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Slaughterhouses Are Cheaper.
We should not be sending horses to abattoirs.

When I lost an old mare, she was put to sleep at home, in her favourite spot, while eating carrots, eye shielded from the needle by a gentle hand, and I was given her ashes.
Horse owners choose slaughterhouses because they are cheap.
To call out a vet is expensive, as is calling on the services of a horse ambulance to collect the body.
I’ve just seen the footage on Mail Online of a grey pony being shot in the head in a Somerset slaughterhouse, just one of the 60-odd murdered there each week.
Watch it, and then give money, please, to Equine Market Watch, the charity of which I’m patron.
It rescues discarded horses and ponies – of which this country has far, far too many – from a similar sorry end.
( Liz Jones, 17.02.2013 )

We use our power to dominate, exploit, and persecute animals, and choose which animals deserve a life and those who don’t.
Clear examples of arrogance, ignorance, vanity, selfishness and greed, and pretty much the same how cowards and bullies behave.

For a few moments of taste, we close our eyes to the unimaginable suffering and brutal murder.

Do people who stand up for animals annoy you?
How silent would you want these people to be if you were the victim?

I Now Question What Animal Rescue Centres Do.
Peter Hepburn from Cats Protection, stated how desperate the charity is for people to adopt cats.
I took my granddaughter to its sanctuary in East Sussex as she wanted to offer a permanent, loving home to any cat in need.
Staff told me the cost would be £75 plus a donation.
I was staggered and we left empty-handed.
There are lots of kind people who would love to offer a cat a home but are ruled out because they are pensioners or families on low incomes.
( Debra Lanaway )

Sadly our cat had to be put down recently, so I called Cats Protection and a local rescue centre about taking in a new pet.
I left my details but heard nothing.
Finally, I contacted a tiny group operated by one woman, and I accepted two beautiful cats.
I now question exactly what most rescue centres do.

( Josephine Bond )

The greatest lie the meat industry keep repeating is that they slaughter animals humanely.

Nothing humane ever came out of a slaughterhouse.

The world is beautiful but has a disease called man.

The Real Cost Of Dairy Food.
I’d been clueless about the real cost of producing dairy food – the welfare of calves.
To keep us all in milk, cheese and yoghurt, dairy cows have to give birth to a calf every year.
‘Bobby’ calves is the name given to the unwanted male offspring born to dairy cows.
Like the male chicks destroyed at birth because they can’t lay eggs, thousands of newborn male calves, useless for milking, are separated from their mothers and at four or five days old transported for up to 12 hours by truck to an abattoir.
According to Fiona Hunt, Animal Welfare Policy Officer of the RSPCA Victoria (Australia), these calves sometimes remain unfed for up to 48 hours before slaughter.
Now I’m not arguing against drinking milk or eating cheese on toast, and I know dairy products are an easy way to get enough calcium and other important nutrients.
But if we’re going to consume them let’s at least not Disney-fy things with images of contented or, in the case of one brand, laughing cows.
The last time I heard the sound a cow made when it lost her calf, it wasn’t a laugh.
And I don’t think I want to hear the sound dairy cows make when they’re dehorned ‘using a saw, shears, hot wire or a dehorning scoop, cutting through nerve endings and blood vessels in the horn’, as Hunt describes it.

It’s a painful procedure often done without an anaesthetic, she says.
Like most people, I’d always assumed no cows were harmed in the making of dairy products.
But while you don’t kill a cow to get its milk, the byproducts of dairy production – almost 600,000 calves in Victoria alone – have brief, miserable lives in order to keep cows lactating.

And another thing – in some cases these newborn cows are a month premature, induced in order to regulate milk production, says Hunt.
I think we’ve reached a point where we have to start eating less, not more, food that’s derived from animals.
( Paula Goodyer )

The most dangerous species on the planet?
Humans, of course.

Our governments have made it “legal” for farmers and the meat industry to abuse, terrorise, torture and brutally slaughter baby animals.
And the majority of people support and fund the cruelty and the violence.

Though many people think that pigs are dirty, lazy and not very smart, the truth is that not only do pigs prefer to be active and clean, they are also highly intelligent.
More intelligent, no doubt, than the creeps who abuse and slaughter them.

Slaughterhouse Workers Are More Prone To Violence.
People who work in abattoirs are more likely to be desensitised to suffering, which in turn could make them more likely to be violent towards humans, the research published in the Society and Animals journal found.
Overseas research has found that towns with abattoirs have higher rates of domestic violence and violent crimes including murder and rape, which prompted the Australian team to investigate the situation here.
Flinders University senior sociology lecturer Dr Nik Taylor said it had been established that the more positive a person’s attitude to animals, the lower their aggression levels, and that the reverse is also true – if you’re cruel to animals, you’re more likely to be violent to humans.
She found that slaughterhouse workers’ aggression levels were “so high they’re similar to the scores for incarcerated populations”.

