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If you could hear what we are thinking.
If we could talk.

Would you still hurt us?
Would you still kill us?

Yes, we think you would.

99% of people agree that animal cruelty is wrong.
Yet, 99% of people directly support and engage in animal cruelty every time they sit down to eat a meal.
That is the level of disconnect society is in and why activism for animals is crucial.

( Hugo Dominguez )

Work as hard and as diligently against injustice as you would want others to work against it if you were the victim.

The definition of RESPECT.
Having due regard for the feelings, wishes, and rights of…
Avoid harming or interfering with…

Imagine being constantly raped and constantly pregnant.
Without ever being allowed to raise any of your children.
Not exactly the feminist ideal, is it?
( Saryta Rodriguez )

If ‘hunting’ was a sport, the animal would have a weapon too.
If it doesn’t, you can’t call it sport.

Showing compassion and kindness to animals is not something special.
It’s normal.
It’s moral.
It’s decent.
It’s respectful.
It’s human.

A Slave Is Born.
Every working elephant has a wounded soul and a broken heart.
It cannot be otherwise because elephants are meant to roam with their herds for a lifetime, walking hundreds of miles over familiar, hallowed ranges, guided by instinct, ancestry and wisdom.
Following the direction of a sage matriarch and mothered by loving sisters, aunts and cousins.

A herd is a safe haven for a baby elephant, soothing, loving, fun and familiar, a place to learn lessons, develop friendships, learn respect and develop character.
A place where dreams are nurtured and deep, intimate memories are fostered.
The herd is home.
When a baby elephant is ripped away from her family the sheer terror is wrenching and unforgettable.
Some baby elephants simply die of a broken heart.
She may see her family members massacred.
Her urgent cries for her Mother go unanswered.
She may witness her Mother dying on the ground and her aunt bellowing a terrified trumpet before she falls and succumbs to her wounds.

Wild, adult elephants aren’t the prize.
Young, defenceless babies are the commodity that will bring great financial reward.
A money making, working adult elephant will live and earn for 30 to 70 years.

Rough hands replace the soothing reassurance of a warm, encircling trunk and ropes and chains bind the little elephant.
Cries of absolute terror fade in the night.
Captivity has begun.

Elephants are smart and they can be taught many things through kindness and repetition, but this is a slow process.
Brute force and fear are needed to train an elephant quickly and the crushing of a baby’s spirit is used to create obedience.
Once broken, with head hanging in surrender and dejection, all the dignity of this incredible and majestic creature is lost.
A slave is born.

( Rosemary Wright, 27.10.2014 )

I will be there if Karma needs my help to rid the planet of assholes that hurt children and animals.

All animals once roamed wild and free, until humans decided to domesticate the most gentle creatures for exploitation and slaughter.

I have no pleasure in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats.
Even if you offer many prayers, I will not listen.
Your hands are full of blood.
Wash and make yourselves clean.
Take your evil deeds out of my sight.
Stop doing wrong.

( Isaiah 1:11-16 )

The world is truly hell for animals.

Even if only one person’s respect for animals increases, then posting a million tweets would have been worthwhile.

So sick of the world and the disease called man.
( devinecelt )

If you eat animals, please don’t pretend or claim you care about animals .

We must not refuse to see with our eyes the suffering we force animals to endure with their bodies.

Before you complain about us being a nuisance, remember it was you who destroyed our habitat to build your own.
( Mr Fox )

We never really left the jungle, we just covered it with concrete.

When we bleed, we bleed the same as animals.

Animals shouldn’t be hunted and nature shouldn’t be disturbed, even destroyed, to benefit the whims of mankind.
( Charles Manson )

Animals have been victimised to the point where they’re not even considered victims anymore.
We’re appalled when harm is done to cats or dogs, and horrified when ‘hunters’ kill elephants and lions, but cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens, they don’t count.

Does anyone know why so many people think it’s ok to enslave, abuse and brutally slaughter animals?

Fear, pain and misery is all farm animals know.
And then they are brutally killed.

I just want to drink wine, save animals and take naps.
( Rose Winfold )

You do realise that all those animals you are killing and eating have also been killing you?

