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Children 16 or under have just received their new swim-free membership cards that expire on the 31st March 2011.
Only to be told, in the same letter that the membership card is attached to, that the government-funded free swimming scheme is due to end in eleven days, on the 31st July 2010.
The letter is dated 5th July 2010 and was received by most households yesterday, 19th July 2010.

The school holidays are about to start and this heartless, uncaring government are depriving our kids enjoyment and exercise and a place to go to stop them getting bored.
Thousands of children will suffer because their parents won’t be able to afford to let them go swimming.
Instead, the kids will be loitering in parks and shopping centres.
The money this miserable government will save is less than what MPs are paid in expenses.
Why couldn’t they have just waited until the end of the school holidays?
This nasty, bloody government doesn’t give a damn.

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