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There’s Something Very Special About You Mum.
There’s something very special about you, Mum,

That’s hard to describe.
It’s not just the caring things you do and say,
Or the thoughtfulness you always show,
It goes beyond that.
Maybe it’s the love that shows in your eyes,
Or the way you do things that sets you apart.
But whatever the special quality is,
It makes you a unique and wonderful person,
And it makes me love you very much.

Thank You For Being You.
Because I can always count on you
To lend an ear or give a helping hand,
Thank you, because when things aren’t going very smoothly,
I turn to you and know you’ll understand.
Thank you for being wonderful
In all the ways that count,
For giving help and good advice
In just the right amount.
Thank you for all the caring
And the thoughtful things you do.
Thank you for always being there
And thank you for being you.

A Little Message With My Love.
To Mum and Dad in Heaven above,
A little message with my love.
I think about you every day,
Ever since you went away.
Thinking about our time together,
Missing you always, forgetting you never.
It doesn’t need a special day
To bring you to my mind,
A day that I don’t think of you
Is very hard to find.
In my thoughts you will always be
And in my heart for eternity.

No One Sees The Heartbreak.
A silent grief that’s in my heart,
No human eye can trace.
For many a broken heart is hid,
Beneath a smiling face.
No one sees the heartbreak
That lies beneath my smile,
No one sees the emptiness
That’s with me all the while.
God bless you Mum.. God bless you Dad.
I will always love and miss you
Until the day I die.

A Time Of Content.
The kids were a lot more contented
They didn’t need money for kicks.
Just a game with their friends in the road
And sometimes the Saturday flicks.
A slap on your backside if you swore
And no choice for what you wore.
The kids helped with the housework
The men went to work not the wife.
The kids were seldom unhappy
And the mum was content with her life.

You Are Living In My Heart.
Although you can’t be with me,
We are truly not apart,
Until the final breath I take,
You will be living in my heart.

If We Could Have One Wish.
A million times we’ve needed you
A million times we’ve cried.
If our love could have saved you
You never would have died.
We all love you in a special way,
If we could have one wish
We would have you back today.

Until We Meet Again.
Because someone we love is in Heaven,
There’s a little bit of Heaven in our home.
When the stars shine up in the sky. I miss you.
When the sun rises and sets. I miss you.
When the rain falls and the rainbow glistens. I miss you.
Every day, every hour, in every way. I miss you.
In every thing I do. I miss you.
I am sending a dove to Heaven with a parcel on its wings..
Be careful when you open it. It’s full of beautiful things.
Inside are a million kisses, wrapped up in a million hugs..
To say how much I miss you. And to send you all my love.
I hold you close within my heart. And there you will remain..
To walk with me throughout my life. Until we meet again.

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