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She’s Partly Responsible For Me Being Here.
I always looked up to her.

One of the first songs I remember falling in love with was Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’.
All of her music was played in my house.
It was inspiring and it made me develop a passion for music.
So, really, she’s partly responsible for me being here, in this industry.
( Rihanna )

I am awfully vulgar and not known for holding my tongue.
My family just sigh at the things I say.
( Dillie Keane )

I’m not allowed to say anything political because I work for the BBC.
( Gaby Roslin )

I’ve had nothing but contempt for “magician” Paul Daniels since he failed to perform a disappearing act in 1997 after saying he’d leave the country if Labour came to power.
But he’s gone way up in my estimation after sawing his finger off.

Finally, after 21 months, we’ve got a Tory cut we can all cheer.
( Brian Reade )

Singing Is The Key To Happiness.
French people are a little dusty sometimes.

I wouldn’t say we’re dirty, though we’re famous for not washing.
I notice cultural differences.
The French can be reserved but the London audience are different, they can be very cunning, playful and funny.
I had no plans when I was a kid to be anything like a nurse, a president or a singer.
I was just living in the moment.
But when I was a child, Ray Charles was like a granddad, I loved him so dearly.
I didn’t actually know him but the fact that he was the first person to mix gospel and sexy music – spirit and sex together – it is just the best you can get.
My ambition is to make people sing everywhere, that’s what I’d like to do with my life.
I feel people don’t sing enough, people should sing more, it’s the key to happiness.
I don’t sing because I’m a singer, I sing because I like to, though thank God I can make records.
It allows me to sing all day long.

I think everybody should, as much as they can.
( Camile Dalmais )

I don’t like seeing my dad kiss other women on screen.
It’s really weird.
My mum’s fine with it – she doesn’t care.

( Jaime Winstone )

It takes a lot of discipline to get out of bed early in the morning and start pounding the streets.
( Kimberly Wyatt )

I don’t drink or smoke and would never ever touch drugs.
I’m a goody two-shoes.
I’m not afraid to say I’m very comfortable with who I am and I love who I love.
( Jessie J )

Solitude is one of the greatest things in life.
If you can master the art of being happy with your own company, your life becomes ten times easier.

It baffles me when I meet people who constantly need the company of others.
( Lisa Snowdon )

I still enjoy what I do – in fact, even more if anything.
The thing about turning 40 is I feel like I’ve had life experience and I know what I’m doing now.
I feel like the best days are ahead of me.

( Jennifer Lopez )

I Was Beholden To No One.
I first became homeless back in the 1980s.

My mother had died when I was five, and after being shunted around between family members, care homes and foster parents I ran away.
Street life just became the norm for me.
It’s a different world and it just becomes part of what you do.
I’ve never had a problem with alcohol or drugs, so being homeless was definitely a choice, which I know might sound strange.
I had freedom and I was beholden to no one, but then again I’ve got nothing to show for myself.
( Dave Martin )

The best gardens work with nature, but men try to impose gardens on the natural world.
( Monty Don )

Life is not a rehearsal and we shouldn’t waste time sleeping.
( Ian Botham )

We live in a multi-cultural society far more open to international ideas.
If you’d told me 20 years ago I’d drive through Bury and see someone sitting outside a cafe drinking a latte. I’d have laughed.
In fact, I wouldn’t have even known what a latte was.
( Gary Neville )

Home Is Still New York.
I’d never been to Scotland before but it was great.
I love it there.

It’s cold and wet and windy.
The people are lovely.

Half of my heart belongs to my work.
I think that probably changes when you have children.
At some point I’d like to have kids.
I am nowhere near that now, though.
I have too much to do.

Home is still New York.
It’s just a beautiful dump of a city.

I love people-watching and just walking around.
It is poetic and romantic and inspiring.
If I couldn’t live in New York I’d live in London.
I love Notting Hill and the flea markets.
( Scarlett Johansson )

If you don’t adore yourself unconditionally why should anyone else?
However unappealing you may be, there will be somebody somewhere who finds you simply wonderful.
( Charles Saatchi )

I believe in some form of afterlife.
( Sir Patrick Moore )

We run a company that recycles phones and we get a lot of people sending us broken phones.
We’ve had about 200 complaints, that’s all there is to tell really.

