The Most Noble Idea Ever

Breast Cancer ..
Experts have found a protein which could stop breast cancer spreading.

They discovered it can block cancer cells when it is active in the body.
But the cells are able to switch off protein EPHA2, which lets them then move through blood vessels into other organs.
The Institute of Cancer Research said, “The next step is to figure out how to keep the protein switched on, stopping breast cancer spreading.”

( Sun, 10.02.2016 )

Compensation Paid By The NHS ..
The NHS believes it will need £28.3billion to cover damages for botched care over the next few years.. The vast estimate, which has risen 70% in five years, comes as the NHS is trying to make savings of £30billion.. It includes £12.3billion for outstanding claims and £16billion for claims expected over the next five years and beyond.

( Andrew Gregory and Winnie Agbonlahor, 23.01.2016 )

Dementia And Alzheimers ..
GPs diagnosed nearly 20% more patients with dementia after being promised a government bonus.. The scheme, which paid £55 for each new case spotted, ran for six months between October 2014 and April 2015.
It was meant to improve detection of the brain-wasting illness amid fears cases were being missed.
Dementia cases rose from 643 people per 100,000 population in April 2014 to 755 by December 2015.. GPs got the cash for six months of that period.. The scheme was scrapped by NHS England in April 2015.Alzheimer’s drugs prescription in England leapt from just over 500,000 in 2004 to three million in 2014.
( Pat Hagan, 20.01.2016 )

Tasteless Fruit From Abroad ..
Having spotted blueberries from Chile, blackberries from Mexico and strawberries from Peru while scanning the supermarket for fruit, I wasn’t at all surprised to hear that more than half of our food is flown in from abroad.. Why ?

The only fruit we should be eating now is what’s in season here.. A succulent apple, maybe some rosy rhubarb or a juicy pear.. That’s about it at this time of year.
But who wants soggy, tasteless strawberries that go off in a day because they’re sprayed, frozen, gassed and flown thousands of miles before leaking their juices all over the supermarket fruit and veg section ?

( Fiona Phillips, 09.01.2016 )

Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Take Paracetamol ..
Pregnant women who take paracetamol may increase the risk of their baby having asthma, say experts.. A study involving 114,500 children found 5.7% had the disease at the age of three and 5.1% at seven.. Researchers say they found a consistent link between children who had developed asthma aged three and mums who told them they had taken paracetamol during pregnancy.. The risk appeared to be greater if an expectant mother had used paracetamol for more than one complaint.
The researchers, in Bristol and Norway, say they established the asthma was linked to the drug rather than any medical condition the mother may have been suffering when she took it.. Previous studies have suggested a link between paracetamol use by pregnant mums and asthma.

( Sophie Goodchild, 10.02.2016 )

The Most Noble Idea Ever ..
The National Health Service owes its existence to the most noble idea that this country ever had – To care for the sick, the weak and the vulnerable in their time of need.
If the NHS is not there to care, then it is a meaningless shell, a cash cow for private medicine.. And makes a mockery of the idealism that brought it into being.
The NHS does not exist to stuff the pockets of Conservative Party donors, or to enrich doctors, or to big up private health care.

Children Placed In Adult Mental Institutions ..
Children as young as five with mental health issues are being placed in adult institutions far from home.. An adult mental health ward is no place for a child.. It is an act of utter, disgraceful neglect and cruelty.. Adult psychiatric wards and their facilities and staffing levels are often basic by fiscal necessity.. They are populated by people with mental health problems who may be verbally abusive, physically threatening or simply distressing to be with.

We Didn’t Vaccinate Away Cholera Or Tuberculosis ..
We did not vaccinate away cholera.. We didn’t vaccinate away tuberculosis.
There were sanitariums in the 20s and 30s, even the 40s, for tuberculosis.
We didn’t vaccinate that away so there’s a lot of things that people think of that we vaccinated away but we never did in this country.. It was all actually changes and improvements in public health and in sanitation, water and nutrition.
( Dr Toni Bark )

A Moderate Amount Of Alcohol May Beat Alzheimer’s ..
Two pints of beer a day could slash Alzheimer’s deaths, a study claims.
Experts found a moderate alcohol intake cut the risk of dying early in newly diagnosed patients by 77% .. Two small glasses of wine or four single whiskies could have the same effect.. They tracked the amount 321 adults in the early stages of the incurable disease drank over three years in Denmark.. The one in 20 who had a couple of beers or wine every day showed life-enhancing benefits.. The one in ten who abstained and heavy drinkers were more likely to die earlier.. Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark believe alcohol may protect brain cells from the disease.
( Nick McDermott, 11.12.2015 )

