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British Milk Production Branded Inhumane.
Vegan campaigners have been granted the right to brand British milk production inhumane.
Dairy cows are bred to produce milk and are therefore pregnant most of the time.
They lactate following the birth of their calves, after which they’re separated from them, then hooked up and milked daily until they die after five or six years’ work.

You either care.
Or you don’t.

( Fiona Phillips, 29.07.2017 )

Leaving dogs in our cars on hot days is cruel and illegal.
But for millions of ‘farm’ animals transported to the slaughterhouse every day, this is accepted practise.

All the arguments to prove man’s superiority cannot shatter this hard fact:
In suffering the animals are our equals.
( Peter Singer )

Deadly Experiments On Animals.
During a school field trip to a nearby laboratory, a worker wheeled out a monkey strapped to a chair.
The clicking noise of a button was used to prompt this abused animal to jut out his arm for a drug injection — a response that he had been conditioned to make through pain and fear.
That trembling, frightened primate has been seared into my memory ever since.

Today, I’m a scientist, and I’m sad to say that since that day 24 years ago, I’ve seen many more animals tormented in crude, and often deadly, experiments.
( Jeff Brown )

Has The RSPB Lost Sight?
I read with interest that wild birds in the UK are in decline.
The number of farmland birds is half that of 40 years ago.
There have been dramatic falls, too, in woodland birds such as the lesser spotted woodpecker, the tawny owl and the wood warbler.
These startling figures were churned out by the RSPB, a hugely rich, powerful organization – the most potent conservation group in this country.
I believe the RSPB has lost sight of its job, which is to protect birds.
It was set up in 1889 by a group of women concerned about the large numbers of birds slaughtered to provide feathers for hats.
Now, it fetishises the rare while it is happy for the many to be persecuted.
It has persuaded successive Governments that species conservation is about bird conservation only.
So it has backed or initiated mass culls including the Lundy rats – these rodents are genuinely a rare species but the RSPB justified its actions by saying the rats were not native – as they were only introduced 400 years ago!

The RSPB accused and convicted the rats of causing the decline of the puffin and the Manx shearwater.
In fact, the birds decline was due to the overfishing of sand eels, used in feed for fish farms.

The RSPB also orchestrated the slaughter of thousands of ruddy ducks (first brought to this country in the Forties by Sir Peter Scott) to stop them travelling to Spain to cross-breed with the rare white-headed duck.
The RSPB is peopled by pure-breed fascists who think nothing of annihilating a species for their own elitist reasons.

What makes me particularly angry is that the RSPB does not take a stance against the thousands of birds raised intensively in cages and sheds to feed the shooting industry.
Nor does it object to the other animals and birds – the members of the crow family, weasels, stoats and foxes – killed to protect this ‘sport’.

I don’t pretend to understand our attitude towards wild animals.
I am, by law, not allowed up in my loft, or to enter the space above my stables, because of roosting bats.
But farmers, even on Sundays and Christmas Day, can slaughter indigenous creatures with impunity.

And by the way, does the RSPB campaign on behalf of chickens?
They have feathers.
( Liz Jones, March 2011 )

How can people spend Christmas talking of ‘peace on earth’ and ‘love’ and then sit down to devour someone who never knew peace or love?

If you eat the flesh of animals, you not only support the pain and the suffering and the brutal deaths, you are complicit in the horrors.
So please, never, ever, say to me you are a kind, or a caring, or a compassionate person.

( Rose Winfold )

Britons Pretend To Like Animals.
We claim to be deeply offended and upset when we read about other countries mistreating animals.
But we are no better here.
We treat animals like garbage.

Britons pull on fancy dress and chase perfectly innocent animals across the countryside for hours.
Britons breed animals, stuff them into lorries, carry them for days without giving them anything to eat or drink.
And then let foreigners brutally kill them and eat them.

Britons kill and eat millions of animals every year.
And they allow evil, white-coated scientists to torture and kill millions more – for pleasure or money.

We are just as barbaric as other countries.
Indeed, we are worse.
We are hypocrites because we claim to love animals.

