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Love Is A Garden.
Love is a garden of delight. Nurture it and watch it grow.

Nothing else feels quite right. The best adventure anyone will know.
Two lives are joined always as one. A garden with gladness always sown.
May all the years bring joy and fun
And this love the best anyone could have known.
( Rose Winfold )

A Garden Within My Soul.
I have a garden within my soul of wondrous beauty rare,
Wherein the blossoms of my life bloom ever in splendour fair.
The fragrance and charm of that garden, where all of life’s flowers bloom,
Fills my aching heart with sweet content and banishes failure’s gloom.
Each flower a message is bringing, a memory of someone dear,
A picture of deepest devotion, dispelling all doubt and fear.
Amid all this beauty and splendour, one flower stands forth as queen,
Alone in her dazzling beauty, alone but ever supreme.
This flower of love and devotion has guided me all through life,
Softening my grief and my sorrow, sharing my toil and my strife.
This flower has helped me to conquer temptation so black and grim
And led me to victory and honour over my enemy, sin.
( Helen Steiner Rice )

All The Little Things You Do.
It’s all the little things you do that mean the most of all,

The really sweet and gentle things that may seem very small,
Your thoughtful, loving words of praise that make my cares seem lighter,
The way you laugh and joke with me that makes my outlook brighter,
It’s all the little things you do with just a touch or smile
That add such happiness to life and make it more worthwhile.
I always think you’re wonderful.. I always hope you’ll be..
As happy in the life we share as loving you makes me.
It’s the kind of love that deepens as the months and years go by,
It’s the special, understanding love that we share, you and I.
And today, even though you’ve heard the words before,
I want to say, as years go by, I will love you more and more.
( Rose Winfold )

An Old Chinese Proverb.
There’s an old Chinese proverb that, if practiced each day,
Would change the whole world in a wonderful way..
It’s truth is so simple, it’s so easy to do,
And it works every time and successfully, too..
For you can’t do a kindness without a reward,
Not in silver nor gold but in joy from the Lord.
You can’t light a candle to show others the way
Without feeling the warmth of that bright little ray..
And you can’t pluck a rose, all fragrant with dew,
Without part of its fragrance remaining with you.
( Helen Steiner Rice )

I Am The Dance.
I danced in the morning when the world was begun,

And I danced in the moon and the stars and the sun.
And I came down from Heaven and I danced on the Earth.
At Bethlehem I had my birth.
I danced for the scribe and the Pharisee,
But they would not dance and they wouldn’t follow me.
I danced for the fishermen, for James and John.
They came with me and the dance went on.
I danced on the Sabbath and I cured the lame.
The holy people said it was a shame.
They whipped and they stripped and they hung me on high,
And they left me there on the cross to die.
They buried the body and they thought I’d gone,
But I am the dance and I still go on.
I’ll live in you if you’ll live in me,
And I’ll lead you all, wherever you may be.
( Sydney Carter )

As Long As We Live.
Time is not measured by the years that you live
But by the deeds that you do and the joy that you give.
And each day as it comes brings a chance to each one
To love to the fullest, leaving nothing undone
That would brighten the life or lighten the load
Of some weary traveller lost on life’s road.
So what does it matter how long we may live
If as long as we live we unselfishly give.
( Helen Steiner Rice )

Remember the workers, those on the dole
The men unemployed, who used to dig coal.
Remember the children, hungry and scared
Deceived by the Government, who pretended to care.
Remember the people who took their own lives
The proud souls, who cut themselves with knives.
Remember the homeless when you go to bed
And think of their misery, and their cries in your head.
They are the many, whose hearts may never mend
Because they bore the brunt, now God is their only friend.
( Rose Winfold )

The Stars That Light The Sky.
In this world of casual carelessness it’s discouraging to try
To keep our morals and standards and our ideals high.
We are ridiculed and laughed at by the smart sophisticate
Who proclaims in brittle banter that such things are out of date.
But no life is worth the living unless it’s built on truth
And we lay our life’s foundation in the golden years of youth.
So allow no one to stop you or hinder you from laying
A firm and strong foundation made of Faith and Love and Praying.
For high ideals are like the stars that light the sky above..
You cannot ever reach them, but lift your heart up high
And your life will be as shining as the stars up in the sky.
( Helen Steiner Rice )

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