contribute to heart disease and cancer. To eat that is to eat poison.”
( Casey Affleck )

Freedom isn’t just for some.
It’s either for all, or for none.
Earth was created for all life.
Not just human life.

Vegetarianism is a greater progress. From the greater clearness of head and quicker apprehension motivated him to become a vegetarian.
( Benjamin Franklin )

“Meat” is the dead body of an animal that suffered from birth until brutal death.

Various philosophers and religious leaders tried to convince their disciples and followers that animals are nothing more than machines without a soul, without feelings.
However, anyone who has ever lived with an animal, be it a dog, a bird, or even a mouse, knows that this theory is a brazen lie, invented to justify cruelty.

( Isaac Bashevis Singer )

You have broken my body.
You have broken my spirit.

But you have broken yourself.
You are without compassion.

You fail your true moral test every time you choose cruelty over kindness.

It’s a Holocaust, the 100 billion animals birthed into suffering every year.
( Russell Simmonds )

I refuse to eat animals because I cannot nourish myself by the sufferings and by the death of other creatures.
I refuse to do so, because I suffered so painfully myself that I can feel the pains of others by recalling my own sufferings.

( Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz, Concentration Camp Survivor )

Animals At War.
Animals were used in a wide variety of ways during the First World War.
Most often they were pets or mascots, with no animal considered too outlandish to perform such a role – some units even adopted bears rescued from zoos.
Unsurprisingly, dogs and cats were more common, but pigs were another popular choice.
In the horrors of trench warfare, the animals had to adapt to the cruel conditions as well as any of their human comrades.

Of course, such sentimentality did not prevent animals being used as food.
Just about every form of creature was eaten, including hedgehogs, which were baked in clay to extract their spines.
Pigs were particularly prized by the troops as they could feed a dozen men for a week.
However, according to some accounts, the pigs were just as ravenous as the soldiers.

They roamed at large everywhere, very hungry, and there were stories of their gnawing dead bodies and even attacking the wounded.
Animals did more than just act as foodstuffs and mascots, of course.
They were also used in practical ways to help the war effort.
Hundreds of thousands of horses and mules were employed, but at a terrible cost – some quarter of a million were killed.
Messenger dogs and carrier pigeons were also used, but such creatures were left defenceless by gas attacks.

War, it is apparent, cares little whether its victims have two legs or four.

One dog speaking to another dog:
Are you a pure-bred dog like me?
Yes. Both my father and my mother were dogs, so that makes me a pure dog.

The media forgets to mention that several thousand children die every day because we give their food to enslaved animals on factory ‘farms’.

The interests or the needs of humans does not annul the rights of animals.
( Eileen Hutchison, 1926-2008 )

I will never again fly in the sky.
But alone in a cage I will die.

Compassion for animals is simply to care and to understand.
( Florence Emily Hookins, 1896-1962 )

As I travel around the world, I see poor countries who sell their grain to the West, while their own children starve in their arms and the West feeds it to livestock, so we can eat a steak.
Am I the only one who sees this as a crime?
Believe me, every morsel of meat we eat is slapping the tear-strained face of a hungry child.
When I look into her eyes, do I remain silent?
The earth can produce enough food for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed.

( Philip Wollen )

When beating and confining wild animals for ‘entertainment’ isn’t called extremism, but showing compassion for those animals is, as a society we have lost sight of what truly matters.
( Carrie Leblanc )

In 2009, the UK Government paid farmers £63million of tax-payers money in compensation for the slaughter of about 25,000 TB-infected cattle.
But it fails to put this in perspective because 300,000 cattle are killed each year with farmyard diseases such as mastitis and foot rot, as well as thousands of bull calves considered not commercially viable.

Do not take that which is not yours, including the lives of other animals.
( Jesus, Gospel of Thomas )

Zoos .. Where humans go to feel superior.
The slavery of animals is acceptable when hidden under the guise of education or entertainment.

If intelligence and capability are not criteria for the possession of rights, why would animals, who have the capacity to feel fear and pain, be excluded from our moral consideration? 
( Jack Norris )

According to new European Union rules, which I have just made up.
ALL animals are to be made a protected species.

I honestly don’t understand how people can fight against vegan.
You do realise that fighting against vegans means you’re fighting FOR animal cruelty, right?
( Joshua Andrew Huggett )

It’s not that difficult to tell alligators and crocodiles apart.
One will see you later, the other will see you in a while.

Compassion is the wish to see others free from suffering.
( Dalai Lama )

I do feel that spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants.
( Mahatma Gandhi )

Why Do People In The ‘Meat’ Industry Abuse Animals?
Because it can be done behind closed doors.
Because psychos and perverts are often employed.
Because laws that are supposed to protect them are rarely enforced.
Because animals can’t speak and call for help.
Because animals are viewed as commodities.
Because the primary purpose is to create profit.
Because of all this, they make easy targets for abuse.

Meat Eater:  “I love farm animal sanctuaries and petting all the cute animals.
Vegan:         “You do realise they’ve all been rescued from the likes of you, right?

I look my age.
It is the other people who look older than they are.
What can you expect from people who eat corpses?

( George Bernard Shaw )

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