Hospitals Rationing Hearing Aids ..
Hospitals in the UK are rationing hearing aids in a wave of cruel NHS cuts.
Many trusts now offer just one hearing aid even if both ears need help.
It means many patients may have to go private to get the care they need.
Dr Roger Wicks, from the charity Action on Hearing Loss, said, “Hearing aids have been free on the NHS since its creation in 1948.. It’s driven by the need to cut costs and has nothing to do with people’s health needs”.. Peter Sydserff, president of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, said, “It is a classic short-term decision, and it is cruel.. Imagine going for an eye test and being asked, ‘Which eye would you like a lens for ?’”
( Danny Buckland, 25.10.2015 )

A Blood Test May Predict The Onset Of Arthritis ..
A blood test could soon predict who will get arthritis up to 16 years before it fully develops.. It would allow hundreds of thousands of patients to get vital early treatment.. It works by detecting a protein released into the blood when rheumatoid arthritis starts developing.. A team at Oxford University’s Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology studied 2,000 patients and found it was present an average of seven years before arthritis set in.. In some cases the figure was as high as 16 years.. Rheumatoid arthritis is triggered when the immune system malfunctions and affects the joints.. Stephen Simpson, of Arthritis UK, said, “This has great potential to help patients get the right treatment early to keep this painful and debilitating condition under control.”
( Nick McDermott, 11.12.2015 )

Health Secretary Putting Patients At Risk ..
Transplant patients are refusing to have life-saving surgery at weekends because Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said they are more likely to die..
A top doctor specialising in liver operations criticised the Health Secretary over his repeated claims that under-staffing at hospitals over the weekend is causing 11,000 excess deaths every year.. The figure, disputed by the British Medical Association, is key to the Government’s case for a seven-day NHS, which sparked a pay row with junior doctors.. Dr Palak Trivedi has revealed several patients at Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital have already refused weekend transplants over fears for their health.. Two declined operations despite being matched with a donor, meaning they risked missing their only chance of survival.. Dr Trivedi said, “Mr Hunt says he wants to save lives but he is putting patients at risk by repeating questionable data.. I pray that none of the patients who refuse weekend transplants ends up dying.. The reality, Mr Hunt, in case you didn’t know, is that liver transplantation is a seven days a week, 365 days a year operation.. There is always a consultant in theatre and there is the same level of case in recovery.. Expert input is the same weekday or weekend, in theatre, on the ward and in intensive care.”
( Dan Warburton and Martyn Halle, 13.12.2015 )

A Sick Campaign By The Health Secretary ..
If the worst happens this weekend and you or a family member fall seriously ill, you can be confident you will almost certainly get excellent treatment.. Yet Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has created a climate of terror by warning that patients are more likely to die if they go to hospital at weekends.. His misuse of statistics has been discredited by the British Medical Association and many doctors, yet the mud has stuck.
Mr Hunt has run this disgraceful, unprincipled campaign against doctors and nurses as part of his mission to undermine the NHS.. We are used to politicians using scare tactics, but doing so to terrify sick people is plumbing new depths.
As anyone who has had to use a hospital at weekends knows, medical staff already work devotedly for seven days a week.
( Sunday Mirror, 13.12.2015 )

Eating Meat Is Risky

Avoid Farmed Salmon ..
Although fish sounds like one of the healthiest foods possible, farmed salmon is one you should avoid.Unfortunately, more than 60% of the salmon consumed in the USA is farm raised.These fish are fed unnatural diets and are contaminated with chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides, and other known carcinogens.. They live in very crowded conditions which results in these fish having 30 times the number of sea lice than wild salmon.. Farmed salmon are fed chemicals to make their meat that reddish pink color that should occur naturally but doesn’t because of the diet of chicken litter that they are fed.Also, due to their diet, they have less of the healthy omega-3 that we think we are getting when we consume fish.. Studies have also shown that farmed salmon contain high levels of PCB’s, mercury, and cancer causing dioxins.
Avoid farmed salmon and buy it canned or look for labels in your market that state the fish you are buying is wild sockeye salmon.
( Natural Health News, 09.05.2014 )

