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If You Find Yourself Banned On Facebook.

Once upon a time on Facebook,
I was a thriving, lively spark.
I posted memes and shared my thoughts,
And made some virtual friends, or so I thought.

But then one day, without a warning,
My account was flagged and my posts were corralling.
I was banned from the site, no reason given,
My virtual friends and connections all driven.

I felt so lost and all alone,
Cut off from the world I used to call my own.
No more scrolling through my newsfeed,
No more likes or shares or memes to read.

I was cast out, a social pariah,
No longer welcome on Facebook’s merry bazaar.
But as I look back on that fateful day,
I realise it was a blessing in disguise, in a way.

For without the constant distraction,
I found time to focus on other satisfaction.
I reconnected with old friends in the real world,
And found a new sense of purpose, flag unfurled.

So if you find yourself banned on Facebook,
Don’t despair, just take a step back.
There’s more to life than likes and shares,
And a world of possibilities beyond those virtual stairs.

Facebook Has Spoken And You Must Obey.

Being blocked by Facebook
Is like a punch to the gut,
A swift and sudden blow
That leaves you feeling shut.

You try to log in,
But the screen just says “no”.
You’re left out in the cold,
With nowhere else to go.

You wonder what you did
To deserve this fate.
You try to plead your case
But it’s already too late.

Facebook has spoken
And you must obey,
You’re left to stew in silence
As the hours slowly tick away.

But even as you’re blocked
You mustn’t lose your grace,
For one day you’ll be back
In a digital embrace.

So hold your head up high
And keep your chin up, too,
For Facebook may block you
But it can’t block what’s true.

My Voice Will Not Be Silenced.

Once I had a Twitter account
Where I shared my thoughts and views
But then one day, without warning
My account was suspended, it was true.

I was left feeling lost and confused
My tweets were gone, my voice silenced
Why had this happened, what had I done?
I was left to ponder and think in silence.

Was it something I had said or done?
A mistake I made or a rule I broke?
I tried to appeal and make amends
But my efforts all went up in smoke.

Now I’m left to watch from the sidelines
As others tweet and share their thoughts.
But I’ll be back, don’t you worry,
I’ll find a way to fix what’s been fraught.

For though my account may be suspended,
My voice will not be silenced forever.
I’ll find a way to make amends
And reclaim my place on Twitter.

So if you find yourself in my position,
Don’t despair, don’t give up the fight.
There’s always a way to make things right
And to once again take flight.

I Will Keep On Posting The Truth.

The TikTok algorithm strikes again,
My videos disappear in a flash.
Gone from the platform without a trace,
For violating the community’s guidelines, they say.

TikTok deleted my videos
For contravening their rules,
My time and effort lost,
It feels like being back at school.

But I’ll keep on posting the truth
And may find a new place to share,
My voice will not be silenced
By TikTok’s unfair snare.

I won’t let the algorithm win,
I won’t be silenced, I have no fear.
TikTok may delete my videos,
But my message will still be clear.

YouTube, Oh YouTube.

Why do you delete my videos?
Why are you so intent on hiding the truth?
Why are you so harsh on reality
And subjects that you disapprove?

Your algorithm deems them unworthy
Of being seen by the world,
But I know their worth
And I won’t be silenced, I’ll be heard.

I’ll keep on posting videos
And let the truth be viewed.
YouTube may keep deleting them,
But it won’t affect my mood.

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