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An Answer To The Problem.
All is dark for you today.

No ray of hope you see.
But wait a little longer,
Wait and trust and there will be
An answer to the problem
And an easing of the pain,
You will turn a corner
And begin to live again.

Life Is Never Hopeless.
You’re bound to get hurt in the scramble of life,

With its jolts and its jars,
But don’t make too much of your bruises
And don’t go round counting your scars.
Where there’s been strife and contention,
Don’t dig up the long buried bone.
If everything’s going on smoothly,
Be thankful and let well alone.
We all have to suffer one way or another.
We all have to go through the mill.
We all have to pass through the test of experience,
Whether for good or for ill.
We all come at last to a point in our lives
When we come under pressure and strain.
Put through the millstones of trial and of trouble,
Life takes us and grinds us like grain.

When You’re Hurt By Something Done Or Said.
Try to think of something nice instead,
To divert the stream of bitterness,
From the rocks of anger or excess.
Try to recollect affection shown,
The loving gesture and the gentle tone.
Often you avoid catastrophe,
By changing course and steering quietly,
Into calmer waters of the mind,
Forgetting words ungrateful and unkind.
If there is a future there is time for mending,
Time to see your troubles coming to an ending.
Life is never hopeless however great your sorrow,
If you’re looking forward to a new tomorrow.

Wisdom Without Words.
A garden is an open page
Where those who seek may learn
Something from the regal lily
And the humble fern
The grass, the ant, the butterflies,
The pollen and the birds
Teach us lessons without books
And wisdom without words.

Love And Harmony.
In vain men strive to find a creed,
In book and brain they search,
For the life that satisfies,
The truth that makes men free
A kingdom that was promised
On love and harmony.

Take The Bad And Good.
If your plans are thwarted
And you feel misunderstood
Do not be surprised or hurt
But take the bad and good
In your stride,
Not always reaching out for happiness
But thankful for whatever comes to comfort,
Heal and bless.
If you try to cultivate
A grateful frame of mind
Many mercies you will have
And many blessings find.

Make A Peace Within Yourself.
When hurt by something done or said
And a sudden storm of anger thunders overhead
It is good if in the whirling turmoil of the mind
You can shut out everything that’s cruel and unkind
And make a peace within yourself where you can be content
To wait until the worst is over and the storm is spent.

The Precious Secret Of Serenity.
You need to soothe the jangled nerves
And calm the worried mind
To ease the overburdened heart,
To rest and to unwind.
Find a peace within yourself
And stronger you will be
Having learned the precious secret of serenity.

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