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Obesity Curse.
I’ve got a message, I want to tell
Just hope you’ll listen, and listen well.
Why do you sit there, and stuff your face
When you need to get back, into the human race.
Many times you’re not hungry, but continually eat
You can’t even be bothered, to move your feet.
It may be something, you won’t like
But you should try, an exercise bike.
Don’t take the easy route, like the rest
You have to try, and try your best.
If you’re not happy, with what you’ve got
It’s up to you, to change your lot.
Change junk food for, another healthy snack
If you want to avoid, a dangerous heart attack.
Just try a banana, from the bunch
Or even an apple, with a bit of a crunch.
There is no problem, you can fix
With your mouth full, of choccy bics.
Cut down the portions, on your plate
To get a pleasing, healthy weight.
I hope you’ll take action, there’s no time to waste
You have four other senses, apart from your taste.
Don’t worry about, your next fizzy cola
Look at the horrors, of deadly ebola.
Your body is, in your control
Don’t go too soon, to that six foot hole.
If you don’t avoid, the obesity curse
You could soon be, prostrate in a hearse.
( Amal Reetpet )

Meet The Veggies.
Tomato.. I’m round and red, and juicy too.
Chop me for a salad, or dump me in your stew.
Lettuce.. Hey, wait a minute, if a salad you’re fixing.
I can stand alone, no need for the mixing.
Onion.. Chop me and slice me, but keep water near.
I sometimes get juicy, and can bring on a tear.
Carrot.. Orange is my colour, I stand long and lean.
In the garden you’ll see, just my bright leaves of green.
Pea.. I live in a pod, with so many others.
I think I was born, with one hundred brothers.
Green Bean.. Look in the garden, you will see my sign.
Then bring out your basket, when it’s picking time.
Potato.. I’ve an eye for perfection, to give you the best.
Baked, mashed or fried, I will pass the test.
Cabbage.. My head is quite thick, so people tell me.
I guess that’s the reason, grocery stores sell me.
Celery.. Cut and rinse my stalks, then spread on cream cheese.
A refreshing hors d’oeuvre, to make parties a breeze.
Brussel Sprout.. I’m kinda cute, when I’m served on a plate.
I’m just a little mouthful, you can eat six or eight.
Cauliflower.. I carry white flowers, to break off and eat.
I’m sometimes served raw, a nutritious snack treat.
Broccoli.. My friends call me trees, now that’s a funny name.
Though I am a dark green, with stalks just the same.
We are the veggies, you should eat every day.
Now don’t make a face, we are as good as we say.

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