A 2010 study by Canadian criminologist Amy Fitzgerald found violent crimes including sexual assault and rape increase in towns once an abattoir moves in.
( Tory Shepherd, January 2013 )

My mind is at peace when I look animals in the eye, knowing I don’t contribute to their abuse, suffering and brutal slaughter.

Heaven is a place where all the animals you have ever loved run to greet you.

The greatest weapons of mass destruction on this earth are greedy, ignorant humans.

Save The Fox, Cull The Slobs.
It’s a bit rich the NHS putting up “Fox Alert” posters when we are all far more likely to be killed by the NHS than by a fox.
I reckon our hospitals have probably killed more people than foxes have killed chickens.

How many deaths does the fox population have on its paws?
Er – none.

When did we become a nation of total hysterics?
If you want to control the urban fox population then you could start by getting local councils to do the job they are paid for – cleaning up our filthy streets.
It should be carved in stone that every house in the land has its bins collected at least once a week.
And once the councils start doing their job, we could have a crackdown on all those slobs who treat our pavements like a rubbish dump.

The fox wants to avoid human contact.
Their primal instinct is to stay the hell away.

We – stupid, slobby humans who always expect somebody else to clean up after us – have brought the fox population to our door.
And I confess that I always enjoy seeing a fox.
The sight of a fox makes my heart beat a bit faster.
It puts a smile on my face.

No. I am not one of those city folk who believes the fox is some kind of cuddly, stuffed toy.
I know it’s not Basil Brush peering at us from the bushes.

I know that if I tried to hug a fox he would cheerfully bite my nose off.
The fox is wild.
That’s what I like about him – the sight of a wild animal so close to home.
Spotting a fox always gives my day a lift – like having a little bit of David Attenborough on my doorstep.

Calm down, Britain – you are losing your grip.
Dogs are more likely to hurt babies than foxes.
And horrible human beings do more harm to children than dogs.
The fox is a wild animal.
He always will be.

But we still have more to fear from each other than we do the fox.
And what a miserable, antiseptic, sterile world this would be if it had no place for the wild fox.
As far as I can tell, the fox would prefer to have as little to do with us as possible.
He is only hanging around our neighbourhoods because human beings are such a bunch of slobs.
We would be far better off having a cull on human slovenliness than the fox population.

We scatter our streets with the remains of kebabs, chips and pizzas and then we wonder why wild animals treat our cities like one big buffet.
Save the fox – cull the slobs!
( Tony Parsons )

It’s time to evolve, time to become civilised, time for a world without slaughterhouses.

Life is life.
The idea of difference is an arrogant human conception for man’s own advantage.

Humans would be extinct within a few days if humans killed each other at the same rate they kill animals and birds.

‘Hunters’ Are Not Too Bright.
The Countryside Alliance (Blood Sports Incorporated), whose major thrill in life is chasing defenceless animals until they die, send its members to coaching classes because “too often, the people defending hunting on TV come across as arrogant, aloof, out-of-touch toffs.”
They are attempting to con the nation into thinking they’re decent, ordinary people.
Hunting is an obscene activity, practised and enjoyed by the dregs of the middle classes.
Male hunters are invariably impotent and women who hunt are boring sex-starved slags who climb on horses purely for the clitoral stimulation.

Hunters, and hunt supporters, are barbaric heathens who simply obtain pleasure from killing.
They are animal murderers whose hobby is murdering for fun.

They are identical in spirit and intellect to those who rape and murder.
What do they look like?
The pompous, arrogant prats in fancy dress shouting “tally ho!”
The rabid, rancid psychopaths who hunt (and the creeps who support hunting) are without exception among the cruellest, most thoughtless, most evil members of our community.
People that hunt animals are not too bright.

Most, indeed, are so thick that they have to go to special evening classes to learn how to shout “Tally Ho!”
Thanks to the Labour government, for the last few years we haven’t had to witness rich prats on horses chasing defenceless foxes around our countryside and then letting their dogs tear the terrified creatures to pieces.
But the Conservatives have made it clear they want to see hunting re-introduced.
The law against hunting with dogs has been widely defied by fox hunts, but there have only been a handful of successful prosecutions.
It’s hard to avoid the natural conclusion that police chiefs are in league with the hunting fraternity to frustrate the will of the people and parliament.
The cops whinge that the law is ‘unworkable’.
That’s because they won’t make it work.
If trade unions and their members defied the law in this way, it would be called sedition, and people would go to prison.
All the lurid claims of unemployment, rabid foxes over-running the countryside and thousands of dogs being put down have proved to be untrue, because hunt bosses have kept their outfits in working order, awaiting the Conservative government to repeal the hunting with dogs act.
( Rose Winfold )

Without doubt, animals are more deserving of our respect and our care than the cowards and the morons that abuse them and do them harm.

Just like cowards and bullies, we persecute the most vulnerable and the most gentlest creatures.

The real beast is the human beast who uses a weapon to kill an innocent, defenceless animal.
( Wilfred Soon )

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