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Morons Continue To Kill Foxes For Fun.
Animal welfare activists claim 99% of hunts they have monitored in the past decade break the law when laying a scent for hounds to follow.
Hunters at trail events must lay animal scents by dragging along a rag soaked in fox urine for dogs to pursue.
It is the only legal alternative to killing foxes with blood-hounds.
But the International Fund for Animal Welfare found trails were set at just four of 443 events run by 45 registered societies since the Hunting Act came into force.
Philip Mansbridge of the charity said, “With investigators witnessing no genuine trail hunting on 99% of occasions monitoring hunts which claim to do so, we have to conclude that most hunts are not laying a trail at all”.
Hunts have successfully defended their members in court by saying hounds strayed away from a set trail to go after a live fox.
And only a handful of 400 prosecutions under the Hunting Act 2004 are of people belonging to registered hunts.

( Tom Parry, 14.12.2015 )

Animals continue to suffer and die at the hands of ignorant humans with no conscience.
( Rose Winfold )

Save a life, shoot a camera.
( Kirk Wolcott )

It is hard to overstate the role willful ignorance plays in causing animals throughout the world to suffer.
( Milton Davidson )

The Dark Reality Of ‘Hunting’.
A small girl looks on as a pack of hunt hounds swarm around the bloodied bodies of two fox cubs.
The shocking footage, captured by anti-hunt campaigners, shows the child – aged around six – waving her arms as the blood-thirsty pack mills about the lifeless young animals.
The fox cubs, whose corpses are hidden from view in the footage, had been thrown to the 30-strong pack moments earlier, already dead.
The little girl can be seen dancing around the dogs, then backing away.
As she does so, 14 grown-ups stand by watching the fired-up hounds, tails wagging with delight, being directed by their handlers.
Animal rights activists condemned the group for letting a youngster view the distressing sight.
The horrific scenes unfolded near the village of Nymet Rowland, Devon, with dogs from the nearby Eggesford Kennels.
An under-cover investigator from the League Against Cruel Sports, who shot the footage from a public right of way, said, “It’s likely the cubs were dug out of their den and shot by the hunt’s terrier-man.”

Tom Quinn, campaigns director of the League Against Cruel Sports, said, “What kind of people are so unashamedly happy to parade their cruelty in front of a child? The majority in the UK are strongly against hunting. This is its dark reality. We are sure they will be shocked and disgusted to see a little girl being brought along to witness this barbarism.”
( Ben Glaze, 07.11.2015 )

Fox ‘hunting’ does nothing to limit numbers.
If this was the case, why are the morons who laughably call themselves ‘hunters’ breeding foxes?
( Wilfred Soon )

An asshole: A man, or a woman, with a high-powered rifle trying to see if they can kill a frightened creature that can’t shoot back.
( Rose Winfold )

The Darker Side Of Humanity.
The real struggle in being vegan doesn’t involve food.

The hardest part about being vegan is coming face-to-face with the darker side of humanity and trying to remain hopeful.
It’s trying to understand why otherwise good and caring people continue to participate in the needless violence against animals just for the sake of their own pleasure or convenience.

( Jo Tyler )

Cowards feel powerful when they abuse or hurt or kill animals.
( Wilfred Soon )

The cowards and the simpletons on horses can’t even kill the fox themselves.
They need a pack of about thirty hounds.
What pathetic assholes they are.
( Rose Winfold )

Tory Fox-Hunters Kill For Sadistic Pleasure.
It’s terrible Cameron wants to bring back fox-hunting.
The foxes in my garden kill the odd pigeon for food.
But Tory fox-hunters kill for sadistic pleasure.
Just in case, I’m strengthening my security fences and declaring my back garden a fox-hunting free zone and a sanctuary for Basil and his pals.

( John Prescott, 12.07.2015 )

We have never understood why men mount the heads of animals and hang them up to look down on their conquerors.
Possibly it feels good to these men to be superior to animals, but it does seem that if they were sure of it they would not have to prove it.
Often a man who is afraid must constantly demonstrate his courage and, in the case of the hunter, must keep a tangible record of his courage.
( John Steinbeck )

No humane being, past the thoughtless age of boyhood, will wantonly murder any creature, which holds its life by the same tenure that he does.
( Henry David Thoreau )