( Alan Lynch, )

This Is A Great Time In My Life.
I have no doubt that the days I spent running free in the evocative Connecticut countryside with an unfettered imagination, playing whatever character our games demanded, is one of the reasons that acting has always seemed so natural to me.

One of the worst things you can ever do is compare your career to anyone else’s.
I’ve come to the point where my career is my career, my choices are my choices, and this is how it has worked out.
Which, by anyone’s standards, is not too badly.

This is a great time in my life, and I have a very full life.
Marriage is still important to me – I love it.
I love the companionship, I love building a history with somebody, I love knowing that this is someone to whom you are deeply committed, as they are to you, and that whatever comes, you will deal with it.
This contentment brings its own complications, albeit pleasant ones.
I guess the real happiness I feel in my private life makes my work life more challenging, because you become a little bit pickier.
It doesn’t mean that you’re not still compelled to work, but you ask yourself.
Is this worth leaving home for?

I’d love to have a few adventures with my husband now, go on a few trips, see what happens.
I’m actually at a point where I am really kind of up for anything.

( Glenn Close )

Cooking is really just making food a bit hotter.
( Frank Skinner )

People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it’s safer to harass a rich women than a motorcycle gang.
( Charles Saatchi )

I Don’t Want To Live In The Office.
I happened to be born in the Royal Air Force hospital in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Then we lived in Bristol until I was three-and-a-half before dad was offered a job as a chief test pilot in Australia.
We moved out there and the family never came back.

There’s no reason to live in the United States.
If you go to Australia you will realise why I wouldn’t want to live over there.
I don’t want to live in the office.
I end up going to the States four times a year anyway.
So, if I go there to promote something then I will go to a bunch of meetings while I’m there.
I couldn’t live in LA.
I’d much rather live in Australia.

( Guy Pearce )

My idea of happiness can be to do absolutely nothing.
( Scarlett Johansson )

It’s only impossible if you stop to think about it.
( Pirate Captain )

I don’t like anything that has to do with working physically.
If it involves sitting down or shopping, then I’m excellent at it.
( Serena Williams )

It’s definitely every woman’s fantasy to have two hot, sexy guys battling over you.
But I don’t think it happens too often in real life.
( Reese Witherspoon )

They Look For Power Or Love.
Some people spend their lives hoping for something to happen that will change everything.
They look for power or love but the answers to their biggest questions.

I think really what they’re looking for is another chance.
Some way to lead another life for all the mistakes they’ve made would be erased and they could just start over.

Nothing bad has happened if and all the possibilities are still in front of them.
( Allie Keys, Taken )

I have learnt that communication is the most valuable part of a relationship, being truthful to yourself and to your partner and, when you have a problem, getting to the root of it.
I think people are secretive by nature.

I like to try to work things out on my own and I am not used to seeking out advice.
But when you’re in a relationship, just realising that you don’t have to take care of everything is important.
( Scarlett Johansson )

Meaning well is not the same as doing good.
For example, if you were a local councillor with a burning desire to save the planet, wouldn’t it be better to start by concentrating on having the lifts on the local estate working and not stinking of urine?
( Charles Saatchi )

I’ve never envied the very rich.
I’d rather endure Shrek’s bog than a life of boarding-school buggery.
( Brian Reade )

Love your money, relish it and then put some of it back to relieve the misery of the less fortunate.
( Carole Ann Rice )

Everyone’s on something there.
It’s the most medicated place, there’s a whole massive market for really addictive drugs.
( Sienna Miller, about Hollywood )

From the ages of eight to ten, I witnessed domestic violence when my mum Beverly was assaulted by her then boyfriend.
Thankfully she wasn’t hospitalised, but although a bruise can heal, the emotional damage can last.
And things you saw as a child can affect your behaviour as an adult.
( Alesha Dixon )

I don’t feel bad about any of the things I’ve done and gone through, whether it’s divorce, break-ups or anything like that, because it’s all part of life’s journey.
( Reese Witherspoon )

Be True To Yourself.
While it’s very nice to be noticed, I’m not seduced by fame.
What I want is for my music to be remembered.
That’s what one of my heroines Nina Simone achieved for herself and no way could you call her an artist who was always on the airwaves.
These days nothing lasts.
Music is like fast food – you’re in, then out.
We choose and consume, feast and forget, then rush on to the next hot thing.
There’s no point chasing that kind of success because it’s so transient.
Far better to follow your own path and be true to yourself.
( Emeli Sande )

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