Bananas Help To Combat Flu ..
Bananas could help fight flu and combat killer diseases such as hepatitis C and Aids, researchers have claimed.. Scientists believe they can create a drug from a protein found in the fruit.. BanLec locks on to sugars on the outside of cells, stopping deadly viruses from getting in.. Its powers were revealed five years ago when researchers developed an anti-viral drug.. But the treatment caused side-effects such as swelling.. They have now made the drug safer.. And trials have found it stops flu in mice.. Experts hope the drug can be put in a nasal spray, but it could be ten years before it is available.. US-based researcher Dr David Markovitz said, “What we’ve done is exciting.. Better treatments are desperately needed.”

( Katie Hodge, 23.10.2015 )

Kangaroo Meat Linked To Heart Disease ..
Kangaroo meat may not be as healthy as previously thought after scientists found a component of red meat most prevalent in the iconic Australian animal is linked to heart disease.A study published in the prestigious journal Nature Medicine found that a compound in red meat called L-carnitine is associated with the build up of plaque in arteries which causes heart attacks, strokes and vascular disease.
Australian experts said the study was significant because up until now, scientists generally believed cholesterol and fat in red meat was driving the link between high consumption and heart disease.The surprising discovery has caused warnings against the widespread use of L-carnitine as a dietary supplement, particularly among athletes such as footballers and body builders who believe it helps build muscle, burn fat and improve brain function.It has also caused doctors to reiterate warnings about excessive consumption of red meat and especially kangaroo meat, which has long been thought to be one of the healthiest choices because of its low fat content..
The authors of the study, from Cleveland Clinic Foundation in the US, said that when L-carnitine was metabolised by gut bacteria in people who eat meat, it turned into high amounts of a compound named trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), which damages arteries supplying blood to the heart and brain.
( Julia Medew, The Sydney Morning Herald, 08.04.2013 )

If there is a ‘health food’ section in the grocery store..
What does that make the rest of the food sold there ?
( Dr Mark Hyman )

Medicine is not health care.. Food is health care.
Medicine is sick care.

All nutrients come from the sun or the soil.
( Michael Greger )

With the proper diet, no doctor is necessary.
With the improper diet, no doctor can help.
( Dr Gabriel Cousons )

Do Not Ask Me To Remember

Do Not Ask Me To Remember ..
Do not ask me to remember
Don’t try to make me understand.
Let me rest and know you’re with me.
Kiss my cheek and hold my hand.
I’m confused beyond your concept.
I am sad and sick and lost.
All I know is that I need you
To be with me at all cost.

Do not lose your patience with me.
Do not scold or curse or cry.
I can’t help the way I’m acting,
Can’t be different though I try.
Just remember that I need you,
That the best of me is gone.
Please don’t fail to stand beside me,
Love me till my life is done.
( Owen Darnell )

Dementia Poem ..
I’m in this home.. They put me here.

Don’t know the date, I don’t know the year,
I sit, I think, I reminisce.
Of the days gone by, total joy and bliss.
But confusion sets in, and I start to panic,
Medication wears off, it makes me erratic,
Where am I ? .. I don’t know this place.
Someone is speaking, I see their face.
This one that speaks, I may recognise.
Something familiar, something about those eyes.
I think he’s not all there, I think he may be mad,
Why does he hold my hand ?.. Why does he call me Dad ?
They will not leave, they will not go.
So, I sit in silence, signs of life I will not show.
Still, they hold my hand and they speak to me.
They just wont let go, who can they be ?
My mind is addled I’m all confused,
My mind feels broken and it feels bruised.
I wish my wife was still around,
She’d ease my pain, she was so profound.
I listen as they all mill about,
I hear them whisper and I want to shout.
What do they want ?.. Why don’t they leave ?
I think they are liars, and I disbelieve.
I remember times of long ago,
But not recent times, as my mind has slowed.
Endless summers and times of joy
When I was small, just a little boy.
I remember well, my wedding day.
A happy memory that’s here to stay.
But, it all goes fuzzy and all goes grey
And, I can’t remember even yesterday.
They think me mad, they think me senile.
They are the ones that are in denial.
This mental illness is no joke,
I used to be normal, now I’m just smoke.
The onset came and it took hold,
It ate my mind and it has left me cold.
Deep inside I try and fight,
I push at it with all my might.
Some days are good and some quite bad,
But either way, when my end comes I’ll not be sad.
My brain has gone, now left this place.
I have passed on, the next world I shall embrace.
( John Steward )

