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This Little Calf.
This little calf eats grass.
This little calf eats hay.
This little calf drinks water.
This little calf runs away.
This little calf does nothing
But just lies down all day.

A Kangaroo Mother’s Plea.
As you sight your gun upon me,
Do you contemplate, what do you see?
Before the bullet enters me,
Know that my heart is full of need.
For you to understand that I am no different to thee.
( Kim Walpole )

A Rescue Dog.
Now I have arrived at your home
Everything is strange
And I don’t feel good.
Do not feel impatient
If I don’t sleep in my new basket.
Yesterday I slept on a stone floor.
Do not be concerned if I gobble up my food.
Yesterday I had to do it to survive.
Do not get angry if I pee on your floor.
Yesterday it didn’t matter.
Don’t be sad if I am afraid of your loving hand.
Yesterday I did not have one.
Have patience with me, it’s your world.
But it’s not mine.
When I trust you,
I will give you the greatest gift I have to give..
My heart and my unconditional love.

Tally Ho.
Perverts and psychos, cowards and bloodthirsty whores
In fancy dress, on horses they sit, looking like idiots, but certainly not poor.
With barking dogs, worked up to a frenzy, across the countryside they go
Chasing a lone fox, who has done them no harm, the morons scream ‘Tally Ho’!
( Rose Winfold )

Wipe away your tears
You are now free.
Leave behind your fears
Come walk home with me.

Dairy Is Cruelty.
Dairy, it’s violent as f**k!
Why do vegetarians seem to get stuck?
And I don’t want none of that ‘organic’ shit,
It’s for cows, not us, why’s so hard to admit?
We rape them, then we steal their kid.
Females we’ll use and males we’ll get rid.
Look it up, you’ll be shocked what you find,
So how does that not play on your mind?
When you pick up a pint, you fund that torture,
Pretend you don’t, you’re a secret supporter.
It’s a heavily funded abusive system,
Being bred to be a slave is a horrible existence.
People think there’s some kindness involved.
No ! .. It’s all for money, bronze, silver and gold.
So wake up and smell the lie,
Don’t drown it out and let your compassion die.
“Dairy or cow’s milk, what’s the fuss?”
Clue’s in the name, it’s not for us.
“So where do you get your calcium, son?”
Chickpeas, kale and almonds, that’s some.
Broccoli, cabbage, soy, that’s some more.
Excusing violence for calcium, that argument’s poor!
( Chris Bellairs )

You Commit the Greatest Sin.
Ignorant to their tears, numb to their cries
I close my eyes, a thousand screams fill my mind.
How can you not see, the truth and all the pain?
What do you gain, when you take their life in vain?
You extinguish their breath and their life
Just think how you would feel, to never feel tenderness
Imprisoned without love, no grace or kindness
Stolen from your loved ones at your dawn of birth
To feel you have no worth.
How would you feel, to be bred for meat?
Your consciousness is absent, you are morally blind.
Expose your mind, behold the truth within
For you commit the greatest sin.
( Extract from a poem by Jhc Tabucur Lynette )

A Little Lamb.
A little lamb, sweet and pure
Upon the earth to roam
Snatched from his mum, his throat brutally cut
The poor little lamb died alone ..

Cold Eyes Stare Back.
A beautiful baby, with warm, brown eyes
Taken from his mother, chosen to die.
What could he do?
He couldn’t talk to say ‘No’.

What about my life?
I’ll never get the chance to grow.

But the men, they don’t care
Don’t want to acknowledge, the baby’s hurt and despair.
In only a minute, the baby cow’s throat is slit.
His skin is ripped off, and he’s thrust into a boiling-water pit.
Can you not see I’m still alive, that my eyes are still blinking?
He looks up at a worker,  and their eyes are met.
Watery, soft, brown eyes, open just a crack
Look up for a flash of mercy
Cold eyes stare back.

( Extract from a poem by Anna Pardue )

No hunting, no breeding, no killing, no bleeding
No suffering, no pain, no crying, no screaming.
No cages, no circus, no rodeo, no zoo
No fur, no leather, no feathers, no bullfighting, too.
( Rose Winfold )

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