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Life’s Not Easy.
For most of life’s not easy,

Of that there’s no doubt,
So often come problems which we fret about.
Quite often there’s no cause,
All’s well in the end.
When one has real trouble,
Take help from a friend.

A Lifetime’s Span.
We must accept what each day brings,

Doing the best we can.
The warmth of friendship always helps
Throughout a lifetime’s span.

First Impressions.
So often first impressions

Can prove to be unsound
And beneath a rude exterior
There’s caring friendship found.

When Others Look At You.
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
It does not matter if you’re short or tall,
If you have skinny legs or your hips are wide,
It only matters who you are inside.
Blue eyes, brown eyes, grey or green,
What makes you beautiful cannot be seen.
When others look at you
They won’t  judge your body parts,
They will see the beauty in your heart.

Surely That’s A Lot.
In some the gift of music’s born.

In others the artist’s eye.
Some are endowed with graceful skill
To dance as cloud in sky.
Not many are bequeathed such gifts,
But one gift all have got,
The priceless gift of friendship,
And surely that’s a lot.

Selfishness And Greed.
A side of life so often seen is selfishness and greed.

It tramples over friendship, ignores another’s need.
There is a cost for everything,
Except true love, that’s free.
To take ‘something for nothing’
Let’s another pay the fee.

A Better World.
If all the good people were clever,

And all the clever people were good.
The world would be nicer than ever
We thought that it possibly could.

Something Special Happened.
Something special happened on the day I met you,
My world became a wonderful place
Where the skies were always blue,
I found I was thinking about you by night as well as by day
And there never seemed to be enough words
For the things I had to say.
You turned my whole world upside down
And I found it hard to see
How anyone could be as happy
In the way that you made me.

Never Go Looking For Trouble.
It is wiser the pathway of peace to pursue.
Gloss over the failings of others
And hope they do likewise for you.
Never rake over old quarrels,
Let sleeping dogs lie where they lie.
If something should vex or annoy you,
Endeavour to turn a blind eye.
Never go looking for trouble,
For sooner or later no doubt,
You’ll find it without ever searching,
For trouble is always about.
It’s madness to think that the years can pass
Without heartache and trouble and tears.
Your life you can’t halt at the point of its prime,
You have to give way to the logic of time.
Expect it, accept it, and go bravely on,
Not looking back at the joys that have gone.
The love and the laughter,
The wine and the cream,
You have to press onward
And dream a new dream.

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