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British Aid Money Given To A Regime Accused Of Running Death Squads.
British Aid money has been given by the European Union to help the security of a regime known as the last dictatorship in Europe.

Funds intended to help the world’s neediest have been spent on providing training and equipment to the police force and border guards of Belarus, an autocracy run along Soviet lines.
The aid, supplied by the European Union’s EuropeAid programme, to which Britain’s Department for International Development is a major donor, came despite violent action against the pro-democracy opposition.
The EU increased aid payments to Belarus to more than £32million last year, including millions of pounds on projects to reinforce the country’s western borders.
The European Commission said the aid would curb people trafficking and drug smuggling, but dissidents claimed the equipment has been used to prevent the regime’s opponents fleeing.
Human Rights monitors are severely critical of Belarus, which has been ruled by Alexander Lukashenko, the president, since 1994.
He has retained the KGB and other Soviet-era ministries, is accused of running death squads for political opponents and has named his son Kolya, nine, who carries a golden handgun, as his ‘heir’. He said last year, “I am the last and only dictator in Europe.”
( Matthew Holehouse, 20.10.2013 )

Northern Ireland Refuse To Accept The God-Free Promise.
Splendid news from Northern Ireland where the Church of Ireland is flatly refusing to accept the new God-free promise introduced by the Girl Guides.
They are demanding that girls be given the option of promising to serve God, as before.
This is a moving example to the rest of us on the mainland – especially poignant as it comes from a part of the country our Government has betrayed and wants to get rid of.
( Peter Hitchens, 20.10.2013 )

It Doesn’t Get Much Dafter.
Bright sparks are in short supply in a Government which increasingly looks as if it is dedicated to putting up our electricity bills.

A Tory-Lib Dem Coalition opposed to a state-owned British nuclear industry is prepared to commit billions for a power station in Somerset run and financed by state-owned French and Chinese firms.
It doesn’t get much dafter.

People want a Government curbing power bills, not a Tory-led regime putting them up.
( Daily Mirror, 21.10.2013 )

UK Government Target The Disabled.
Since 1992, people “unable or virtually unable to walk” have been eligible for cash assistance towards the cost of an adapted car, powered wheelchair or scooter via the Motability scheme.
The rule has been whether someone can walk 50 metres.
But under the new Personal Independence Payments, the Government changed it to 20 metres – estimating around 428,000 disabled people would no longer be eligible.
When Mike Penning was Roads Minister, he scrapped the MOT test for classic cars – to save money for rich people.
Now, as the new Disabled Minister, he’s just got rid of cars for 428,000 profoundly disabled people.
And this Government says disabled people aren’t paying for the financial crisis.
( Ros Wynne-Jones, 23.10.2013 )

Injections Forced On Children.
In a free country, how can anyone be compelled to permit children in their care to be given an injection?
Come to that, how can the children involved, quite old enough to have wills of their own, be forced to undergo it?
Will they be held down, or strapped, struggling, to chairs?
Will police and social workers enforce this strange, un-British judgment?
What sort of nurse or doctor would take part in such a grotesque scene?
I know some arrogant, intolerant totalitarians think the MMR jab is a social duty, but this isn’t (yet) a People’s Republic.
Or is it?

( Peter Hitchens, 20.10.2013 )

Tax-Dodgers Have Become Scapegoats.
Tax-dodgers have become scapegoats for a politically clueless political class.
And the second driver of the tax obsession is the lack of ambition in modern Britain.
The tax-hunting frenzy suggests we now see wealth as a fixed thing, as an unchangeable entity, and this makes us obsessed with redistribution, with getting some of the wealth out of Jimmy Carr’s arse pocket so that it can be used to fund hospitals and prevent kids from dying.
But wealth is not a fixed thing.
We could create more wealth.
We could grow the economy and in the process improve everyone’s living standard.
We could do what the radical suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst once suggested, “Call for a great production that will supply all, and more than all, the people can consume”.
But we don’t.
Because we have faith in growth, in new wealth creation.
So instead we become more and more delirious about hunting down wealth that already exists, and demonising anyone who tries to ‘hide’ it.

( Brendan O’Neill, July 2012 )

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