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Behold My Friends, I Am Heroin ..

Behold my friends, I am Heroin,
Known by all as a destroyer of men.
I entered this country, without a passport,
And ever since, I’ve been hunted and sought.
Whole nations have gathered, to plan my destruction,
I am the breeder of crime and corruption.

I’m more valued than diamonds,
More treasured than gold,
Try me you’ll see, you too will be sold.
I’m a powder that looks no more than waste,
I’m soft and fluffy and bitter to taste.
I’m brown, I’m white and fantastic to use,
But once you’re hooked, I really abuse.

I’ll take a rich man and make him poor,
I’ll take a virgin and make her a whore.
I’ll make beautiful women forget their looks,
I’ll take honest men and make them crooks.
I’ll make you lie, steal, borrow and beg,
Then search for a vein in your arm or your leg.
I’ll make you selfish and fill you with greed,
Who cares of colour, religion or creed.
My gift is illusion, my blessing is take,
Only deaths and destruction, follow my wake.

My friends are many but I’m loyal to none,
I’ve come to destroy and my work will be done.
Run from me if you like, for I never chase,
Sooner or later, you’ll return for a taste.
Once in your blood, you’ll not think I’m mean,
You’ll praise me as master and nod in a dream.
You’ve heard my warnings but will you take heed,
Put your foot in the stirrup, mount this great steed.
So sit in the saddle and hold on real well,
For the great horse of Heroin, will take you to hell.
( Written by a resident of St. Mary’s Hostel, Bangor, Wales, UK )

No Silver Lining In This Cloud ..
Caught in heroin’s vice-like grip
I jab a needle in my hip.

The only place where veins remain,
To help me ease cold turkey’s pain.

My trembling hand stabs for a hit
To pull me out of this black pit.

Eureka ! A vein ! Turkey goes
Cos now I’m numb from head to toes.

Confused dot com, I’ve lost the plot
I’m slumped here in this nasty squat.

This is no life.. It’s just a joke
Trapped in addiction’s brutal yoke.

No silver lining in this cloud
I hang my head, and sigh out loud.

( Tot Darren, London, UK )

The Streets Are My Pastures ..
King Heroin is my shepherd
I shall always want
He maketh me to lie down in the gutter
The streets are my pastures
Where he leadeth me
And the quiet waters in my works
Go straight to my soul.

At Last I’m Free ..
I know my love for you was strong
But now I have to walk away
I’ve lived so long within your shadow
But I live to fight another day
You held me in your trance for so long
So many years soon passed me by
Time had no meaning to me
So enthralled with you was I
I’m free from your addiction
I’ve escaped your evil charm
You no longer bring me torment
You no longer bring me harm.
( Keith Rowe, Worcester, UK )

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