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The Bitch Of Belsen ..
The ‘Bitch of Belsen’, Irma Grese, was born on October 7, 1923, in Luchen, Germany.

She joined the SS at 18 and was posted to Auschwitz – Birkenau to supervise female prisoners.
Known as a student, within a year Grese was promoted to control blocks of female prisoners.
She would wander around the camp with her Alsatian dog and target women that she thought more attractive than her, disfiguring them.
She was also known as the ‘Blonde Angel of Birkenau’.
When Auschwitz closed in January 1945, Grese was transferred to Bergen-Belsen, where she was captured by the British in April 1945.
Tried between September 17 and November 17, 1945, despite claiming she had never mistreated anyone, Grese was sentenced to death with ten other concentration camp staff members.
Grese was hanged in Hamelin jail, Germany, on December 13, 1945, by official British executioner Albert Pierrepoint.
Aged just 22 at the time, she became the youngest person executed in the 20th Century under British jurisdiction.
Asked if she had any last words, she replied, “Schnell”.

Forgetting Their Honour And Duty ..
Once the Red Army surged into East Prussia in January 1945, its vengeance became almost unspeakable.
Leonid Rabichev, a signals lieutenant with the 31st Army, described the scenes beyond Goldap…
All the roads were filled with old people, women and children, large families moving slowly on carts, vehicles or on foot towards the west.
Our tank troops, infantry, artillery, signals caught up with them and cleared the way for themselves by pushing their horses and carts and belongings into the ditches on either side of the road.
Then thousands of them forced the old women and children aside.
Forgetting their honour and duty and forgetting about the retreating German units, they pounced on the women and girls.
Women, mothers and their daughters lie to the right and the left of the highway and in front of each one stands a laughing gang of men with their trousers down.
Those already covered in blood and losing consciousness are dragged to the side.
Children trying to help them have been shot.
There is laughter and roaring and jeering, screams and moans.
And the soldiers’ commanders – majors and lieutenant colonels – are standing there on the highway.
Some are laughing, but some are also conducting the event so that all their soldiers without exception could take part.
This is not an initiation rite, and it has nothing to do with revenge against the accursed occupiers, this is just a hellish diabolical group sex.
This represents a complete lack of control and the brutal logic of a crowd gone mad.

Sleeping With The Enemy ..
The French are upset over a book of wartime photos showing their women canoodling with Nazi invaders.

Though more than two million Frenchmen were in prisoner of war camps, the birth rate rose spectacularly, with an estimated 200,000 children born to Franco-German couples during the war.
Sleeping with the enemy?

The Greatest British Politician ..
David Lloyd George was the greatest British politician of the 20th Century by a mile.
He had it all.
A mesmerising orator, both on the platform and in the Commons, he was equally persuasive one-to-one and could reconcile the most intransigent opponents by sheer force of personality.
Unusually for such a brilliant talker, he was also an inexhaustibly constructive minister who actually made things happen.

He rose from a tiny village in rural Wales – without the benefit of either a public school education or university but by a combination of talent, hard work and extraordinary self-belief – to dominate the class-bound political establishment of Edwardian Britain.
As chancellor in Herbert Asquith’s Liberal government before 1914, he introduced the radical programme of social reform which laid the foundations for the modern welfare state.
He was Asquith’s heir apparent.

Then he was hijacked by the First World War.
Diverted from his mission of democratising British society, he became instead the leader who grasped quicker than anyone else what was needed to wage ‘total’ war.
But having led the country to victory in 1918, he ended up the prisoner of a Conservative-dominated coalition which duly dumped him when his wartime usefulness was over.
Shortly after the outbreak of World War 1, David Lloyd George delivered a passionate call to arms and committed himself to a fight to the finish.

Lloyd George attacked Germany for being “The Road Hog of Europe” and argued that it would be ‘a dark day for humanity’ if Britain did not go to the world’s rescue.
“They think we cannot beat them.
It will not be easy.

It will be a long job.
It will be a terrible war.

But in the end we shall march through terror to triumph”.

On the 3rd of July 1988, the United States Navy shot down Iranian passenger flight 655, killing 290 innocent civilians, including 66 children.

The Royal Navy admitted to using Britney Spears songs to scare away Somali pirates.
Merchant navy officer Rachel Owens said, ‘As soon as the pirates get a blast of Britney they move on quickly.’
They would have used Justin Bieber tracks but couldn’t risk being tried for war crimes.

( Graham Wray )

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