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We can see quite plainly that our present civilisation is built on the exploitation of animals, just as past civilisations were built on the exploitation of slaves, and we believe the spiritual destiny of man is such that in time he will view with abhorrence the idea that men once fed on the products of animals’ bodies.
( Donald Watson, 1910-2005, English animal rights advocate who coined the word vegan and founded the Vegan Society )

You kill one animal and it’s cruelty.
You kill millions of animals and it’s farming.

There is no place in a civilised society for hunting animals to death for ‘sport’, under any circumstances, anywhere on this planet.
( Brian Cox )

We need to cull certain politicians.
The nonsense and crap and bull-shit they spout poses a serious risk to both humans and animals.

Mankind is not the only animal that laughs, cries, thinks, feels, and loves.
The sooner we acknowledge that animals are emotional beings, the sooner we will cease destroying animals and embrace them as our brothers and sisters.
( Anthony Douglas Williams )

Animal farms are run on fuel called PAIN.

Suffering is suffering.
It is always ugly.
It is always unwelcome.

It always needs to be stopped.
There are no exceptions.

A person with the capacity but not the inclination to cease suffering is morally incomplete.
( Mirko Bagaric )

The Milk From Animals Is Not Good For Humans.
Cows produce milk for the same reason that humans do.
To nourish their young.

In order to force the animals to continue giving milk, they are typically impregnated using artificial insemination each year.
Calves are taken from their mothers within a day of being born.
Males are destined for veal crates and the females to the same fate as their poor mothers.
Humans have no more need for their mother’s milk after weaning than any other mammal.
We certainly do not have the need to steal the milk from any species of animal and ingest it as though it were a gift from heaven.
It is not a gift but a brutal and barbaric practise that wreaks havoc on our health.
The truth is that humans cannot now, nor have they ever been able to, tolerate the lactating liquid meant for another species of animal.

If people were superior to animals, they would take better care of the world.
( Winnie the Pooh )

Why are so many humans cruel, ignorant and backward and believe they have the right to be free and respected but every other creature on earth doesn’t?

There is no meaningful distinction between eating flesh and eating dairy or other animal products.
Animals exploited in the dairy industry live longer than those used for meat, but they are treated worse during their lives, and they end up in the same slaughterhouse after which we consume their flesh anyway.
There is probably more suffering in a glass of milk or an ice cream cone than there is in a steak.

( Gary L. Francione )

We enslave and abuse them from the day they are born.
Then in one gluttonous move, we take their lives.

Meat cannot be acquired without violence.
( Melanie Joy )

Cruel, greedy, ignorant humans use their power to deprive animals of freedom and a life.

In human history, only 100 billion human beings have ever lived.
Seven billion people are alive today.
We humans torture and kill two billion sentient, living, loving animals every week, and we stab and suffocate one billion ocean animals every three hours.
( Philip Wollen )

Because I’m a pig it’s legal to abuse and hurt me and then brutally kill me.

If you have one molecule of empathy, you would recognise the cruelty of industrial pig farming.
( The Star Ledger )

Domestic Violence And Pet Abuse.
For many victims of domestic violence, their relationship to their pet is their strongest positive connection with another living being.
In abusive relationships, pets are often targeted by the abusive partner and threatened or killed in order to exert power and maintain control over the victim.
Furthermore, since emergency shelters are often unable to accommodate pets, many victims delay leaving an abusive situation out of fear for what might happen to their pet.
If someone punches, kicks, throws or hurts an animal in any way, that person has demonstrated the capacity for violence.
You cannot assume that the violence will stop there.
If your partner has harmed or seriously threatened your animal, you and your children may also be in danger.

I believe that hunting with dogs is a barbaric practise that in no way can be justified as sport, and must be banned in our society before we can think of ourselves as civilised.
I, along with the majority of the British public, backed this historic victory for wildlife.
Don’t let politicians bring back cruelty.

( Paul McCartney )

Slavery was legal.
Burning witches was legal.
Killing animals is legal.

Legality is a construct of the powerful.
Not of justice.

If it’s not good enough for your eyes.
Why is it good enough for your stomach?
( Gary Yourofsky )

The best things in life are rescued.

I am strongly opposed to the cruel and barbaric ‘sport’ of hunting wild animals with dogs and was delighted when this was banned in England and Wales in 2004.
However, it appears that both the spirit and letter of the law continue to be flouted by some organised Hunts.
As a countryman I support the campaign for the Hunting Act to be strengthened in order to make the law both more of a deterrent and easier to enforce.
Presently there are too many loopholes which the Hunts exploit quite cynically.

( Patrick Stewart )

People are more scared of terrorists than the bacon they eat.
And I’m like, “You know which one is more likely to kill you, right?”

A product that causes so much suffering that it’s illegal to produce in the UK should not be sold in an iconic British department store.
( Ralph Fiennes, on foie gras being sold in Fortnum and Mason )

An ignorant belief by many humans is that all other species of animals are inferior and may therefore be used for human benefit or consumption without any regard to the suffering, pain, and brutal death inflicted.

