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I Love You.
For all the things you do to make our house a home
For the warmth that fills each room
And the joy that fills my heart because of you
For the dreams we’ve shared
And the wishes we’ve made together
For the storms we’ve weathered
And the brightness your laughter brings
For the exciting, fun-filled times
And the quiet peace spent together
For the beautiful moments and the wonderful memories
For knowing me so well and understanding.
I love you Liz.

I Love You.
Wherever you go I shall go

Wherever you live so shall I live
Wherever you die I shall die
And there will I be buried beside you.
We will be together forever
And if there is life after that
I will love you then
And our love will be the gift of our lives.
I love you Liz.

I Love You.
I love you beyond what words can say
You are such an important part of me
Such a precious part of my life
And yet it’s hard to convey the depth of my love.
It’s difficult to express the changes you have made in me
And the meaning you have added to my life.
Words do not do justice to my emotions when I want you, need you, and love you with every breath of my being.
I love you beyond words and actions – beyond meanings.
My mind, my body, even my senses, are full of you.
You are as important to my life as the very beat of my heart.
I hope you can look into my eyes, deep within my soul,
And know without words that you are the part of me I treasure most.
I love you Liz.

I Love You.
My life is you
The sound of your laughter
The touch of your hand
The look of love in your eyes.
It’s being with you
Sharing happy times
Special moments of warmth and caring
My life is your love
The most special gift of all.
I love you Liz.

I Love You.
I will always be in love with you
The way I am today
Regardless of the changes
That the years may bring our way.
For you are all the special things
A wife could ever be
And I know that you will always
Be the only one for me.
As we grow older together
As we continue to change with age
There is one thing that will never change..
I will always be in love with you.
I love you Liz.

I Love You.
I know I’m very lucky to have a lovely wife
Who brings so many smiles
And puts the sparkle into life.
But I may not always show it
In the ways I know I could
And know that I don’t tell you
Quite as often as I should.
But there’s no one who loves you
In the special way I do
Or wishes you more happiness
Now and our whole life through.
I love you Liz.

I Love You.
When I think about the happiness
That you and I have known,
The ups and downs,
The hopes and dreams,
The memories all our own,
I feel we have a closeness
Other couples seldom do,
And I’m sure the loveliest wife
In the whole wide world is you.
I love you Liz.

I Love You.
You’re the one that makes me happy,
No matter what life brings.
You’re the one who has a special way
Of doing thoughtful things.
You’re the one who understands
And knows just what I’m thinking of.
So you know without my saying so,
You’re the one I love.
Because I’ve shared my life with you
I know what love can be.
For you have shown such tender care
In all you’ve done for me.
And as we grow older together
I want to let you know,
How proud I am that you’re my wife
And how I love you so.
I love you Liz.

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