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Their Own Life Is So Mundane ..
The Earth is full of people

Who know how to live your life
And also some others
Who like to cause you strife.
Poking in their noses
Because their own life is so mundane,
That if they did not live yours too
They would drive themselves insane.

All I Do Is Weep ..
I’ve really had enough,

Life at the moment is just so tough.
Too many things to do,
Too many things, I don’t have a clue.
So many things to sort out,
I’m going to give up and scream and shout.
All I want to do is curl up and sleep,
If I stay awake, all I do is weep.
Come on floor open up and swallow me,
At least then I would be free.

Move Forward And Face The Future ..
In search of that wonderful place,
Where all roads lead homeward,
Where all dreams come true..
And life waits to offer its best gift to you.
Sometimes when a light goes out of our life
And we are left in darkness
And do not know which way to go,
We must put our hand into the hand of God
And ask Him to lead us.
And if we let our life become a prayer
Until we are strong enough to stand under
The weight of our own thoughts again,
Somehow even the most difficult hours are bearable.
Who can see the dawn break through
Without a glimpse of Heaven and You.
For who but God could make the day
And gently put the night away.

Thank You For My Loved Ones ..
Thank you, O Lord, for all the help you have given me today.
Thank you for keeping me safe all through today,
Helping me to do my work through today,
Giving me strength to conquer my temptations all through today.
Thank you for my home and all that it has been to me,
My loved ones and all the circle of those most dear.
Thank you for any kindness I have received, any help that was given to me,
And sympathy that was shown to me.
Help me to lay myself down to sleep tonight,
With a glad and grateful heart.

Open The Eyes Of Our Minds ..
As the sun gives forth its light, so let the rays from your face enter every nook of my being and drive away all darkness within.
Shine into my heart, O Lord, by the pure light of the knowledge of yourself and open the eyes of my mind to your teaching.
Grant me, O Lord, to know what is worth knowing, to love what is worth loving, to value what is precious to you.
Do not let me judge by what I see,
Nor pass sentence according to what I hear,
But to judge rightly between things that differ.
And above all to search out and to do what pleases you.
Dear Lord, if you will make the autumn of my life as lovely as this golden autumn morning, I will not look back to grieve the passing days of summer.

Sometimes All Goes Well ..
The passing days no troubles bring,
But there are times when the winds
Are rough and menacing.
Every day is a stepping stone
We cross from side to side,
But whether in the shallows
Or in the waters deep and wide,
There comes a point where
We no longer alone can stand,
A place where we need the strength
And comfort of a helping hand.
More gladness than sadness,
More laughter than pain,
More blessings than troubles,
More sunshine than rain.

A Wish For You ..
Good health, good cheer and all things bright,
The best of luck morning noon and night.
A sunlit view, skies of blue –
May these complete each day for you.
Wisdom to guide and light to lead,
Courage and faith in time of need.
Health never failing, friends to bless
And love to complete your happiness.

Politicians ..
They look down their noses and pretend that they care.
But they think we are scum and never treat us fair.
They only look after their mega-rich chums
And show no respect for the working class bums.

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