We consider ourselves to be the most intelligent and most civilized species on Planet Earth.
We already eat any non-human creature that takes our fancy.

We then ‘hunt’ and chase (assholes call it sport) and kill any living creature that takes our fancy.
If creatures get in our way, or are a nuisance, or are too noisy, or make a mess, or become too many – we kill them.
We choose to have domestic pets (cats and dogs) then we castrate them, abandon them, drown them, starve them, make them fight each other, torture them, experiment on them, and kill them if they are homeless.

We are supposed to be the ‘civilised’ species and yet no animal or creature on Earth is as nasty, or as cruel, or as wicked as human beings.
Nature (and God) must be ashamed of us.

As a child I never imagined that all of the real monsters in the world would be humans.
( Rose Winfold )

Animals Killed In The UK Each Year.
Over 10 million pigs, more than 15 million sheep, and nearly 3 million cattle.
16 million turkeys, 14 million ducks and geese, and 975 million broiler chickens.
40 million so-called ‘spent’ hens, and over 40 million male baby chicks.
More than 7 billion fish and shellfish.
It’s hard to understand why so many people don’t care about the barbaric massacre of the innocents that goes on day and night in our midst, and beyond understanding why so many people put their ‘taste’ above the suffering and the brutal slaughter of so many helpless, gentle animals.

Each year in the U.S, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are killed, they call it euthanised, (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats).
The number has declined from approximately 2.6 million in 2011.

( American Pet Products Association 2015-2016 )

Believing that a loving God condones the way we treat animals is pretty stupid.

The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.
( Jane Goodall )

Only a small, weak man gets pleasure in hurting and killing defenceless creatures.
It makes him feel big and strong.

Make sure if you think you’re an animal lover that you’re not actually an animal eater and hence not an actual animal lover.
( Mark Thomas White )

Beware of the mentally-deranged thugs who abuse and hurt and torture and kill defenceless animals.
They are very likely to do the same to you, and your family, and your friends.

Flesh eating is unprovoked murder.
( Benjamin Franklin )

Not content in just invading their homeland, they murder the indigenous kangaroos solely for financial gain.
The greatest slaughter of wildlife land animals on the planet.
The government of Australia and the killers they support can’t sink any lower, can they?

I am an urban vegan.
I love the glossy pages of Vogue, even though I won’t purchase the leather shoes and bags I see there, and being reminded that the fur trade even exists breaks my heart.

( Victoria Moran )

How can we claim to be a good, moral, civilised society when we feast on the corpses of gentle, defenceless animals?

We cannot eat the flesh of dead animals and still expect to feel alive.

I just could not stand the idea of eating meat.
I really do think it has made me calmer.
( Kate Bush )

It’s a cruel and unforgiving world for those who cannot speak.
We are blessed with a voice.
We must use our voice and speak for them.

Have no doubt.
Anyone that abuses or hurts animals WILL abuse and hurt your child, and you.

Being vegan is not always easy and accessible, but it’s a way of life and makes me as a person feel really good and physically look better.
My skin was better, energy was better.

( Olivia Wilde )

When you go vegan it feels like a weight is lifted that you didn’t know you had.

What kind of human evil would do a job where they murder animals every day?

We are led to believe that ‘farm’ animals are dumb so that we don’t have to think about intelligent, sentient souls being exploited, abused, and brutally slaughtered.
( Rose Winfold )

We are alone on this chance planet.
And amid all the wonderful forms of life that surround us, not one has been free from our interference, cruelty, persecution, or exploitation.

They who delight in the suffering and destruction of inferior creatures, will not be apt to be very compassionate or benign to those of their own kind.
( John Locke )

The Close Connection Between Violence To Animals And People.
Child and animal protection professionals are aware of this connection, and recognise that both child and animal abuse are linked in a self-perpetuating cycle of violence.
One reason for this is that individuals who witness abuse or other violence become desensitised to it.
Research shows that the more often someone is exposed to a certain situation, the more comfortable that person becomes with it.

