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I Am Eternally In Your Debt.
I’m looking back to childhood years

And my eyes fill with happy tears.
These times together, you and me,
So clearly in my mind I see.
You’ve been my oak, my mighty tree
With branches safely wrapped round me.
A special mum I have in you,
The love you share, the things you do,
And when I look upon your face
I feel the warmth of your embrace.
My love today and every day
With hand on heart these words I say,
I am eternally in your debt
So please forgive me should I forget.

God Whispered To The Angels.
God whispered to the angels
And we know they must have heard
For they came and took you away
Without a single word.
They knew that you were tired
The fight from you had gone
So they took you to a better place
Where you at last belong.

Open The Windows Of Your Mind.
Towards the brightest view
Facing the sun that sheds a light
On all things good and true.
Look at life with eyes that see
The good and not the bad
Cherish in your memory
The glad times, not the sad.

Death Is But A Door.
Death is but a door
That and nothing more.
This life is but a room
Do not weep that we left so soon
For we are not far.
If you reach you can touch us
If you listen you will hear us.
Between us is but a wall
For this house has many rooms
Together we can know them all.
We are waiting.

A Friend Is.
A friend is someone very dear.
Who shares your hopes and dreams.
Who shows you that the greyest day
Is brighter than it seems.
Someone who overlooks your faults
And likes you as you are.
Who’ll always keep in touch with you
Whether you’re near or far.

Sad Are The Hearts That Loved You.
Sad are the hearts that loved you
Secret tears still fall.
Living our lives without you
Is the hardest part of all.
Our lives will go on, year by year,
But it’s not the same without you here.
God bless you Mum. God bless you Dad.

I Am A Better Person.
I have seen some sights in my life
But nothing compares to you.
I am a better person for our meeting,
To you a debt is due.
You have touched my heart in a sacred place
Few others have reached.
The wall I had built around myself
You have well and truly breached.
In this world you will always struggle.
And wonder time and time again
Why our dear Lord picked you out
To suffer so much pain.
But in the next you will be a champion,
A king of all you can see.
Where you will preside over everyone
Including lesser people like me.

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