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You Need A Break Each Day.
Don’t go rushing on non-stop,

You need a break each day,
To relieve the tension,
To reflect, to rest.
Minds and bodies cannot stand
The worry and the wear,
Of modern life without
A quiet moment here and there.

Life Is Like An Uncompleted Symphony.
That goes on and on eternally.
The music ebbs and flows,
Sometimes sweet and lovely,
Sometimes sad and full of tears,
Changing with the changing rhythms
Of the passing years.
You think that all is over
When a little thing goes wrong.
You think that it has ended
With the ending of the song.
You say your heart has broken
When bereaved you sit alone.
The melody of life is drowned
By sorrow’s undertone.
There is silence for a time,
A pause for memory,
Then the music starts again,
But in a different key.

Take A Look Inside Your Mind.
It’s the thoughtless act that tears apart

The finely woven fabric of the day.
It’s the tiny straw that breaks the back
When added to the daily wear and tear.
It’s the extra feather in the sack
That makes the burden more than you can bear.
So check yourself before you say too much.
You may be right, but exercise control,
Another word could be the final touch.
The straw that breaks the over-burdened soul.
Before you blame another
Take a look inside your mind.
Search your thoughts and if you’re honest
Maybe you will find
You too made mistakes
And were not always wholly wise.

Life Is Like A Bank.
In which your good deeds you invest.
They will swell your capital
And truly you’ll be blessed,
And enriched from day to day
With handsome dividends,
In the form of happiness,
Contentment, and good friends.

Leave Us The Country Lane.
Wherever the good land is threatened,
Resist, protest, complain.
Build round the towns if it’s needed,
But leave us the country lane.
The pastures, the fields and the orchards,
The earth that supplies what we need,
The country is ours for our keeping,
A heritage precious indeed.

A Heart That Never Suffers.
A heart without a hurt in it is like an empty well.
A heart that never knew a grief is like a hollow shell,
Where nothing ever wakes an echo to revive again.
The long forgotten memory of ecstasy or pain.
The eyes that never shed a tear of pity or regret,
Are the eyes of someone who has never really met,
Face to face with life and the challenge that it brings,
Seen through other people’s troubles, tears and sufferings.
The one who never had a scar can never understand,
The compulsion of compassion and of love’s demand.
He has missed the inner meaning at the core of things,
A heart that never suffers is a heart that never sings.

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