Euthanised Without Consent

The Family Doctor 1939 ..
The routine was as follows.. Immediately you became unwell with a temperature, sore throat or spots you would be confined to your bed.. First thing the following morning after the dreaded symptoms your mother would contact the Doctor’s Surgery and be immediately reassured that the Doctor would call in on his rounds before midday..
The Doctor would arrive, thermometer stuck into your mouth, neck glands felt, mouth opened and spots examined.. He would then tell your mother what ailment you had incurred and reassured her that medicine would be delivered before nightfall that evening and also that he would call in sometime in the following two days to check progress.. There was no NHS then, so the Doctor would quickly write out an ‘Account Rendered’ which was normally for two guineas.. By no later than 5pm a boy on a bicycle would deliver the prescribed medicine from a basket that would contain at least another twenty medications.. True to his word the Doctor would also make his second call two days later to confirm your return to school.

In 1939 the Doctor would have been 65 to 70 years of age, and so born in 1869-1874 and attended his medical training in the 1890s, served in World War One and should have retired by 1939 but continued throughout World War Two which was a familiar situation throughout the country.. These doctors who should have retired but soldiered on to fill the gaps left by the younger doctors at war.
Nowadays, I have to wait ten days to see my own doctor and make my own way to his surgery, pick up a prescription, take to a pharmacy and then have to call back the following day to collect the medication.. Such is progress.
( Story taken from an article by Joe Branson, Dorset, UK )

Dodgy Dentists ..
The number of dentists being investigated for ‘fitness to practise’ has almost doubled in four years.. Figures from the General Dental Council show 3,099 cases over the past year.. One dentist was jailed for 18 months for defrauding the NHS of nearly £48,000.. Another was struck off after a string of failings relating to 18 of her patients..
And Daniel Stocks, 37, was banned from the industry for filming staff in the toilet..
The rising toll is placing pressure on the GDC, which was promised reforms by the Government which would save taxpayers around £1.8million a year..
Chris Dean, a lawyer at The Dental Law Partnership, said, “There are major concerns about the standard of some dentists.. The Government needs to act now.”

( Lee Sorrell and Nick Dorman, 13.09.2015 )

Patients Euthanised Without Consent ..
A recent study by the Journal of Medical Ethics revealed a disturbing practice being carried out in Belgian hospitals.. Namely, the deliberate euthanasia of patients without their voluntary consent.. Raphael Cohen-Almagor, professor of philosophy and ethics at the UK’s Hull University and author of the report, discovered that lethal drugs were being used to ‘shorten life and without explicit request’.. These cases of deliberate euthanasia accounted for 1.7% of all deaths in Belgium during 2013.. The practice typically involved patients who were comatose, suffering from dementia or “because discussion would have been harmful to the patient’s best interest”.. A very contentious judgment, indeed.. This highly questionable and unethical practice is all the more curious since a 2002 Belgian law called the Euthanasia Act prohibits administering life-ending drugs except in cases where the patient has given explicit, voluntary consent.

Professor Cohen-Almagor wrote.. “At the heart of this legislation is the free will of the patient who asks for euthanasia.. It is worrying that some physicians take upon themselves the responsibility to deliberately shorten patients’ lives without a clear indication from the patients that this is what they would want.”.. The law clearly states that a request for euthanasia from a patient must be “voluntary, well-considered, and repeated and, not the result of any external pressure.”
A paper published in 2014 by the Belgian Society of Intensive Care Medicine Council explores the use of drugs “with the direct intention of shortening the dying process of terminal palliative care in patients with no prospect of a meaningful recovery.”.. The paper also advises that the withdrawal of care and the increased dosage of lethal sedatives “must not be interpreted as killing.”.. Which begs the question.. How is euthanasia without consent any different than murder ?.. An even more shocking revelation is that in many of these cases even the families of the patients are not being consulted, with doctors viewing the practice as a “medical decision” that only they should have the power to make.. The cases in which euthanasia without consent has been carried out are rarely reported, which is also a violation of the Euthanasia Act.
( Daniel Barker, Natural News, 16.07.2015 )

Thousands Die After Benefits Cut

Coffee And Alcohol Can Beat Dementia ..
Boozing in moderation and drinking coffee could cut the risk of developing dementia.
Up to three alcoholic drinks daily kept Alzheimer’s at bay, according to Chinese experts who led a review of 300 studies.. Vitamins C and E, statins and folic acid were also linked to a reduced risk of the illness, which mainly affects over-65s.
Diabetes, depression and high blood pressure were said to increase the chances, along with lifestyle factors like lack of education and weight problems.
Separate research shows fewer people are developing dementia due to healthier lifestyles.. In Britain, the number of 65-year-olds with Alzheimer’s has fallen by 22% since 1990 – despite past fears of an epidemic.

