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The truth is I’ve actually never wanted to interview Madonna.
I’ve always thought of her as a highly annoying creature, and I know the feeling’s mutual.
( Piers Morgan )

What Would He Think Of Me?
If I met the 16-year-old Tommy Lee now, we’d still have a lot in common.

I swear there’s a part of me that has never grown up and I’m sure it never will.
I still drag that little guy around with me every day.
What would he think of me?
He’d be shocked by certain things I’ve done.
I guess, there’s certain things, probably some of the naughtier things – the drugs, the women – that would shock him.
He’d be very inquisitive, he’d want to know it all, but I’d try to protect him, like I try to shelter my own sons.
Looking back, I still think some of my happiest times were with me and my dad when I was a kid.
I start to smile whenever I think of him.
He died about six or seven years ago.
He loved to sit by the lake, so a few days before he died I rented a big house boat and I took him out there in his wheelchair.
We spent a couple of days by the lake just talking and I got to say everything I needed to say to him.
I’m so glad I got the chance to do that.
I miss him a lot.
( Tommy Lee )

Next year I’ll work on me.
It’s a new chapter.

I’ve got a new journey I’m going on.
( Nicole Scherzinger )

George Clooney For President?
When George Clooney was asked if his political side would ever tempt him to run for the White House, he said,
“There’s a guy in office right now who is smarter than almost anybody you know. He has more compassion than almost anybody you know and he’s having an almost impossible time governing. Why would anyone really volunteer for that job? I already have a really good job and I get to hang out with very seductive people”.

For the last 12 months I’ve been having singing lessons.
My grandma used to sing in pubs in the 1940s for a few bob.
( Dean Andrews )

I’m Surrounded By Friends.
I’m surrounded by friends who are married and have children and maybe some day that will be me.
But I’m not wanting to do anything like that right now.
I’m the greatest aunt and have a lot of fun with kids.
But at the end of the day I really enjoy being able to give them back to their parents too.
I’m a kinda selfish person who right now enjoys being single, enjoys the fact that I can work as much as I do, and not really have to answer to anyone.
( Kelly Clarkson )

I always wanted to be Bond, as in a spy for the secret service, not the fictional character.
( Josh Bolt )

Jimmy Carter Didn’t Go To War With Anyone.
Jimmy Carter had only one term as President of the United States but he didn’t go to war with anyone, he brought lasting peace between Egypt and Israel, he reconciled China’s relations with America, and kept the country’s budget balanced.

I don’t have any regrets whatsoever because it has been my life.
I’ve been very privileged, I’m lucky and I’m still alive.
( Helen Baxendale )

Beverly Hills Is A Vampire City.
Beverly Hills is a vampire city – I hate going there.
There’s definitely a bubble in LA with only one type of industry going on, and it gets to me.
I’m originally from New Jersey and I prefer the mentality on the east coast of America.
I like living in New York.
I have anonymity here that I don’t have in Los Angeles.

London was too vast, too big a city for me when I first went there, but now I love it.
( Kirsten Dunst )

At weekends I try to take time out to think – and for me that means a walk along the River Thames near where I live.
I grew up in this area of West London, so I feel really at home here.
I love the amazing old houses and fantastic views – it’s like stepping back in time.
( Sophie Ellis-Bextor )

I Love A Pint Of Guinness.
I love a pint of Guinness.

I’m a feminine tomboy, just like my sisters.
We love being girls, we love being women, but we like hanging out with guys.
We used to hang out in a bar called Leitrim in Queens, and I’d drink with the guys there – firemen, the police guys, paramedics.
When you drink Guinness, just make sure you don’t get the foam on your nose.
( Zoe Saldana )

My dad is one of 11 children and there are more than 40 of us grandchildren.
( Rooney Mara )

Now That I’m In My 50s.
When you turn 40, America has no idea what to do with you.
It’s as though women go into a vacuum seal.
But now that I am in my 50s, I have been allowed to re-emerge.
I have absolutely no objection to growing older.
I am a stroke survivor so I am extremely grateful to be ageing.
I have nothing but gratitude for the passing years.

( Sharon Stone )

I was engaged to a beautiful woman.
I managed to screw that up very quickly.
( Marlon Roudette )

I’d Better Be Careful Who I Marry.
I only get called my real name, Victoria, when I’m in trouble.

My mum always calls me that when I’ve been out of order.
To everyone else I’m always Pixie.
Pixie Lott is just a good pop name, I think.
My mother’s last name was Martin.
Pixie Martin hasn’t got the same ring to it.
I’d better be careful who I marry.
If I have to change my name it has to be one that looks right on my record sleeves.
( Pixie Lott )

I don’t like to gain weight.
I don’t like it if I bend over and fat bends over with me.
( Sharon Stone )

I’ve Never Got Wet Since.
Hockey at my high school in Essex was always performed in winter, in a sea of mud, with us wearing flimsy navy culottes, with bare legs and no gloves.
Cross-country running was cold, vomit-inducing and involved being humiliated in public.
Swimming was outside, in an unheated pool.

