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Seize The Golden Moment.
Take it where you find it.

Thankful be, and never try
To understand from whence it comes.
Enjoy the present hour.
Happiness is rare
And is as fleeting as a flower.
Seek it and you miss it,
But it seems to come your way
When you least expect it.
You awake one lovely day
To find a new song in your heart
A new light in the sky.
Seize the golden moment,
It is only passing by.

All Because Someone Was Indiscreet.
There has been many a broken heart.

Many a marriage has come apart.
Many relationships have been changed.
Many a neighbour become estranged.
In many a home where peace once reigned
Affection and loyalty have been strained
And many a life is incomplete
All because someone was indiscreet.

Drop The Burden Of Regret.
Stop a moment to recall

The pleasures that outweighed the pains
Not the losses, but the gains
Looking backwards gratefully
Down the track of memory.
Drop the burden of regret.
Start anew. Forgive, forget.

The Passing Years Of Life.
The leaves on trees are like the passing years of life.

They come, they go.
Each one has a sorrow or a blessing to bestow
And every new experience adds something to the whole
Bringing wisdom, knowledge, truth,
Enriching mind and soul.

The Soul Is Held A Prisoner.
When friends in anger part,
And love lies cold and lifeless
In the unforgiving heart.
O let the sun of kindliness
Shine down on all today,
To soften animosity
And melt old feuds away.

Pause when you are undecided
On the course to take.
Pause when you are flustered
And a quiet moment make.
Pause to calm the troubled mind
And ease the sense of strain.
Pause to rest the jangled nerves,
Your balance to regain.
Pause before you do the thing
That leaves an ugly scar.
Pause before you lose your grip
And anger goes too far.
Pause before you say the word
That breaks a human tie.
Pause a little, long enough
To let the storm blow by.

We Are Richly Blessed.
If we have friends who love and care
Then we are richly blessed.
For come what may they light our way
And life is at its best.
Pity the lot of anyone
Who feels they have no friend.
Make sure that those around you
On your friendship can depend.

Don’t Laugh At Me.
Don’t laugh at me ’cause I’m a fool
I know it’s true, yes I’m a fool
No one seems to care
I’d give the world to share my life with someone
Who really loves me
I see them all falling in love
But my lucky star hides up above
Someday maybe my star will smile on me
Don’t laugh at me ’cause I’m a fool.
I’m not good looking, I’m not too smart
I may be foolish but I’ve got a heart
I love the flowers, I love the sun
But when I try to love the girls
They laugh at me and run.
( Sir Norman Wisdom )

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