The vast multitudes of creatures, great and small and infinite in number, lived and had a good time in God’s love before man was created.
( Rose Winfold )

It’s not about your right to eat meat, or my right to stop you.
It’s about their right to live.

We Will Never Again Do To Others The Evil That Has Been Done To Us.
I have the right to determine that there’s no difference.
There’s no difference between what those who took control of us did to us and what we do to the animals we have taken control of.
We keep declaring “never again” and mean that the evil that has been done to us will never recur.
But the real lesson is the opposite.
We will never again do to others the evil that has been done to us.
We will never again distinguish between one living creature and another, we will never again see any living creature as inferior to ourselves.
We will not deny it its feelings, its suffering and especially not its desire (which is as strong as ours) to live.

( Dr. Alex Hershaft, a Holocaust survivor )

They trusted us.
They thought we would care for them.
And then we abuse them, inflict unimaginable suffering, cut their throats and then butcher their bodies.

Destined to die.
Just to satisfy the gluttonous desires of humans.

A small minority of people care about all the animals we share this earth with, and not just those we call pets.

Dogs Can Detect Prostate Cancer.
Dogs can almost always detect prostate cancer in men, new research reveals.
Two German Shepherds which sniffed the urine of 900 men – 360 with the cancer and 540 without – got it right in about 98% of cases.
The charity Medical Detection Dogs had a 93% reliability rate detecting bladder and prostate cancer with dogs.
Their acute smell is thought to detect cancer specific compounds.

( Andrew Gregory, 11.04.2015 )

Animal cruelty is an early predictor that a person is developing a pattern of seeking power and control by inflicting suffering on people.

Fox hunting symbolises the chilling reality that the Conservatives won the general election as the Nasty Party.
Returning to the days when it was lawful to whip dogs into a frenzy to rip apart other animals is a frightening bloodlust the Tories will extend to our cherished rights.

( Kevin Maguire, 18.05.2015 )

They live in fear from the moment they are born.
And the majority of people, who claim they care about animals, don’t give a shit.

Rabbits Suffer Horrendous Lab Tests.
The number of rabbits suffering horrendous lab tests for medical research has soared, despite critics claiming they are unnecessarily cruel.
In one year, 11,895 were subjected to deliberate injury such as broken bones and impact wounds or injected with viruses, fevers and infections, while kept in stocks.
The figure from 2013 is a 13% leap on the 10,538 the year before.
The British Union Against Vivisection branded the experiments ‘sickening’.
Head of science Katy Taylor said, “We are appalled rabbits continue to be used. Not only are they forced to endure unimaginable suffering, but these tests are a poor mimic of human diseases.”

( Martin Bagot, 15.05.2015 )

When morals only apply to humans and not non-humans, then morals and morality are meaningless.
You can’t have moral exploitation, moral violence, moral abuse, moral torture, or the moral killing of innocents.

If we can only speak out, or shout out.
If we can only do small things.
If we might save just one life.
We have an obligation to try.

The act of killing hopelessly sick or injured individual animals in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.
What animal shelters are doing is NOT euthanasia.
They are killing healthy animals simply because they are homeless.
What they are doing is mass slaughter. Mass murder.

What struck me whenever I visited a farm was how much more sophisticated was the life the animals were capable of living than was assumed by those exploiting them.
The more we are willing to see about their lives, the more we will see.
Humans seem to take perverse pleasure in attributing stupidity to animals when it is almost always entirely a question of human ignorance.

( Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson )

We live in a world where the majority of people choose to inflict suffering and brutal death on gentle animals for the sole purpose of satisfying their taste buds.

People who abuse animals are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people.
( A Study by the MSPCA and Northeastern University in 1997 )

The UK Conservative Government want to repeal the ‘hunting’ ban.
They want the freedom to sit on a horse and watch dogs rip a fox to pieces.

We Are Sorry.
You were skinned alive for boots.
Painfully slaughtered for meat.
Enslaved for entertainment.
Lost your home and taken away from your family.
We are sorry for the human race not thinking you are important.
You are important.
We see you.
We care.
We are trying to help you.

But we are a very small portion of the human race.

The morons that call themselves ‘hunters’ and see death as a trophy have failed miserably in the game of life.
( Rose Winfold )

The meat industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars lying to the public about their product.
But no amount of false propaganda can sanitise meat.
The facts are absolutely clear.
Eating meat is bad for human health, catastrophic for the environment, and a living nightmare for animals.

( Chrissie Hynde )

The despicable meat and dairy industries that have normalised the abuse and the torture and the killing of billions of animals are the real diseases that infect our planet.

I love and trust my human so much that I do anything they ask of me.

Home is where your dog runs to greet you.
( Eileen Hutchison, 1926-2008 )

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