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The Torture Of Cows In The Despicable ‘Dairy’ Industry ..
What happens in the dairy industry amounts to systematic cruelty.
The daily practises of most dairy farms are more distressing than those of meat production.
A mother cow only produces milk when she gets pregnant.
Starting from the age of fifteen months, she will usually be artificially inseminated.
Farmers mechanically draw semen from a bull, and then force the female cow into a narrow trap, known as a ‘cattle crush’, where they will brutally impregnate her.
When she gives birth, her calf will typically be removed within 36 hours, so the farmers can steal and sell you the milk that is meant for her baby.
Following that callous separation, the mother will bellow and scream for days, wondering where her baby is.
If the calf is male, he will probably either be shot and tossed in a bin, or sold to be raised for veal, which delays his death by just a matter of months.
But if the calf is female, she will usually be prepared for her own entry into dairy production, where she will face the same cycle of hell that her mother is trapped in:  Forced impregnation, the theft of her baby, and a return to the cattle crush two or three months later.

Although growth hormones are banned in the UK and antibiotic use is limited, a dairy cow can be given reproductive hormones and prescribed antibiotics by a vet to ensure she is kept in a condition to produce an unnatural amount of milk.
Under normal circumstances, she would generally only have a maximum of two litres of milk in her udder at any one time, but farmers may force her to carry 20 litres or more.
Her udder becomes so heavy that it makes her lame and she often develops an agonising infection called mastitis.
The strain this puts on her body means she is exhausted by the age of five.
Soon, her milk yield will no longer be considered profitable, or she might simply collapse under the agony of it all.
Either way, she will be dragged off by a tractor, squeezed into a cramped truck, and driven to the slaughterhouse, to be killed and turned into burgers or baby food.
Her throat slit after five sad and torturous years.
Under natural circumstances she could have lived to 25.

( Extract from an article by Chas Newkey-Burden, March 2017 )

As Earth warriors, we choose to be participants in the ancient battle between good and evil.
On our side stand the waters and wind, and all things wild and of the Earth.
On the other side, consumed with greed and in pursuit of power, control and money, stand all the dark forces that lay waste to Her.

( Rodney Adam Coronado )

Cruel Parade Of Mutants At Crufts ..
Flat faced pugs and bulldogs (French or otherwise) a snorting and a snoring, apparently smiling you could surmise but, in fact, are gasping not grinning.
Their airways compressed and a life expectancy of barely five years, the owner faces huge vet bills to keep them alive.
We breed them too short faced, too heavy, too small, too long faced, too wrinkly, too bald, too tall.
Sixty percent of dobermans die of genetic heart disease while pugs can’t reach round to clean themselves.
This year’s Crufts winner, an American cocker spaniel, named Afterglow Miami Ink, open to ridicule I think after coming first in ‘Best gundog’ with his long trailing coat, couldn’t retrieve a downed bird from a wide water filled moat.

( Ken Johnson, Sunderland Echo, 20.03.2017 )

All great movements, it is written, go through three stages.
Ridicule, discussion, adoption.
It is the realisation of this third stage, adoption, that requires our passion and our discipline, our hearts and our heads.
The fate of animals is in our hands.

( Tom Regan )

150 years ago, they would have thought you were absurd if you advocated for the end of slavery.
They laugh at us now for suggesting that animal slavery be ended.
Someday they won’t be laughing.

( Gary Smith )

We live in a world where we claim to be intelligent, where we seek peace and justice and happiness for all, and yet we behave like medieval savages behind closed doors, and it’s ‘legal’, and the ‘peace-loving’ masses stay silent and continue to fund and support the horrors.

All we need are people with hearts that understand.

When we have psychopaths who teach their children to kill, and when we have leaders who make it ‘legal’ to kill, what chance do animals have when they have no means of defending themselves against the cowards on the end of guns?

They call themselves ‘hunters’.. Using a weapon to kill gentle souls who have no means of defending themselves is just about as cowardly as you can get.

I was vegan for a while up until recently.
Then I started eating people.
Only free-range, of course, which is humane.
I gave them a little space, didn’t terrorise them (too much), then slit their throats.

( Chris Hannah, Lead Singer and Guitarist, Propagandhi rock band )

Being vegan is like trying to rescue drowning animals.
Desperately pulling them out of the water one by one and having your family, friends and everyone around you throwing them back in.

An animal’s life is worth more than a meal, isn’t it?

Vegan …
An ancient word for a guy who stayed home with your wife while you were out ‘hunting’.

In such a world of victims and executioners, it is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners.
( Albert Camus )

‘Farmers’ and the ‘Meat’ Industry traffic in death.
Death is their aim, their purpose.
Money is their reward.

Eating animal flesh not only hurts the animals needlessly and ends their lives in horrific ways, but it also takes food away from humans and is a serious contributor to world hunger.
As the wealthier get fat, sick, and die from diseases all linked to a western meat-eating diet, the poor struggle to even find clean water to drink.
If we stop killing animals, there will be more than enough food to feed everyone on the planet.
The sad truth is that there is no profit in this.

( Lee Fox-Smith )

Some people think the ‘plant-based, whole foods diet’ is extreme.
Half a million people a year will have their chests opened up and a vein taken from their leg and sewn onto their coronary artery.
Some people would call that extreme.
( Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., MD )

Humanity’s Worst Hypocrisy ..
You don’t really know your fellow man until you’ve pondered the fact that most people say they love animals, professing admiration and sympathy, and most people eat them.
The great masses of creatures in our industrial farms today would be entitled to conclude, if they could do any pondering themselves, that our love is not worth much.
Judging by the fruits, it more resembles hatred.
They come and go knowing nothing of existence but misery.
No season of gentleness anymore before the blade.
No glimpse of earth’s comforts or of life’s goodness.
It’s all just pain, courtesy of a world filled with self-described animal lovers.
Cruelty to animals, and to farm animals in particular, may not be humanity’s worst offence.
It has no rival, however, for the title of humanity’s worst hypocrisy.