( Andrew Gregory, 21.08.2015 )

Diabetes Link To Antibiotics ..
Taking too many antibiotics could raise the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
A study found those who took them five times in the last 15 years were 53% more likely to get the disease than those who took them once.. Dr Kristian Mikkelsen, behind the study by a Danish hospital, said antibiotics can affect people’s metabolism.
( Daily Mirror, 28.08.2015 )

Thousands Die After UK Government Cut Benefits ..
Nearly 10,000 people have died after being denied full sickness benefits – with almost one in four of them dead within two weeks of being ordered to get a job, the Government admitted.. The Department for Work and Pensions revealed that 2,380 people died between December 2011 and February 2014 after failing controversial government tests and being found ‘fit to work’.. A further 7,200 people claiming Employment and Support Allowance died after being forced into the ‘work-related activity group’, which means they get reduced benefits and are told to get a job.
( Nick Sommerlad, 28.08.2015 )

Just A Pinch Of Salt Can Make You Fat ..
It’s well known that eating too much salt can increase the risk of heart disease – but it may also contribute to obesity.. A study of 458 children and 785 adults showed an increase of just one gram a day made volunteers around a quarter more likely to become obese.. It is believed to be related to salt having an effect on the body’s metabolism of fat.
( Metro, 02.09.2015 )

Expectant Mums’ Whooping Cough Alert ..
Expectant mums have been urged to get a whooping cough jab to protect their unborn babies after a rise in cases of the potential killer.. A jab cuts the risk by 91% but only 56% of mums-to-be had one in 2014-15.. There were 1,744 cases of whooping cough in the UK in the first half of 2015 – up 332 on the same period for last year.
( Daily Mirror, 04.09.2015 )

Aspirin May Be A Cancer Lifesaver ..
Cancer patients could boost their chances of beating the disease by popping an aspirin.The simple painkiller blocks a cancer molecule that lets tumours dodge immunotherapy treatment.. The find by British scientists gives new hope to the 330,000 diagnosed with cancer each year in the UK.. Immunotherapy ‘wakes up’ the immune system so it can fight tumours.. Giving mice aspirin alongside it slowed the growth of bowel and skin cancer in the study by the Francis Crick Institute in London.
( Andrew Gregory, 04.09.2015 )

Why Do So Many Young Children Die In The UK ? ..
Child mortality rates in the UK are higher than in many other European countries, and in a study published in Archives of Disease in Childhood they compared mortality rates for children younger than five in the UK and Sweden over a three-year period, from 2006 to 2008.. They found that twice as many children under five died in the UK than in Sweden..The under-five mortality rate is considered by UNICEF to be one of the best indicators of the health of children within any given country.. It is determined from the number of deaths per year in relation to every thousand live births.. Sweden has one of the lowest child death rates in Europe.. Sweden is a good comparison because like the UK it has free public healthcare and a similar level of economic and social development.. The proportion it spends – around 8% – of its gross domestic product on healthcare is also similar to the UK, as is the level of neonatal intensive care.
During the period studied there were around 2.3million live births in the UK and 315,884 in Sweden.. But the mortality rates for newborns (up until the age of 28 days) and children aged under five were all significantly higher in the UK (614 per 100,000) than in Sweden (328 per 100,000).. And for the majority of the causes of death – prematurity, respiratory disorders, infections, cardiovascular, central nervous system and blood-related disorders – they were significantly more frequent in the UK.. Deaths from prematurity, for example, was 13 times greater in the UK, while the risk of death from an infection was almost twice as high in the UK as in Sweden.
Respiratory infections, septicaemia and meningitis all resulted in significantly more deaths in the UK than in Sweden, with rates 59-96% higher in the UK.
( Imti Choonara, Emeritus Professor at University of Nottingham )