Somewhere near you is a place full of enslaved animals, a place of misery and suffering where the sun never shines.

Modern materialists and religious extremists alike lack the spiritual animistic reverence for non-human beings that every culture once understood as a given.
( Zeena Schreck )

‘Humane’ treatment is an acceptable action we are prepared to tolerate and have done to ourselves, and yet we rape cows, kill their newborn, and steal their milk.

I dream of a world where no animal is killed for food.

When all people choose not to support the exploitation, abuse, torture and killing of innocent animals, we will then have peace in the world and be able to call ourselves civilised.

Yes, but humans are more important than animals.
This is a point of view often expressed by humans.
( Terry Pratchett )

More animals suffer abuse and harm from ‘farmers’ than the rest of the world’s population combined.

Have no doubt.
Humans with no conscience and who are mentally capable of deliberately killing innocent animals, are a serious danger to children and vulnerable people.

Have pity on them all, for it is we who are the real monsters.
( Bernard Heuvelmans )

The Non-Vegan Mantra.
I will not listen.
I don’t want to see.

It’s all about taste.
Who cares about cruelty.

It’s easier for people to call vegans crazy than to question their own morality.

Good, decent people help animals.
Cowards and assholes hurt and kill them.
( Dion Felsrow )

When I die, please don’t say, “I will never have another dog”.
Please search for the ones who are abandoned and forgotten.
Give them a second chance and let them take my place.
Honour my life by saving another.

The real terrorists in the world are the industries and the people they employ that torture and brutally kill billions of innocent animals every year.

Hunting is a relic of the barbarism that once thirsted for human blood.
But is now content with the blood of animals.
( Christian Nestell Bovee )

The God of Moses, the same God worshipped by Christians, Jews and Muslims.
Did He instruct Noah to build an Ark and save the animals so humans could kill them for their fur and skin, to kill them for fun and entertainment, and to mutilate their bodies for food?
I don’t think so.

There is a language not made from words but comes from the heart, and all the animals here on earth understand it.

The morons that call themselves ‘hunters’.
Without your guns and weapons you are worthless, useless, cowards.
And everyone knows that.
Apart from you, it seems.

( Len Firswood )

Eating dogs in China, Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam is making these Nations an international subject of hatred.
Making the whole world believe that all their people are dog-eating, barbaric savages with no morals and no decency.

Animals have rights.
And the most important right is the right to be here, to live safe and free, just like us.

I’ve seen all kinds of things done to dolphins in my travels around the world, but I have never seen anything as horrible as this dolphin drive hunt in Taiji.
( Richard O’Barry )

Never trust someone who isn’t kind to animals.

Eat kindly and compassionately.
Every plant-based meal you eat helps animals and the environment.

For Christ’s sake, we can all just be kind to animals, can’t we?
( Rose Winfold )

Regardless of how small the body is that contains life, does not diminish its value.

It is inhuman to humanise animals.
it is like raising a child in a cage.
The consequences are very disturbing.

( Joey Lawson )

There is something you must always remember.
Even when we are apart, I will always be with you.
And when the humans kill us, we don’t really die.
Our souls float off to Heaven, a beautiful field in the sky.

We cannot make you a vegan or a vegetarian.
But we can make you aware of the senseless killing and exploitation you support.
What you do with that information depends entirely on your character and your morals and your empathy for animals.

( Rose Winfold )

The Life Of A Cow.
Many cows are kept permanently inside, often in very large numbers in so-called mega-dairies.
Cows in these systems never graze grass, see a field or leave their area of confinement.
The quality of the resultant milk is questionable.
The quality of the life of the cow is at best unnatural and at worst unbearable.

Bovine needs are in many respects the same as human ones.
Freedom from stress, adequate shelter, pure food and water, liberty to exercise, to wander about, to go for a walk or just to stand and stare.
Every animal needs congenial company of its own species and a cow needs to be allowed to enjoy her ‘rights’ in her own way, in her own time and not according to a human timetable.

Happiness flows from caring for all sentient beings as if they were your own family, because in essence they are.
We are all connected to each other and to the Earth.

( Sylvia Dolson )

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