( Matthew Scully, 19.12.2016 )

A message from the animals to all vegans:
Thank you for eating food, and not souls.

Peace and the survival of life on earth as we know it are threatened by human activities which lack a commitment to humanitarian values.
Destruction of nature and nature’s resources result from ignorance, greed and lack of respect for the earth’s living things.

( Dalai Lama )

Humans would be extinct within a few days if humans killed each other at the same rate they kill animals.

Twenty years ago I thought.
What’s the difference between eating a bloody steak and killing my dog, slitting him open and roasting him?

( Joan Jett )

When our leaders and our governments do nothing to protect animals, all animals, then it tells us all we need to know about them.

The only way we can guarantee our continued survival on earth is to recognise the importance of other non-human life forms and stop pretending we are on top of some pyramid of domination over other beings.
( Rod Coronado )

Whenever an animal escapes the slaughter-house, everyone wants to save his life.
Why don’t they care about the ones who couldn’t escape?

Almost a third of vets treating pets have seen puppies they believe have been imported illegally in the past year, a study reveals.
Of those with concerns, half were about flat-faced French bulldogs, while pugs and chihuahuas also raised suspicions.
“Illegal importers only care about profit, not puppy welfare”, said Gudrun Ravetz, president of the British Veterinary Association, which asked 1,000 vets.

( Tom Bevan, 08.12.2016 )

Under US President Donald Trump’s administration, the public will no longer have access to reports on mistreatment of animals on farms, zoos, laboratories, circuses, and dog-breeding facilities.

I’ve noticed so many benefits since becoming a vegan.
First, I no longer eat the suffering and pain of defenceless animals.
Secondly, my body has become lighter, so to say ‘clearer’.
Thirdly, in my profession, flexibility and elasticity are incredibly important, and I increased both of these. And fourthly, now I almost never suffer from a cold or flu.
( Alexey Voevoda )

Low-Life Heartless Scum Infest Our Planet ..
A gang set their dogs onto wild animals to satisfy their ‘blood lust’ and filmed the results, a court heard.
Ringleader Graham Coombes had 30,000 ‘trophy images’ of deer, foxes, rabbits, and even a llama on his phone which he shared with others.
The eleven men used powerful lights at night to stun creatures before encouraging their dogs, usually lurchers, to savage them, a technique known as lamping. RSPCA prosecutor Jeremy Cave said the main motive seemed to be gratuitous pleasure.
The aim was ‘to kill as much wildlife as possible’, he added.
A search of Coombes’ land found a pile of at least 20 animal carcasses, and it was revealed he enlisted the help of a friend to shoot his badly-injured dog after a four-hour fight with a badger.
District judge Diane Baker called hunting with dogs ‘abhorrent’ and said, ‘This was not an economic crime.
It’s an animal cruelty crime. It’s blood lust’.
Coombes, 41, of Bovey Tracey, Devon, was jailed for 20 weeks after admitting six counts relating to killing animals and causing unnecessary suffering to a dog.
He was told to pay £3,000 costs and banned from keeping dogs for life.
Ten men from Devon, Dorset, Somerset and South Wales were also sentenced.
Gethyn Durham, 27, of Cymbran was jailed for six weeks and Philip Cross, 36, of Tonypandy for eight weeks.
Plymouth magistrates gave eight others suspended sentences or community orders.

( Tom Bevan, 08.12.2016 )

Despite all the bad days and mean people, I still believe in good days and kind people.
Plus, there are always dogs.

The only thing you can honestly say about fox hunting is that people enjoy it, people have a sadistic pleasure in seeing an animal ripped apart, it’s sadism.
To be honest, it’s psychopathic behaviour to enjoy the suffering of another creature.
People who have no compassion for animals tend not to have compassion for humans either.

( Brian May )

Those who think vegans and vegetarians are loud when they shout for animals should hear the screams in a slaughterhouse.

To see that connection between a person and an animal, that love and generosity, it’s something not many of us grasp.
( Ruta Gedmintas )

The Earth, and its animals, are being destroyed by psychopaths.

For what are we born if not to aid one another?
( Ernest Hemingway )

The results of several studies, and confirmed in most psychology text books, killing animals for pleasure is psychologically linked to psychopaths, sociopaths, child molesters, serial killers, and sexual-dysfunction.
Participation in such activities is often used to compensate for feelings of sexual inadequacy and an inability to achieve social integration.
A number of criminological studies have shown that as many as half of all sexual murderers have abused animals.

The changes to our lifestyles that veganism necessitates do not demand much of us.
Yet these small changes grant something of monumental significance to other animals.
Their right to liberty from our oppression.

( Sandra Higgins )

Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks, they’re only animals.
( Theodor W. Adorno )

As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering.
( Rusty Eric )

The Brutal Treatment Of Chickens For Financial Gain ..
Farmers get more money for chickens with enlarged thighs and breasts.
As a result, they breed the animals to be so heavy that their bones cannot support their weight.
Consequently, the chickens have difficulty standing, and their legs often break.
Like other factory farmed animals, broiler chickens are raised in such overcrowded enclosures that they become aggressive.
To stop them from fighting with one another, their beaks and toes are cut off without anaesthetic.
Some cannot eat after being ‘debeaked’ and starve.
They never breathe fresh air but instead inhale ammonia day after day.

Thank you for remaining brain-washed while we brutally murder millions of animals, destroy the planet and slowly kill you with our products.
( The Meat Industry )

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