Whipped, Tortured And Brutally Killed.
Former hunts-woman turned anti-hunt campaigner Lynn Sawyer revealed it is seen as normal to shoot and incinerate dogs once they are no longer ‘productive’.
She said, “The hounds are very much the other victims. With every fox hunt that goes ahead, hounds are at risk of dying too”.
Lynn said any dogs showing signs of weakness were shot in the head or clubbed to death, sometimes at half their life expectancy.
Week-old puppies are also killed if they are not considered strong enough to join the 200 packs across Britain.
Cliff Pellow, another ex-hunter, claimed hounds were often tortured for chasing the wrong scent.
Mr Pellow said, “I have been told of pups with any kind of disfigurement having their heads dashed against the kennel floor. If a grown hound makes a sound when it is not supposed to during a hunt meet, or if it bays when it is not supposed to, they are punished. Another offence would be chasing the wrong animal instead of the fox the hunt is pursuing. I have seen hounds being whipped quite frequently. They wallop them with a whip crop. The hounds flinch, yelp and cower. Hounds are disposed of immediately if they are perceived to have failed in any way. As soon as a hound enters the pack it is taught to be savage, which is not its natural instinct, so if they deem it not savage enough they will remove it and kill it.”

Estimates of the number of hounds killed each year vary between 3,000 and 10,000, but up to 4,000 is a figure accepted by several respected animal welfare groups.
Lynn Sawyer said, “A fox hound that is elderly has reached the end of its productive life and it is shot without remorse. They don’t live out their days as pets nestled next to their owner even though an eight-year-old dog is still considered young. Once they are killed they are thrown in an incinerator. This is common knowledge on hunts, I don’t think anyone would deny it. It is normal practise.”
( Tom Parry, 14.07.2015 )

You can’t be a great human being when you enjoy killing innocent and helpless animals with a gun just for fun.
( Debasish Mridha )

Hunting Is Murder.
If ‘hunters’ truly want to participate in a fair, legitimate sport, then hunters should ‘hunt’ each other.
Then all participants have agreed to the rules.
No animal that is ‘hunted’ has ever agreed to participate in a ‘sport’ with humans.
Animals have no defence against the weapons used by humans.
( Rose Winfold )

But it isn’t hunger that drives millions of armed American males to forests and hills every autumn, as the high incidence of heart failure among the hunters will prove.
Somehow the hunting process has to do with masculinity, but I don’t quite know how.
( John Steinbeck )

Thousands Of Hounds Are Killed Every Year.
We know with certainty that thousands of hounds are killed every year.
They are always breeding more hounds, trying to get the perfect cross, so, as there is a constant number, we know the old ones are killed.
More are bred than are actually needed so many are killed soon after they are born.
Others are killed after the first trial when the hounds are assessed by the huntsmen. If they are not good enough, they are put down.

( Jordi Casamitjan, International Fund for Animal Welfare )

Hunting is not a sport.
Unless, of course, you’re hunting a fellow hunter who also has a gun.
Now you’ve got yourselves a contest.
( Kitty Flanagan )

When there are too many human beings in a given area, we make way for them.
When there are too many wild, or stray, animals, we kill them.
( Diane Adams )

The Shocking Mistreatment And Killing Of Hounds.
The shocking mistreatment and killing of hounds reveals how the nastiness of hunting extends way beyond the ripping apart of foxes and other wildlife.
Hunters prefer to keep their unpleasant secrets out of the public eye.
Pups considered not up to the chase, or older dogs deemed no longer useful, are animal victims too of a cruel industry which thrives on blood-lust and sickens people living in rural areas as well as towns and cities.
Fox hunting isn’t primarily about controlling foxes.
It’s a sport, a blood sport.

( Daily Mirror, 14.07.2015 )

I’ve got to say that I’m completely against the legalisation of fox-hunting.
I can’t see the point and it’s not something I’m comfortable with.
( Kym Marsh )

Deliberate cruelty to our defenceless and beautiful little cousins is surely one of the meanest and most detestable vices of which a human being can be guilty.
( William Ralph Inge )

Tories In The Pockets Of Farmers.
Shooting badgers shows how the Conservative Party remains in the pockets of farmers.
Scientists warn blasting Mr Brock won’t halt the spread of TB in cattle and may spread it if badgers flee.
Yet the Tories stick to a dead-end policy with culling to resume in Gloucestershire and Somerset.
Farmers want badgers shot and the Tories are terrified of telling them they’re wrong.
Bigotry and political cowardice equal cruelty and stupidity.

( Kevin Maguire, 01.09.2014 )

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