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Forgive Me.
Dear Lord, please forgive me for the wrongs I have done.

For being greedy and wanting the best for myself.
For making other people unhappy.
Forgive me for the angry words I didn’t mean to say.
Forgive me for the fit of sulks that spoiled a happy day.
Forgive me for my selfishness and all my little sins.
And help me to be better when another day begins.

Watch Over Us.
Creator of the universe, watch over us and keep us in the light of your presence.

Give us weak eyes for things which are of no account
And clear eyes for all your truth.
Make us as ready to listen as we are to talk
And ready to listen to other people who need a sympathetic ear.
Show us when to open our mouths and when to hold our peace.
We shall have this day only once.
Before it is gone, help us to do all the good we can,
So that today is not a wasted day.

Peace Is Within.
Peace is not something you fight for

With bombs and missiles that kill,
Nor can it be won in a “battle of words”
Man fashions by scheming and skill.
For men who are greedy and warlike,
Whose avarice for power cannot cease,
Can never contribute in helping
To bring this world nearer to peace.
For in seeking peace for all people
There is only one place to begin
And that is in each home and heart.
For the fortress of peace is within.
( Helen Steiner Rice )

A Brand New Start.
Look not where I was, for I am not there.
My spirit is free, I am everywhere.
In the air that you breathe, in the sounds that you hear.
Don’t cry for me, my spirit is near.
Smile at my memory, remember in your heart,
This isn’t the end, it’s a brand new start.

When The Time Is Right.
I know you can’t see me, but trust me, I’m right here.
Although I’m up in Heaven, my love for you stays near.
So often I see you crying, many times you speak my name.
I want so much to give you a hug, and ease some of your pain.
I wish I could make you see, that Heaven indeed is real.
If you could see how happy I am, the better you would feel.
Our loving God has promised me, that when the time is right,
You will step out of the darkness, and meet me in the light.

Until The Day Arrives.
The moment that you died, my heart was torn in two.
One side filled with heartache, the other died with you.
I often lie awake at night, when the world is fast asleep
And take a walk down memory lane, with tears running down my cheeks.
I hold you tightly in my heart, and there you will remain
Until the day arrives, when we meet again.

Cherish Your Freedom.
It is your right to be yourself.
You don’t have to fit into society.
Dream your dreams.
Take the risks you want.
Enjoy the luxury of failing occasionally.
Accept challenges and cherish your freedom.

Your Life.
Spend some time alone every day.
Silence is sometimes the best answer.
Don’t bring up the past.
Share your knowledge, it’s a way to achieve immortality.
Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.
Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

Behind The Smile.
Can people tell what we’re trying to think?
That a thought can be gone in just a blink.
I wonder if people know that behind the smile
Are problems and worries that have gone on a while.
When you look at their eyes, what do you see ?
A sad case or someone free?

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