Gym was performed on very thin rubber mats.
Netball meant the confident, bigger girls pushed us smaller ones over.
Rounders produced endless arguments over who was in or out.
Sport didn’t give confidence to the more nervous among us, it made us feel even more feeble so that, in the end, we opted out.
In the pool, I became so overwhelmed by the other girls’ ability to perform butterfly stroke, when all I could do was remain in one spot in the shallow end, poised to drown, that I made my mum write letter after letter, claiming I had a very persistent verruca.
I’ve never got wet since.

( Liz Jones )

Nowhere To Call Home.
We live in a world which seems nonchalant about the growing gap between rich and poor, in which more and more people have been gulled into thinking that fame, money, bling and a personalised number plate represent the summit of human striving.
In a world in which nearly a million homes stand empty in Britain, while hundreds of thousands have nowhere to call home.

( Rose Winfold )

I am finally waking up to the fact that life is here to be lived.
It is the only one I have.

( Liz Jones )

I Was A Blitz Baby.
My brother was sent to the country as an evacuee, but I was in the house with my mother getting bombed.
The irony is that here we are, the world has changed, and the Germans want to run Europe.
They failed to do it by war, twice.

What is it?
Is this the Fourth Reich?

I’m only reflecting what’s been going on in the country for some time.
We have more and more rules coming out of Europe telling us what to do, and I think people are getting a bit fed up with it.
This was supposed to be a common market.
I don’t remember them ever saying we would be governed by Brussels and become a satellite of Europe.

But there you are.
At least we’re not throwing bombs at each other.

( David Jason )

I Smile Through It.
You have to be nice to everyone in this business – even people who call you ugly.
You have to put grudges to one side.
People have said truly horrible things about me.
I don’t think in terms of forgiveness.
I just try to be professional about it.

When I meet people who’ve called me ugly or whatever, I smile through it.
I’m not going to make an issue of it.
I haven’t got it in me to be as nasty to other people as some people have been to me.
I would never degrade myself by bringing myself down to their level.

I would never frivolously slag someone off.
I’m a far better person than that.

( Nicola Roberts )

It’s important to have your own life.
As soon as you give up too much of yourself it just turns bad.
( Kirsten Dunst )

None Of Us Is Stupid.
Each one of us was hungry and focused to succeed.
Yes, we wanted fame, yes we wanted money and success, but we always knew it came at a price.
I think if any of us didn’t know exactly what we were doing, we wouldn’t be sitting here.

This isn’t a band, it’s a business.
It’s our business and each of us works at it 24/7.

That’s the deal.
None of us is stupid, each of us knows it could all end tomorrow so we have to maximise what we have when we have it.

( Marvin Humes )

Lily Allen tweeted that I was a trollop.
That was hard to take, especially as I’d never even met her.
( Edith Bowman )

I Hope That I Don’t Hurt People.
I don’t think anybody is completely confident with themselves or their body.
I’m sure there are always things you want to change.
People say horrible things about you and it hurts.
Of course it does.
I’m human and I hate it.

I’ve never tried to analyse myself.
I have no idea whether I’m completely sane.
I should imagine that I’m not.
I don’t think anybody is.

I see the world through my eyes and it’s sometimes a strange world.
I hope that I don’t hurt people.
I think that’s it.

You don’t hurt yourself too much, you don’t hurt others.
Maybe that’s keeping yourself in check.
Early on in my career, I just took what was offered.
There wasn’t an option.

With Pirates, I didn’t have anything else on so it was a case of, OK, I’ll do that.
Wicked, I’ve got a job.
I’ve had an extraordinary journey and I’ve been stupidly lucky.
Some of it’s been completely wonderful and I’ve loved it – some of it’s been very difficult and I haven’t.
But that’s life.

( Keira Knightly )

I think loving your life is probably the secret of looking good.
( Eva Cavalli )

I’ve Learnt To Listen To My Body More.
I have a heart defect – but I don’t let the condition rule my life.
As I’ve got older I’ve learnt to listen to my body more.
In 2007, doctors found that I have a bicuspid valve, which means my heart needs to work harder in order to function.
Around the same time, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.
They were two major wake-up calls.

In my own case, I felt as if my body was shouting at me, pleading with me to slow down a bit.
It’s just something that I need to monitor, and I have to get regular scans.
It might deteriorate, it might not.
If it does then I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

( Edith Bowman )

I Learnt It At Sunday School.
Religious commitment to charity and kindness has declined.
Nobody learns that.
They don’t learn it in their homes, they don’t learn it in their school, it’s seen as soft.
It’s not what you’re about.
You’re meant to stand up for your own individual personality, make your way in the world and good luck to you.
Kindness, empathy, generosity are all in short supply and people used to learn it from the churches – I learnt it at Sunday school.

Where do you learn it now?
I don’t know.

( Dame Joan Bakewell )

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