Criminal psychologists acknowledge that participating in or viewing acts of repeated cruelty towards animals desensitises both the perpetrator and the spectator.
Children who witness animal abuse are at a greater risk of becoming abusers themselves.
Adults may commit acts of cruelty to animals in order to express aggression through an animal (i.e., train an animal to attack by using pain to create a ‘mean’ dog), enhance one’s own aggressiveness (e.g., use an animal victim for target practice), or to satisfy sadistic urges (i.e., to enjoy the suffering experienced by the animal victim).
Acts of animal cruelty are not merely signs of a minor personality flaw, but are rather symptomatic of a deep mental disturbance.
Cruelty to animals has been recognised as an indicator of a dangerous psychopathy that claims both animal and human victims.
A survey of psychiatric patients who had repeatedly tortured animals found that all of them were also highly aggressive towards people.

( Cynthia Hodges, Michigan State University College of Law, 2008 )

To give preference to the life of a being simply because that being is a member of our species would put us in the same position as racists who give preference to those who are members of their race.
( Peter Singer )

Marketing spew such as ‘humane’, ‘cage-free’, ‘grass-fed’, and other jargon the blood-soaked, money-motivated ‘meat’ and dairy industries use are deceiving and false and used to fool the gullible masses.
( Len Firswood )

Milk Comes From Grieving Mothers.
All cows used for milk production are torn from their babies shortly after birth.
Some try to fight off the attackers, some try to shield their babies with their own bodies, some chase frantically after the transport, some cry pitifully, some withdraw in silent despair.
They all beg for their babies in a language that requires no translation.
They bellow, they cry, they moan.
Many continue to call for their babies for days and nights on end.
Some stop eating and drinking.
Some withdraw in silent grief.
Their baby girls will be raised to replace their own ‘spent’ mothers, their baby boys will be killed for veal.
After repeated cycles of forced impregnations, painful births, relentless milking, and crushing bereavements, their spirit gives, their body withers, their milk dries up.
At the age when, in nature, a female cow would barely enter adulthood, the life of a dairy cow is over.
When her milk ‘production’ declines, she and her other ‘spent’ herd mates are trucked off to be brutally slaughtered.
Some are pregnant.
All are lactating.
As they are shoved towards their death, they drip milk onto the killing floor.

It’s very disturbing, and very sad, that so many people lack empathy for the most defenceless souls on our planet.
If these people were still at school they would be called bullies.

( Rose Winfold )

Why do people who say they love animals call some of them ‘pets’ and some of them ‘dinner’?
( Flori Swedon )

You don’t have to be a detective to know that Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz and Jeffrey Dahmer all had something in common.
Each of them abused or killed animals before murdering humans.
Torturing animals is not innocent childhood behaviour, it is a chilling sign of violent acts to come.

( Peter Falk )

We have been trained to believe for so long that humans are ‘better’ than other animals that we easily forget that we are, in fact, animals.
( Saryta Rodriguez )

Factory Farming Comes At A Cost.
Treated as commodities, animals are often raised in intense confinement.
Factory farming is highly dependent on large quantities of precious resources, such as grain-based feed, water, energy and medication.
Factory farming is not just bad for farm animals.
It’s dangerous, unfair and dirty, with impacts ranging from climate change to biodiversity loss and disease to food insecurity.
Factory farming is too often viewed as the cheap, efficient solution to feeding our world.
But this couldn’t be further from the truth.
For every 100 food calories of edible crops fed to livestock, we get back just 30 calories in the form of meat and dairy, a 70% loss.
In short, people are being forced to compete with farm animals for food.

How much would a cow, or a pig, or a sheep have to resemble a dog in order to deserve the right to live?
( Wilfred Soon )

We cannot make you a vegan or a vegetarian..
But we can make you aware of the senseless killing and exploitation you support.
What you do with that information depends entirely on your character and your morals.
( Rose Winfold )

By ceasing to rear and kill animals for food, we can make so much extra food available for humans that, properly distributed, it would eliminate starvation and malnutrition from this planet.
Animal Liberation is Human Liberation too.

( Peter Singer )

I don’t feel superior because I’m vegan.
The truth is I am vegan because I don’t feel superior to others.
( Michele McCowan )

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