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Our Friendship Is Important.
Good friends are hard to come by

I’m so lucky I’ve got you.
I have your kindness and support
In everything I do.
Words alone aren’t thanks enough
For all your special ways,
I could take a lifetime
Just to shower you with praise.
Our friendship is important
And I hope that you can see,
Just how very precious
You will always be to me.
It really means
The whole wide world
To have you by my side,
You fill my days with happiness
And fill my heart with pride.

In Nothing Be Careless.
Do the job well if you do it at all,

Whether important or something quite small.
You’ll have your reward when your work you survey,
And proud you can feel at the end of the day,
Of what you’ve accomplished although it may be,
Something that no one is likely to see.
Even although you’ve to answer to none,
You’ll know in your heart that the work was well done.
In nothing be careless.
In all things excel.
A job that’s worth doing is worth doing well.

Life Can’t Be All Delight.
Weigh the good against the bad,

The worst against the best.
You’ve been hurt, but you’ve been helped
And have you not been blessed?
There were times when skies were dark,
But often they were bright.
There were storms, but in the end
A rainbow came in sight.
You have had your troubles
But you’ve had the good days too.
Much you lost, but many mercies
Have been granted  you.
Problems there are bound to be.
Life can’t be all delight.
When you think of what went wrong,
Remember what went right.

Smile Through All The Tears.
Remember those who have gone with sunshine.
Remember happy days.
Remember lots of laughter. Remember always.
Smile at past memories.
Smile through all the tears.
Smile because of love and friendship
That they gave you through the years.

The Present Is The Only Time.
Do not bank upon tomorrow.
Do your best today.
Maybe there’s a future, maybe not,
For who can say?
The present is the only time
You can be sure about.
If you have a demon
Now’s the time to cast it out.
Now’s the moment for improvement.
Now’s the time to make
Something better of yourself
And now’s the time to take.
Stock of what you’re like behind
The face you show your friends.
Now’s the golden moment.
Now’s the time to make amends.

It’s In Giving That We Gain.
Do you wish for kindness?  Be kind.
Do you wish for truth?  Be true.
What you give of yourself, you find,
Your world’s a reflection of you.
It’s in loving, not being loved,
The heart is most truly blessed.
It’s in giving, not seeking gifts,
That we gain what is brightest and best.

The Past Is Gone.
A patient ear, a kindly eye,
A ready, helping hand.
A gentle spirit,
And a heart that’s quick to understand.
With these, in my small corner,
May I spread joy and light,
And take a friendly candle
Into someone’s lonely night.
Glance backwards now and then,
But do not look too long.
The past is gone, the future waits,
Step forward with a song.
Who knows, tomorrow’s sunshine may be
Brighter than you dream today.

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