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If I wanted children I’d have them already.
Women are afraid to say they don’t want children because they’ll get shunned.
( Cameron Diaz )

I like children, I have my wonderful niece, but I knew early on that my energies were meant to go somewhere else.
( Nancy Dell’olio )

I’m a woman of a certain age who doesn’t have kids and never really settled down.
I enjoy kids but not for long periods.
I think they’re adorable and funny and sweet, and then I have a headache.
( Kim Cattrall )

I assumed I’d have children, but I was always more excited by the job than the boyfriends. And I never fancied being a mum, either.
( Judy Craymer )

I have deliberately chosen not to have it all.
I couldn’t do all of the exciting things that I do if I had children and I feel I have made that decision now. I think it is important to validate it as a choice.
( Lucy Worsley )

I have not thought about motherhood. Not now.
I don’t really think about that very much at present.
I’m 27 and feel work is my primary focus.
It’s not about having a family.
It would be nice to raise a couple of kids someday.
I don’t know how many I would like, a couple, somewhere in between one and 10.
( Scarlett Johansson )

I love being a mother more than anything that has ever happened to me.
( Emilia Fox )

My father taught me that when you start something, you finish it and never procrastinate. He’s a workaholic, and so am I.
My mum has an amazing spark about her.
I’m like her too in that I’m very easy-going and not afraid to get out there and make conversation with anyone. You don’t realise what you have growing up until you leave home, and then you think, ‘Wow – why did I leave so early?’
( Elisha Cuthbert )

My father never raised his voice to me – let alone his hand – but I could not have been more scared of making him mad. Not so much because of what he would do to me, but because what he would think of me.
( Tony Parsons )

The lesson I learned from my parents is a simple one.
You are the company you keep.
As a result of surrounding myself with good people I have learnt from their successes and enriched my experience and knowledge.
( Lisa Tse )

My parents were not supportive of me at all, and my father always told me that I’d never amount to anything.
( Nelle Davy )

Each of us will have our own different ways of expressing love and care for the family.
But unless that is a high priority, we may find that we may gain the whole world and lose our own children.

A child completes you. I just couldn’t imagine life without my daughter now.
( Charlie Brooks )

A child’s experience of mother-love is profound and long-lasting.
The care and attention, the protectiveness and concern, the responsiveness and admiration a mother is likely to provide imprint themselves within the very circuits of our brains, and we carry these with us through the ups and downs of day-to-day life.
Usually, a good-enough relationship with a mother provides us with an essential buffer against inevitable stresses and disappointments.
( Terri Apter, Psychologist )

‘Being there’ is one of the most important things a mother can do for her child, though this does not mean being constantly in a child’s presence.
‘Being there’ suggests a flow of access and interest.
It suggests capability – of focus and support.
The epitome of not being there for a child is not physical absence but emotional absence. More nerve-racking than anger, emotional absence deprives a child of a basic sense of self. There is no resonance, no responsiveness.
( Terri Apter, Psychologist )

I used to love sleep, but he has made me realise that I actually don’t need that much at all. It’s amazing. I sleep for maybe three hours, but there’s this excitement, energy and love in the house.
When I look into his little face I feel I’ve had 40 coffees and 20 hours of sleep.
I always knew I would adopt, even if I was in a relationship.
So it wasn’t like a last resort for me or anything like that. The time just felt right.
It’s not something you can take lightly because there’s a lot of emotional time and effort goes into adoption. It’s not as if you wake up one morning and by four in the afternoon you have a baby. It doesn’t happen that way. I knew it would take some time to get this slice of heaven on toast which is my little boy.
( Charlise Theron )

A cuddle. One of the (many) small, rose-hued, helium-filled joys of having children.
( Mimi Spencer )

Women with children are always exhausted.
They take exhaustion as a normal state to be in.
( Sue Townsend )

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