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Our Only Wealth Is Seeing.
From my village I see as much in the Universe as you can see from earth.

So my village is as big as any other land
Because I’m the size of what I see,
Not the size of my height.
In the cities life is smaller than here in my house on top of this hill.
In the city the big houses shut your sight with a key,
Hide the horizon, push your eyes far away from all the sky,
Make us smaller because they take away what our eyes can give us,
And make us poor because our only wealth is seeing.
( Fernando Pessoa.. Alberto Caeiro da Silva )

I Know The Truth.
I’m a keeper of flocks.

The flock is my thoughts
And my thoughts are all sensations.
I think with my eyes and with my ears
And with my hands and feet
And with my nose and mouth.
Thinking about a flower is seeing and smelling it
And eating a piece of fruit is knowing its meaning.
That’s why when on a hot day I feel sad from liking it so much,
And I throw myself lengthwise on the grass
And shut my hot eyes,
And feeling my whole body lying on reality,
I know the truth and I’m happy.
( Fernando Pessoa.. Alberto Caeiro da Silva )

Open Your Eyes.
What do I think about the world?
I have no idea what I think about the world!
If I get sick I’ll think about that stuff.
What idea do I have about things?
What opinion do I have about cause and effect?
What have I meditated on God and the soul and on the creation of the world?
I don’t know.. For me thinking about that stuff is shutting my eyes and not thinking.
It’s closing the curtains (But my window doesn’t have curtains).
The mystery of things ?.. I have no idea what mystery is!
The only mystery is there being someone who thinks about mystery.
When you’re in the sun and shut your eyes, you start not knowing what the sun is
and you think a lot of things full of heat.
But you open your eyes and look at the sun and you can’t think about anything anymore. Because the sun’s light is worth more than the thoughts of all philosophers and all poets.
The light of the sun doesn’t know what it’s doing,
So it’s never wrong and it’s common and good.
( Fernando Pessoa.. Alberto Caeiro da Silva )

I Believe.
That imagination is stronger than knowledge.
That myth is more potent than history.
That dreams are more powerful than facts.
That hope always triumphs over experience.
That laughter is the only cure for grief.
And I believe that love is stronger than death.
( Robert Fulghum )

If I die very young, hear this.
I was never anything but a kid playing.
I was a heathen like the sun and the water,
I had the universal religion only people don’t have.
I was happy because I didn’t ask for anything at all,
Or tried to find anything,
And I didn’t find any more explanation
Than the word explanation having no meaning at all.
I didn’t want anything but to be in the sun or the rain..
In the sun when there was sun
And in the rain when it was raining
(And never the opposite),
Feeling heat and cold and wind,
And going no farther than that.
( Fernando Pessoa.. Alberto Caeiro da Silva )

Not Every Day Is Sunny.
If I could take a bite of the whole world
And feel it on my palate
I’d be more happy for a minute or so,
But I don’t always want to be happy.
Sometimes you have to be unhappy to be natural.
Not every day is sunny.
When there’s been no rain for a while, you pray for it to come.
So I take unhappiness with happiness.
Naturally, like someone who doesn’t find it strange
That there are mountains and plains and that there are cliffs and grass.
What you need is to be natural and calm
In happiness and in unhappiness,
To feel like someone seeing,
To think like someone walking,
And when it’s time to die, remember the day dies,
And the sunset is beautiful, and the endless night is beautiful.
That’s how it is and that’s how it should be.
( Fernando Pessoa.. Alberto Caeiro da Silva )

One Time I Fell In Love.
One time I fell in love, I thought they would love me,
But I wasn’t loved.
I wasn’t loved for one main reason.
I didn’t have to be.
I consoled myself by going back to the sun and rain,
And sitting at the door of my house again.
When all’s said and done, fields aren’t as green for people in love
As for those who aren’t.
To feel is to be distracted.
( Fernando Pessoa.. Alberto Caeiro da Silva )

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